Open a chest on the top ledge to the left to obtain a Shield Cookie. Also note that the sixth portal on these lists will only have a chance of appearing once you have cleared the other five portals with the respective character. Alternatively, you can save the game and buy a bulk amount of Balloons from a Moogle Shop to use and reload your save once you've unlocked the trophy to get back your munny. It's the pink bar with the heart on it. [PST would like to thank Eternal Rach for this Roadmap]. Simply attack groups of enemies at any location in this world with a keyblade equipped that increases your chances of triggering reality shifts and choose the Donald panel whenever it comes up. Support Abilities: New Game + Tips: For those who opted to play on a lower difficulty for their first run of the game, the good news is that you aren't looking at a full second playthrough. Riku arrives in Traverse Town. Step 3: Complete the Completion Rate and Game Records sections of your Records. Check out BradyGames on the web at, like them on Facebook, or drop by their Twitter feed @Brady_Games. Playing the Balloon and Candy Goggles training toys. If you ever lose two spirits, hit the button and select Start Over. Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance guide. Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder spells all prove useful, as does Strike Raid and the flying slash portion of Blizzard Edge. Continue upstairs. To unlock this trophy you need to max out all Support and Spirit abilities and turn them on. The Komory Bat Recipe is obtained, allowing you to make a Spirit for Riku. Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance.Originally released on the Nintendo 3DS, this is the last Kingdom Hearts tale in the franchise to be given a HD remaster. January 30, 2017 Rice Secretary Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind 0 Fifth District – Thunderaffe (Zippy zapmeister). There is an extremely easy method to defeat Julius which concentrates on exploiting the stagger mechanics of the game. Make sure you pay close attention to this to save possible frustration later on when you think you've completed a portal only to find it was a regular one and doesn't count. Grand Lobby – Aura Lion (King of beasts). Riku's Disappearing Treasure Chest in Country of the Musketeers. They will either glow dimly with white coloured notes or they will glow brightly gold with gold coloured notes. Please see Bull's-Eye for an explanation on reality shifts and triggering them. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance has tons of treasure chests hidden throughout each world. Portal: Stairs – Meow Wow (Doggish cat-thing). You get more points depending on when you hit the balloon. Make sure you have the Support Abilities Leaf Bracer, Once More and Second Chance (see Ability Ace) before attempting these and they will be more than manageable with a Balloon based Command Deck. Level Masters When creating spirits, you have the option to add more dream pieces than required. GLITCH NOTICE: There have been reports from players that this trophy has not unlocked after completing the combat percentage section of your Completion Rate. Step 1: Complete the story on Proud. Sliding By If you are struggling, below is a list of all A-Rank scores with the time required to net the highest score multiplier of 1,000 for both characters. This trophy will unlock when you have owned at least one of every command available in the game. Brave Challengers Throughput – Meow Wow (Doggish cat-thing). Docks (upper area) – KO Kabuto (Deft deadeye). Vaan’s Friendship Portal is now available at the top of the stairs. In this reality shift you are able to trap your target in a bubble which you can then roll over other enemies. The portal spawns at the edge furthest from the tower and pits you against ten Wheeflowers. As this game focuses around you playing as both Sora and Riku separately the Drop System has been created to combat forcing you to do multiple playthroughs of the game and instead allows you to drop from one character to the other. This is simple enough to achieve but will take some time to have all of the available commands pop up. Champions of the Opéra House Obtain 3,000 or more medals in Flick Rush. Honestly I'm just glad I don't need 100% to get the secret ending. Second District – Flowbermeow (Pup with a petal). Avoid all obstacles as hitting them will slow you down. Ace Diver The main factor contributing to your rank at the end is time due to the fact that completing the dive under a certain time will award you with a large score multiplier. Maestro Golden Wood – Ryu Dragon (Ruler of the skies). This trophy relates to the Completion Rate and Game Records sections of Reports only. Candy Goggles Master I'll probably only spend a little while looking for chests and locations. