Taka | Hagoromo could create things out of nothing and breathe life into them with the help of his Yin-Yang release. Naruto firmly tells Kawaki that he is hear to watch him and that he is also here to protect the village. Ye that definitely sounds plausable and interesting. Has Kawaki or a member of Kara like Jigen killed Naruto? Kawaki's name translates to "dry" in English. Seeing how traumatised Kawaki was, Naruto gave him a comforting hug, insisting that it was fine. Boruto activates it in his fight against Naruto but Boruto is defeated by Naruto. Taka | Delta | Koji Kashin told Delta that he would allow the Leaf Ninja to take Kawaki away since he is confident that he would not give the ninjas important information. By synchronising his Kāma with Boruto's, they were able to produce the same rift Jigen had did earlier. Kabuto Yakushi | Goals Kāma sealAgilityMartial prowessSuperhuman strengthEnergy manipulation He took advantage of Amado being the one in charge and not Jigen. One way or the other he will die and he will have to die in order to give more space and time to Boruto and all the other young generation characters. His attributes are: 80 [170] in strength, 70 in negotiation, 30 [120] in chakra, 130 in intelligence, 60 [120] in perception, and 66 [156] in dexterity. Quote More History; Done. Gaara | He could simply kill him. It would work perfectly with the conflict and resolution, great idea. Unable to provide a prosthetic arm, Naruto opts to give him an arm that has his chakra to replace Kawaki's arm. Kawaki being subjected to Jigen's experiment. Orochimaru, Ōtsutsuki Clan This fear, however, at least after his change due to his time in Konoha, is not at the level where he would just allow himself to be defeated without putting up a fight, as he attempted to attack Jigen even though he knew how futile it would be for him to fight his adopted father, who he had always lost to in their spars, and despite being effortlessly restrained, he still did not bother to defend Naruto and insult Jigen, and later on despite describing Boro as being even worse in some ways than Jigen, he challenged him to save Naruto along with the rest of Team 7. Sakon & Ukon | Occupation We will be adding more updates to this post with new happenings. This included chakra manipulation and shurikenjutsu, to which he showed a noticeable talent for, mastering the basics in a short period of time. Naruto and Sasuke are already GOD Level shinobi and taking them isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This made Kawaki more convinced than ever that they were with Kara. Shinno | It’s not yet sure what is about to come But As you can see, Naruto is the main character or whole series and the whole audience of Boruto is from naruto anime, therefore, it’ll not be simple for the writer to kill the main character of previous anime. Hidan | Momoshiki came with his accomplice, Kinshiki and the two of them tried to take away Naruto. In the wake of Konoha's destruction three years after meeting Team Konohamaru, the two faced off on the destroyed Hokage Rock, where Kawaki vowed to defeat him and told Boruto that the shinobi era was over. As Naruto was alerted by Ino of an intruder, he informed the kids that an intruder was approaching them. Kawaki told Boruto to tell Jigen if he pursued him, the mountain of corpses would increase. Well, the answer to this question is still uncertain but one thing is for sure that it will be an Otsutsuki who will kill Naruto. Anime Boruto fights a zabuza level villain there's no threat because if boruto loses naruto or sasuke would just obliterate him. His newfound loyalty towards his surrogate family was even willing to sacrifice his freedom to ensure their survival. Soon after, Jigen did the same to Kawaki but unlike the other boys, he survived. Tobi, Taka Besides, Boruto's Jougan is extremely foreshadowed to be able to jump across dimensions to a certain extent. Is Naruto dead or sealed in Boruto Manga? Messages: 8,166 Likes Received: 1,058 Trophy Points: 2,032 Joined: May 7, 2016. Everything after this point will gonna be different. After sealing her away, Hagoromo became the jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails himself. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Sasuke Uchiha | Main article: Ao Arc Jiga | Years after meeting Boruto, Kawaki ends up destroying the Hidden Leaf Village reducing it to rubble. Before Naruto can retrieve her, she self-destructs in a large explosion. I also think that from a writing standpoint killing either Naruto or Sasuke would be the equivalent of a giant middle finger to the fans who grew up with these characters and watched them endure such hardships only to end up dead. It will be a long time before Kawaki can beat someone like him. Boruto Manga Chapter 38 and Naruto Death Parallels, Here are Top 10 striking reasons why Naruto Death is Confirmed in Boruto Manga, Boruto and Not Naruto is the Main Character, Naruto Death is Inevitable Because Anime Runs on our Emotions, Naruto Death Will Help Boruto Get a Reason to Be A NINJA, Naruto Will Definitely Leave The Plot for Boruto, Kawaki and Boruto Conversation After the Destruction of Konoha, Naruto Death Confirmed in Boruto Series – FAQ. Upon initial examination, Katasuke Tōno deems the cybernetics in his body a work of art, as advanced as the prosthetic arm he designed for Naruto Uzumaki, if not more so. Take a look at all the anime series you will find one thing common and that is the death of the major character. The latest manga chapters and the viral pictures have given us all the reasons to believe that Naruto will die in Boruto sooner or later. A skilled person with chakra nullification or with as much chakra can defeat Naruto. Kawaki continued to stay at Naruto's house. