David Nelson(Delta Eta), Actor, Ozzie and Harriet Rick Barry (Epsilon-Beta), NBA Hall of Fame Curtis Strange (Delta Omega), professional golfer The Alpha Gamma chapter of Kappa Sigma has made an impact on the University in many ways, yet our chapter strives to make an impact in the world through our alumni’s actions after graduation. Phi Sigma Kappa is a lifelong brotherhood dedicated to the betterment of the individual, the university community, and our world. North Carolina Senator and former Congressman, Entertainers Sonny Perdue (Beta-Lambda) Governor of Georgia. Denton Cooley, MD (Tau), Founder, Texas Heart Institute, performed first heart transplant in the United States Log in above with your username and password that was provided to you via email. Alvin S. Rudisill - Rho Deuteron (Gettysburg) '50. Included in that number are former presidential nominees, governors, senators and businessmen. Some notable Kappa Sigmas include Jerry Jones, Sentator Bob Dole, Jimmy Buffett, Robert Redford, Ted Turner and Edward R. Murrow. Lloyd Carr (Beta-Gamma, Missouri), Head Football Coach, Michigan Thomas J. Clifford, Delta-Mu - President, University of North Dakota Dante B. Fascell (Epsilon-Beta) University of Miami. Lamar Hunt (Delta-Pi), Owner, Kansas City Chiefs, Columbus Crew, Kansas City Wizards, and F.C. Edgar Mitchell (Delta Alpha), Astronaut on Apollo XIV Gary Forsee (Beta Chi), President and CEO of Sprint Nextel Included in that number are former presidential nominees, governors, senators and businessmen. Jimmy Buffett, Robert Redford, Ted Turner; The list goes on. Steve Owens, Gamma Kappa - 1969 Heisman Trophy Winner, Detroit Lions Lee Berger, (Kappa), Paleoanthropologist and National Geographic Explorer, awarded the First National Geographic Prize for Research and Exploration Stewart H. Rudisill - Rho Deuteron (Gettysburg) '12 Former Chaplain of Phi Sigma Kappa. Jerry Jones (Xi), Owner, Dallas Cowboys Erk Russell,(Beta-Eta), Head Football coach, Georgia Southern. Bobby Pulido (Lambda-Psi)musician, Tejano recording artist Please use a permanent, personal email address and not a work email address when signing up. Fisher DeBerry (Alpha-Nu, Wofford), Head Football Coach, Air Force Academy John Ehrlichman (Delta Nu), Counsel and Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs under President Richard Nixon ​Our brotherhood network is unmatched by any other Greek organization anywhere. Dr. Irvine W. Grote (Alpha-Iota) University of Tennessee Chattanooga. There is a long list of famous Kappa Sig s, and that’s not surprising. addyb23793d4a9abdd57c31f72d9b06794c9 = addyb23793d4a9abdd57c31f72d9b06794c9 + 'affinityconnection' + '.' + 'com'; Estes Kefauver (Lambda) Former US Senator, Tennessee Brother David W. Persky is the only member of Delta-Pi to serve as the Worthy Grand Master of Kappa Sigma (1999). Dustin McDaniel (Xi), Arkansas' Attorney General Brother Hunt's name appears on the AFC Trophy, he is the former owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, he is credited for coining the term "Super Bowl" and he founded Major League Soccer. President, Lutheran School of Theology. Many of our alumni have gone on to excel with honor in their occupations and made an impact on their industry. Sign up here. John P. Surma, Jr., (Alpha-Delta), Chairman and CEO of US Steel Do you know a famous Georgia Tech Alpha Tau? William Cade, Tau - President, University of Lethbridge. Email us at alumniThis email address is being protected from spambots. Congressman, Louisiana (1961-1978) former Chairman of Ways and Means Committee. Honorarily inducted into Xi chapter following his son's death. Kappa Sigma boasts over 300,000 living alumni. Albert Bond Lambert (Zeta), Early Aviator, Sponsor of the The Spirit of St. Louis, namesake of Lambert International Airport After graduation, Mayfield returned to the family business, and was named president of the organization in 1995. William Alexander - Head Football Coach, Georgia Tech (1920-1944)William served as the head football coach at the Georgia Institute of Technology from 1920 to 1944, compiling a record of 134–95–15.

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