The threat of violence and other problems have been plaguing Summer Jam concerts for years, perhaps dating back to 1995 when Mountain View police had to shut down San Francisco’s 106 KMEL Summer Jam at the Shoreline Amphitheatre after a melee broke out backstage. Celine Dion and the like) that the dance-leaning stations would play. In 2002 however, bad press and/or violence marred three of the nation’s biggest summer jams. Marshall. [8] Despite the format switch, the KMEL callsign was retained as a holdover to this day. Cardi B Looks Stone Cold In Medusa Snake Halloween Costume Nov 01, 2020. Mariah Carey, Troop, After 7, Surface, En Vogue, Michele, Mellow Man Ace, Snap, Rodney O & Joe Cooley, Howard Hewett, Johnny Gill, Paula Abdul, Tony Toni Tone, Whistle, Tyler Collins, Paris and co-headliners: Bell Biv Devoe and MC Hammer, KMEL Summer Jam V (1991 - 2 Day Festival) This contributed to the brief decline of KMEL's ratings since the station has a specific audience target. On May 7th, 1958 RKO General, owner of Top 40 powerhouse KFRC 610 AM, was granted authority to construct a new station at 106.1 FM and on July 20th, 1961 it became officially licensed with the call letters KFRC-FM. It even plays Old School hip hop and soul during midday mix show "The Twelve O'Clock Throwback Mix", on Friday mornings "Funky Fridays", and mixed in general during their weekend playlist rotation. On January 14, 1955, KGO-FM moved from 106.1 to 103.7 and today is KOSF. [2] The station used the KMEL call letters to name itself "Camel 106". KMEL, as of 2012, is now listed as urban contemporary per rather than rhythmic. LL Cool J, D'Angelo, A Tribe Called Quest, Keith Sweat, SWV, Run DMC, De La Soul, Immature, Quad City DJs, Digital Underground, Az Yet, Jocelyn Enriquez, Color Me Badd, KMEL Summer Jam 1997 Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam headlined at KMEL Summer Jam #1 and two short years later, the KMEL Summer Jam had become the largest radio concert in the country, lasting for two days at a time and raising over a million dollars for local charities. [9] Controversially, KMEL canceled its Sunday night Street Soldiers public affairs program but later reinstated the show. KMEL suffered a setback in ratings between 2009 and 2010. "[7] In August, Bennett and Regelski went to work at KQAK. ). On Air 106.1 KMEL Up Next 6:00 AM The Sana G Morning Show. 1 = Clear-channel stations with extended nighttime coverage. The 10:00pm hour of that shift is known as "The Ten O'Clock Booty Call" with the remaining two hours devoted solely to slow jam love songs dubbed as "The KMEL Lounge". When I was a kid I listened to WABC, the flagship station in the NYC area with a number of now famous DJs including "Cousin Brucie". The year 1982 saw many changes at Bay Area rock stations. KMEL finally dropped the AOR format at Noon on August 25, 1984, and flipped to a mainstream CHR format designed by new program director Nick Bazoo, brought in for the purpose from WEZB in New Orleans. This ability of remixing and redrumming the records became very popular among all of KMEL's Powermixers. The new owners guided KMEL into its current urban contemporary format, effectively shedding its Top 40 direction for good and refocused now as an R&B station with a strong emphasis on hip-hop. [9][19][9], Many popular Bay Area and national media personalities either got their start or spent time working at KMEL, including Joe Regelski, Mary Halloway, Alex Bennett, Geno Michellini, Theo Mizuhara, John London, Ron Engelman, Howard Hoffman (aka Howard "The Refrigerator" Hoffman), Sonny Joe Fox, Don Sainte-Johnn, Rick Shaw, "Marvelous" Mark McKay, DJ Cameron Paul, Michael Erickson, Sue Hall, Rick Chase, Alex Mejia, Dave Moss, Latin Prince, Billy Vidal, Diana Steele, Carmen, Evan Luck, Rosary Bides, The Baka Boyz, Lisa St. Regis, The Latin Prince, Prince Ice, Jose Melendez, Rick Lee, Greg Lopez, Efren Sifuentes, Renel Brooks-Moon, Trace-Dog Nunez and Franzen Wong, Mark Todd, Kevin Nash, J. Paul Emerson, Cousin Johnny, DJ "X" (who is currently known as DJ "Earl Gray"), Gill Alexander, DJ Short-E (currently at KHHM in Sacramento), Senen SLiM Rodriguez (currently at KJHM and KFCO in Denver), Kimberly Clemons, "Broadway" Bill Lee (who is now at WCBS-FM in New York City), David "Davey D." Cook, Christopher Lance, MTV's Sway Calloway, DJ King Tech, and Jesus "Chuy" Gomez.[19]. KMEL (106.1 FM) is an Urban Contemporary radio station that is licensed to San Francisco, California and serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Songs are listed in random order.UPDATE: I made a new list covering rhythmic pop music from 1995 to the the mid 2000s as this list stops at 1994. Hard, KMEL Summer Jam VI (1992 - 2 Day Festival) No official word has been released regarding the end of KMEL Summer Jam – the death of the concert occurred peacefully, going largely unnoticed. 