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Naruto being "dead" is most likely bait to try spark the readers' interest amidst all the recapping that's going on. As Kawaki continued to think about all he experienced in Naruto's care, he relised Naruto was alive when his prosthetic arm reactivated. Shizuma Hoshigaki | He later became the vessel for the Kara organization. Sarada tells Kawaki that he if needs help, he can call her as she left but Kawaki was not impressed by her. Naruto Does Not Die! pic.twitter.com/lZ7DOmNXBX. He can use many kinds of Kekkei Genkai abilities. So, Naruto death seems likely in the Boruto series. Among the new characters, one name stands out in particular, and that is Kawaki. Naruto dying in Boruto will heavily affect Boruto’s powers and mindset. Anyone could kill Naruto with a simple Kunai. Due to his harsh childhood, he is a stranger to simple joys like pastries, as he is openly amazed at their flavour. Kakashi-Sensei's True Face! Kawaki is shown to be anti-social but was willing to fix issues that he caused like fixing the vase he broke. SImple Kawaki is stronger then Naruto, and his son is going to surpass naruto. Chino | Boruto manga has given us all the answers to the Naruto Death theory. In his battle against Delta, Naruto tells her that Kawaki is considered his child and that he will not allow her to harm him. Sasori | Naruto is more than likely just dead, or at least Kawaki believes him to be dead (while he's not). Boruto Chapter 38 is damn good!!! Despite Jigen's promise of safety, Kawaki would later describe his life from then on to be a living hell. Upon Garō managing to subdue Kawaki, his Kāma activated and strengthened him, leading to Kawaki destroying Garō'a prosthetic arm. Kawaki explained that Boro had a core which moved around his body. Even though he deeply loathed Jigen and believed that with Naruto protecting him he was safe, Kawaki remained terrified of him as Jigen's arrival through the Kāma he forced on Kawaki caused him genuine horror and fear not just for himself but for Naruto and after seeing Naruto struggling against the far weaker Delta and then being overtaken with ease by his adopted father, when Jigen attacked Konoha to retrieve him and was about to engage Naruto, Kawaki instantly surrendered, believing a fight between the two of them could end in Naruto's defeat and death. After Isshiki was forced into resurrected through Jigen, Kawaki's Kāma was erased. Your email address will not be published. He also holds a level of animosity against the ninja world. He took note of Boruto who seems to have the same marks as him before a member of Kara, Garō spotted him. This series being so balls deep in otsutski it wouldn’t be that far fetched for them to have that orb tech. He also clarifies that unlike Mitsuki, who is a synthetic human that was genetically engineered using organic technology, Kawaki is a human being who was transformed into something else using inorganic technology. In addition, he is not above fixing his mistakes if necessary, as although begrudgingly, Kawaki was willing to buy another vase to make Boruto agree to work with him, nor has his heart completely been closed off, according to Kurama, as Naruto's advice against self-hatred did, even if bitterly, change his decision to learn how to use Shadow Clones to beat himself up and even cause him to try to fix the broken vase and he even came to appreciate his relationship with Naruto and his family, risking his life to save Himawari, although he insisted that it was for self-preservation on needing to keep the Hokage alive. Kawaki tells Boruto that this makes them even after he broke Himawari's vase. Kashin Koji was a clone created with Jiraiya's DNA. As a child, Kawaki was raised by a single father who would constantly beat him up and demean him. In his weakened state, he was overpowered by Garo's power but his Kāma seal gave him more power. He has even shown signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, as simply seeing dripping roots of plants serves as a reminder of his struggles and has left him panting in horror. Kidomaru | Eventually, she succeeded and struck at it with her Chidori. Battered from the trap, Boruto and Mitsuki battled off Boro with their various attacks, while Kawaki explained to Sarada the true nature behind Boro's limitless regeneration.

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