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, You follow the journey of Sora and Riku as they undertake their Mark of Mastery Exam to become true Keyblade Masters and try to discover a long lost ability to awaken sleeping hearts. Catacombs – Necho Cat (Footloose feline). Destroy all the hands to make Hockomonkey reappear. Riku catches up with Joshua in Second District and begins to learn about Dream Eaters, much the same way Sora did previously. Earn a score of 200 or higher in the Balloon mini-game. This is going to take a long time to do, and will likely be one of your last trophies. Complete all Special Portals in La Cité des Cloches as both Sora and Riku. Story related and cannot be missed. No other section of Reports is required to complete unless otherwise done so in the process outlined here. Story related and cannot be missed. Do this backwards and forwards until all balloons burst and the game will be over. There is a lot to do in this step. Whatever you do don't use both waves at the same time as you will end up with all your spirits in the middle of the screen and will lose them. Monstro: Belly – Iceguin Ace (Slippery slider). Kingdom Hearts Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. You can also use this reality shift on stationary white orbs to access otherwise unreachable areas. You can try for this trophy while working towards Kindred Spirits, Ability Ace, Strongest Link or Command Collector, as this mini-game awards affinity and LP. Hover over a world and press to check the forecast. Prankster's Paradise – Monstro: Mouth (Riku). When a Spirit is in the party, the Link Gauge fills as a Spirit attacks an adversary. Max out and install all Support and Spirits abilities. This trophy will unlock after completing Country of the Musketeers and sealing the keyhole as both Sora and Riku. Also note that the third portal on these lists will only have a chance of appearing once you have cleared the other two portals with the respective character. For tutorial purposes, Komory Bat’s Link Gauge will fill to maximum automatically. These contain Magic, Rare items, even Dream Eaters . Rack up 300 or more Drop Points in a single turn. If you hit this with either coloured candy it will feed all nearby spirits and give you a boosted score. Treasures: 32 Lucky Emblems: 12 Classic Kingdom Games: 0 Golden Herc Figures: 5 (Special Item unique to this World, […] GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. Complete all Special Portals in Traverse Town as both Sora and Riku. Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. The latter is a fun card game in which you can battle Spirits you’ve created with other Spirits. In this reality shift you are able to hack into enemies and machinery to cause a number of effects. Using the Dream Candy item upon spirit creation to add 3 affinity levels. Fight your way to the far end, and use the save point. More attack as he jumps up stacked boxes to collect items or reach Zidane’s Battle Portal on the far side. Precipice – Ryu Dragon (Ruler of the skies). Item Collector Sign in to follow this . Alternatively, if you have not defeated Lord Kyroo yet in Moonlight Wood during Riku's story, you can try to get this there as he spawns heaps of Sir Kyroo and Chef Kyroos in the fight. If you wish to avoid a fight with the secret boss Julius you must complete the Fountain Plaza Special Portals in Traverse Town before finishing The World that Never Was. You will also want to collect any unopened treasure chests while hunting for the portals and be on the lookout for the Sliding Block command that can randomly be purchased as a Drop Bonus for Command Collector. 3 - Monstro: Cavity (Inverted) [Juggle Pup], 3 - Machine Room (Behind Broken Wall) [Me Me Bunny]. This trophy will unlock shortly after starting Symphony of Sorcery with both characters. Trophy wise there is nothing unexpected of a Kingdom Hearts game here. You need to choose the Balloon, which can be obtained from chests, drop bonuses or bought from any Moogle Shop for 80 munny. You will receive a verification email shortly. When you see a red mine try to aim for it as doing so will clear the screen and is an easy way to boost your score. Repeat three times. To do this you must star rank every cup available in the game. Poison Dive – Fishboné, Toximander, Woeflower link boards. This trophy will unlock after completing The Grid and sealing the keyhole as both Sora and Riku. Moving near a Link Portal, while zoomed in on the map, causes a display card to appear on the Touch Screen. It's up to you if you want to progress the story or just stick it out here until you're done. After taking out a large group of Nightmares, continue toward the southwest doorway. Strongest Link An ability board can consist of numerous stat bonuses, abilities and in some cases even items. During this step you will earn the following trophies: Ocean Floor – Juggle Pup (Lucky customer). During this step you will earn the following trophies: For a more detailed list of how to obtain every Command in the game see here. Use at least one of each of the following for this trophy to unlock. Progress is blocked through the use of doors with requirements that will need to be fulfilled in order for you to access all nodes. You can also find a more detailed guide to defeating Lord Kyroo here. If you've already completed the portal then move to the next world and press again. When you drop, a screen appears where you can spend Drop Points (DP) to give the next character a bonus. The panel featuring your character with Donald has an effect that gives a decent amount of DP and munny when activated. Comprehensive Reports and Collection Guide by Firemac. Press to cut through the white links as they reach the line. Click on a link below to see the Treasure in each area along with awesome maps for each place. © Occasionally throughout the game a candy box will appear. POST GAME NOTE: The Fountain Plaza Special Portals will trigger a fight with the secret boss Julius if you are in post game and haven't defeated him already. When creating spirits, you have to rely on recipes to craft them.

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