The sound of birds chirping in the background with the sound of the wind and rain blowing just sound absolutely amazing together. Watching stars in the middle of the field. 11 hours authentic exotic jungle Download Series: Please subscribe: It truly helps me grow.My top playlists: Ocean sounds:⛈️ Rain sounds and thunderstorms:⬛ 10 hours black screen:\u0026list=PLT6TY7eRibNzPFBdTuk_IsMiNS1uEELIQTo relieve insomnia, reduce anxiety, for guided meditation, or simply fall asleep fast. Heavy storm in the rainforest for all you storm lovers! ♥ Of all the noise generators on this website, this one's my favorite. ♥ Literally the best thing to listen to while studying. It's relaxing, and makes focussing on my thesis heaps easier! ♥ Thanks! ♥ I love the subtile background jungle sounds. White  •  ♥  I have two noisy sisters, and this tunes out the sound completely. Especially the high-frequency bands are chosen with expert taste. ♥ I've been using this website for 4 years now. ♥ Part 1: A gentle rain falls on the tree tops as lonely birds call to one another. Here you can download free jungle animal sounds. ♥ Campfire on a sweet night :) ♥ ... nice and relaxing raindrops Help keep this website running without ads, with. ♥ This is amazing!! Beautiful for sleep, meditation and thinking. I love to write, as a hobby, and I'm currently writing something that's happening in the jungle. Keep on, awesome job... ♥ Cozy and calming. Wonderful to listen to in some good over ear headphones while I work. You can shape the sound to suit/influence/change your mood/state. Disclaimer: Some sound files found on this site were not created by the webmaster. It makes me feel like I am camping by a lake in summer. Really hoping that Android app releases soon, my family doesn't use Apple products. It's amazing! ♥ This is wonderful! The customization is fantastic! Just so nice and relaxing. A dark storm is approaching and you have to hide inside a cavern to not be soaked to bones. I discovered this website last night and have had Jungle Life playing continuously for the past 12 hours. I struggle with noise related anxiety. • This generator makes me feel like I'm back out in the field doing fieldwork even when I'm stuck behind my desk! Highly recommended. I love laying in the dark with candles in my jacuzzi, it feels like im floating down a jungle river. I have blogged about this site before and I remind my followers about it every year or so. ♥ Thank you for this amazing generator. This is probably my savior, a place I can let my mind rest when I need to drown out the rest of the world. I use this noise for a lot of things, from art inspiration to calming an anxiety attack to helping me sleep at night. It clears my mind. I've always wanted to visit a jungle but never had the chance. As I'm writing this in my vacation cottage in Texel, I'm enjoying the jungle noise just as much a the last time. Clone as Minified Player I have been through so much this past year - family tragedies. Keep up the good work everyone! I combine this with the album "Percussions du Monde" by Mirtha Pozzi and Pablo Cueco for incredibly pleasant background noise blocking and relaxation at work. You can shape the sound to suit/influence/change your mood/state. Pink  •  ♥  Enjoy. This one is for people who love the rain. For studying, for games such as minecraft, for sleeping etc. A win for friendly cubical neighbor relations! © 2013-2020 Dr. Ir. A This is such a calming sound with heavy rain and quieter sounds of wildlife (other than gibbons as I find I don't feel I am in the rainforest without them). BROWSE NOW >>> ♥ Sounds like our honeymoon in Costa Rica. Korean Forest Jungle, Day Birds, Mourning Dove, Coos, Chirpy, Clacky Calls, D, Insects - Backgrounds - Night Jungle Background - Very Heavy Crix And Odd Animal, Ambience Backgrounds Costa Rica Jungle Dawn Variety Of Birds Cicadas Insects Fr, Ambience Backgrounds Costa Rica Jungle Early Morning Variety Of Birds Cicadas I, Ambience Backgrounds Costa Rica Jungle Dawn Variety Of Distant & Medium Close U, Forest Day Daytime Forest Ambience Heavy Birds Insects Monkeys, Mantled Howler Monkeys (Alouatta Palliata), Birds,Crickets,Costa Rica,Distant Howler Monkeys 1, Birds,Crickets,Costa Rica,Morning,Distant Howler Monkeys, Birds,Crickets,Costa Rica,Distant Howler Monkeys 2, Backgrounds - African Ambience; Monkeys, Birds, Insects, Frogs, And Anything, Need help? This website is so relaxing to listen to, and has a great variety of noises. Get 653 monkey sound royalty free music & sound effects on AudioJungle. If you have a commercial and professional project it would be wise to license professional sound effects. It helps so much with my anxiety... thank you. Rainy Season is The One for me. ♥ My husband like rain noise and I like the jungle noises so this one combines the two in a way we both like. Beautiful for sleep, meditation and thinking. Wow, this section sounds the most REAL to me! Heinz. ♥  So, this thing helps me so much, it's wonderful. My favorites are the Underwater, Rainstorm, and the Jungle noises, they're very relaxing but it's still easy to work to them. This makes me feel so safe and protected, especially when my job takes me to some weird place on the map I don't even know about, it helps me to block out all strange things and helps me to concentrate. If I had any money, I would definitely donate. ♥ Perfect for sleep, I personally edited this and listened as close as I could for you guys to get the perfect nights sleep. Reset, ℗ Start Absolutely beautiful sound effects. Awesome. Work in the desert, using this setting to simulate winter times back home. I put it on whenever I need to feel refreshed and free. Thank you again. It reminds me of when I went camping as a child. The sound of a gentle waterfall and stream in the night. Just wow! ♥ This is brilliant for revising to! ♥ Summer in New York 11 hours play all day or overnight while you sleep. I listen to this one every night during my bath. I also listen to 'Three Ragas' from Ravi Shankar at the same time.

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