"[38], Later in September, the Governor General's office confirmed that Payette would not preside over the 2018 Governor General's History Awards ceremony. 1811 4 Street SW, Suite 485, Calgary, Alberta     T2S 1W2, Canadians remember sixth anniversary of Parliament Hill terrorist attack, Parliamentary committee recognizes China’s treatment of Uyghurs as genocide, Vancouver wants to strip veterans of free Remembrance Day parking, Trudeau’s press secretary found guilty of breaking ethics laws, Government paid journalists $750 a day for media training. Payette holds engineering degrees from McGill University and the University of Toronto. Her preliminary astronaut training began at the 'NASA Johnson Space Center' in Houston, Texas, in August that year. Payette has also worked at the 'NASA Mission Control Center' in Houston and the 'Montreal Science Centre.' The couple divorced in 2015. While at the 'University of Toronto,' she worked on a high-performance computer architecture project and also served as a teaching assistant. She worked on a robotic system project that eventually contributed to the 'International Space Station.' [14], Payette visited the space station again in 2009 as a mission specialist aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour during mission STS-127 from July 15 to 31, 2009, and was the flight engineer and lead robotic operator during the mission. In 2011, Payette worked as a public policy scholar at the 'Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars,' Washington, D.C. Payette retired from the 'Canadian Space Agency' in 2013. Payette became the first Canadian to participate in an ISS assembly mission and to board the Space Station. She also served as capsule communicator at NASA Mission Control Center in Houston and from 2000 to 2007 as CSA's chief astronaut. Julie Payette carries the Olympic torch in Montreal on June 20, 2004. © Copyright 2020 True North. Liste des mariages, baptêmes et sépultures pour Jacqueline Payette. Her divorce proceedings with Flynn, too, attracted media attention. Payette plays the piano and has sung with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Tafelmusik Chamber Choir. True North journalists are professional, independent and credentialed members of the Independent Press Gallery of Canada. She is a celebrated astronaut. [31], Payette was installed as governor general on October 2, 2017. Bastarache was employed by Payette as a “constitutional adviser” ensuring that any review into the claims would respect constitutional protections afforded to the governor general. [40] Two days later, spurred on by the CBC News report, the Privy Council Office formally launched an investigation into her conduct. [26][27], Payette has served on boards of directors, at Queen's University, Canada's Own the Podium Olympic program, Montreal Science Centre foundation, Robotique FIRST Québec, Drug Free Kids Canada, the Montreal Bach Festival, the National Bank of Canada, Développement Aéroport Saint-Hubert de Longueuil, and others. "I learned that you have to be careful about how you say things, but not what you say", she added. She was then assigned to a technical project in the robotic wing of the ‘Astronaut Office.’, In 1999, Payette became the first Canadian to join the 'International Space Station' (ISS) and work on an assemble project, when she was chosen for the space shuttle ‘Discovery' mission (from May 27 to June 6, 1999). [8][9] In 1982 she completed an International Baccalaureate diploma at the United World College of the Atlantic in South Wales, United Kingdom. ", "PMO has no comment on Julie Payette's expunged 2011 assault charge", "What does the governor general do all day? [33] Committee for Skeptical Inquiry concerning climate change, commented that her remarks were "refreshing". She graduated from University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (1990). After a basic training session, she began working as a technical advisor for the agency’s ‘Mobile Servicing System’ (MSS). [34], In subsequent comments, Payette emphasized the importance of debate and critical thinking but admitted that she was still growing into her role and needed more time to adapt to the position. On Wednesday, Payette addressed the hirings on Twitter, saying that “legal service contracts are a normal part of such an exercise.”. "[36], Weeks later, she faced criticism about her work ethic, with some suggesting that she had not devoted enough time and dedication to the role of governor general and had not visited several of the provinces in her nearly 12-month tenure. Payette reported to the Johnson Space Center in August 1996 to begin mission specialist training. George Dvorsky from Gizmodo.org stated "Her words were a breath of fresh air". She later represented the ‘Department of Economic Development, Innovation, and Export Trade’ of the Québec government. She is the current Governor of … She completed her ‘NASA’ training in 1998 and became a mission specialist. The figure, which was obtained by the CBC, is larger than the original $88,325 external review contract revealed by the Privy Council Office in September. In about 2017, she was appointed to the International Olympic Committee's Women in Sports Commission. [36] The Toronto Star published specifics confirming the more numerous appearances her two predecessors had made per year. The Office of the Secretary to the Governor General (OSGG) also hired a law firm to assist with the review to the tune of $74,500. ', Payette was inducted into the 'Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame' in 2010. [11], Payette flew on the Space Shuttle Discovery from May 27 to June 6, 1999, as part of the crew of STS-96. She then served as a director on the board of the 'Own the Podium Olympic' program and of the 'Canadian Olympic Committee.'

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