Phinks cuts their retreat and announces they are not pursuing Kurapika, since his Nen may become stronger after his death and become too much for Chrollo to bear. [42] They soon reach the 100th floor, getting their own rooms. Despite the plan being laid out on paper, he continues to feel anxious. He becomes deeply concerned about his friend when he cancels Ten. The next morning they leave Greed Island[152] with "Blue Planet", "Paladin's Necklace", and "Plot of Beach". His phone rings again and, when Gotoh picks it up, he greets Illumi, calling him by name, which allows Killua to see Amane tensing up. Going as far as to be willing to gamble with his life to get a big reward in the slot machine and seem to show heavy gambling rush in his eyes causing Biscuit to neck chop him to make him stop. 158 cm*[2] (5′2″) [249], Concretely, this results in a drastic boost to Killua's reaction time, which has both offensive and defensive uses. He first demonstrated this by sensing Hisoka's bloodlust when it was still subtle. Kurapika retorts he had no intention of stabbing anyone with Judgment Chain, and that he shared his secrets to reward his friends for their loyalty. Before he learned Nen, he was able to open a 16-ton gate[40] and after he learned Nen, he opened the 64-ton gate. However, contrasting Gon's politeness, Killua can be quite rude to others, mostly strangers and older people. Killua and Palm begin to fight. His gamble leaves Killua and Leorio speechless. enjoys exploring cockpits and drinking tea. They are forced to flee when spotted by a Melanin Lizard. Each pair has two halves of a token and to pass the challenge, the pair must acquire the opponents' two halves. The latter pulls out his whips and tries to push Killua out of the ring with "Song of Defense", but Killua easily catches them, which result in his electrocution. She activates Black Widow and immediately smashes one of his yo-yos. Realizing their allies are too weak to be of use, Killua recommends the three of them to throw their matches while gathering as much information on the contests as possible. After learning that Ging left Gon only a recorded message, Killua suggests they find out more about the game in a town. Blue (1999; 2011) Green (OVA) Killua Zoldyck is the deuteragonist of the anime/manga series, Hunter × Hunter. The Hunter Exam takes place in January, and both Gon and Killua have birthdays near the middle of the year (5/5 and 7/7, respectively). The Hunter Exam takes place in January, and both Gon and Killua have birthdays near the middle of the year (5/5 and 7/7, respectively). Unfazed, Killua flings his opponent high in the air, revealing that he can withstand electric shocks, and asks a plunging Riehlvelt if he wants him to catch him. Killua asks him how he managed to be in two places at once, to which Kastro responds that he cannot tell a potential opponent, seeing through Killua's lie that he no longer intends to fight at the Heavens Arena, then specifies the match will give him the answer. When he prepares for combat, however, he finds himself paralyzed by Illumi's conditioning. Killua determines him not to be a threat and leisurely walks to him. While his friend is in a deep coma and his condition deteriorates each passing minute, Killua sits outside of the room, looking at him through a window. Killua deduces it is because Goreinu's "Vouchers" have transformed into "Angel's Breath". Because of his actions, the Ants put the country under martial law, but Killua is undeterred. The 2011 series added some scenes where Killua and Canary first met as children. They saved up all of Gon's ageing for episode 131 :P. If you remember, during the Green Island arc Killua left to go get his Hunter's license. The yo-yos are extremely durable and heavy, each weighing 50 kilograms. Knov arrives and tells him he is preparing a team of doctors, to which Killua responds he will save Gon himself and leaves the hospital, making a phone call. His father and the rest of his family have high expectations of him because of his talents and great potential. Bendot informs them they must win three out of five matches against his group of five prisoners to advance. Killua enquires whether he would use it on him, and when Goreinu replies he would do so for free, Killua reveals he killed more people than the Bomber(s). [23] He is extremely aware of his surroundings, as he managed to detect Meleoron's presence in spite of the latter specializing in erasing it. [121] Upon removing the needle, possibly due to becoming capable of devolving his full abilities to offense, Killua's speed increased to the point he was able to cover the distance between himself and Rammot and sever the upset Chimera Ant's head without him being able to react,[6] whereas previously Rammot managed to hold his own against both Killua and Gon at the same time. Reckoning Illumi will use Needle People to counter his decoys, he proposes setting Teradein Neutral, Bushidora Ambitious, and Loupe Highland, the three representatives of the anti-Netero faction in the Hunter Association, against his brother due to him violating the fourth article of the Hunter Bylaws. From it, Killua guesses that Battera wants some items from inside the game. They are excited to learn that monsters and bandits lurk on the way to Masadora. Killua states that a Chimera Ant Queen of that size could prey on humans. Anime Debut combatants Stopping in his tracks, Killua counters that as long as Alluka's safety is not one of their priorities too, they will remain his enemies. From the start of his life as a baby, he was only taught how to kill and underwent various types of training to become a Professional Assasin. Alluka goes into her wish-granting mode to heal Gon[239] and Killua asks Nanika to restore Gon back to normal. Killua is the heir to the Zoldyck family of assassins. When he used this application of Godspeed against Menthuthuyoupi, Killua was able to momentarily disappear from his sight, and struck him several times without the latter being able to do anything, the short lapse between the Royal Guard's aura surging and him taking any action being enough for Killua to preempt any move his adversary could make. [229], Killua returns home to seek help from his younger sibling Alluka, whose ability would save Gon from death. He meets Gon during the first portion of the Hunter Exam and they become the best of friends. This was inspired and made possible by the years of electric shocks he received as a child, both as training against torture and as punishment. However, his ruthlessness and aptitude in killing shows the other side of him — deadly, violent, and bloodthirsty. Killua and Zushi are pitted against each other. Razor then challenges them to a game of dodgeball with the aid of his seven Nen beasts.

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