106.1 FM began as KGO-FM, sister station of KGO. The song became so popular that it gave Salt-n-Pepa their first mainstream crossover hit. On July 2, 1977, after Century Broadcasting purchased the FM station, K106 was rebranded KMEL, playing album-oriented rock ("AOR"). Furthermore, the hip hop-rhythmic stations on the west coast (like Power 106 and KMEL) often played the west coast rappers (i.e. Sure!, Keith Sweat, Sweet Sensation, Kool Moe Dee, The Cover Girls, Run DMC, Brenda K. Starr, Vanessa Williams, Will To Power, Ice-T, Tony Terry, and headliner: LL Cool J, KMEL Summer Jam III (1989) And with crowds that can get as large as 22,000 attendees, Summer Jam is often the biggest musical event of the year for both radio stations and their listeners. Bay Area Voting Guide. In January 1982, KMEL obtained a new rival when KCBS-FM transformed itself from an adult contemporary-format station into rock-formatted KRQR. Top 40 radio in the USA was heavily fragmented during much the 90s. updated about 1 month ago, This list was originally titled "Hot 97 NY & Power 106 LA (1986-1993)" as this list primarily focused on the dance-leaning years of prominent rhythmic Top 40 radio the US during the late 1980s and early 1990s, such as WQHT Hot 97 in New York, and KPWR Power 106 in Los Angeles, Other successful rhythmic/crossover/CHRUrban stations during this period included KMEL Jams & KSOL (now KYLD) in San Francisco, long-defunct Hot 97.7 in San Jose, WPOW Power 96 & WHQT 102 in Miami, WIOQ "Q102" Philadelphia, WPGC in Washington DC, defunct WHYT 96.3 in Detroit, Z90 in San Diego, KTFM-FM in San Antonio and WBBM-FM (B96) in Chicago (I made a separate list for that station).When stations like Power 106, Hot 97, and Power 96 launched in 1986, the music/trade magazines like Billboard and Radio & Records saw them as urban contemporary rather than Top 40 (ironic as many of those station would evolve or change into urban/hip hop stations during the mid-1990s onward). In early 1987, KMEL hired popular club DJ Cameron Paul away from rival KSOL because of his sizable following. Search. Want to see other lists from the Discogs Community? [2] With news reporter/sidekick Joe Regelski, Bennett built a large following over the next two years, becoming known as a "benignly nasty" morning DJ, "the guy everybody loves to hate", according to Promotion Director Kenny Wardell. The KAMEL had an outstanding rock and roll radio news department consisting of Regelski, Abby Goldman, John Evans, Allen Elvin (Martin), Randi Allison (Randi Mayem-Singer), sportscaster Rich Walcoff, sports columnist Lowell Cohn of the San Francisco Chronicle, and KAMEL on the Street, Mal Sharpe. [8][9][10] Bazoo took on the young Keith Naftaly as music coordinator. By September 1992, Century Broadcasting sold KMEL to Evergreen Media. [8] Rock and most pop titles were eliminated in the process. [13] During the football season in late 1985, 49ers tight end Russ Francis joined the morning zoo by phone and sometimes in person to comment on sports. Naftaly continued underneath Rivers. “Anybody growing up in the bay listening to KMEL, you know that Cameron Paul is one of the greatest legendary DJs to ever do it,” says Big Von, at KMEL-FM iHeart Radio. I remember some great ones on the East and West Coasts. KMEL was the first pop station in the U.S. to play "Wild Thing" by Tone-Loc and "Bust a Move" by Young MC and first of any radio station in the country to play "U Can't Touch This" by Oakland rapper MC Hammer and "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice. [6] KMEL lost market share to its competition—KQAK, KRQR, KOME and KSJO. Top 40 radio in the USA was heavily fragmented during much the 90s. Frequent guest DJs were also rappers, including Ice-T, Ice Cube, Kid Frost, LA Dream Team, Snoop Dogg, and Rodney-O & Joe Cooley. Celebrate and Keep Our Traditions Alive! As the 1980s gave way to the 1990s, KMEL became one of the first crossover pop stations in the nation to target young multiracial audiences with not-yet-mainstream hip-hop, dance, freestyle, house, and reggae music. [17] KMEL re-invented once again by putting Cameron Paul on 6 nights a week - Monday though Friday, then doing a live broadcast from San Francisco's number one 18+ venue "City Nights". In line with its slogan, "The People's Station", KMEL broadcasts the community-affairs show Street Soldiers, hosted by Dr. Joseph E. Marshall, on Sunday evenings.[24][22]. Per Nielsen BDS reports, they are urban contemporary, KBFB in Dallas/Fort Worth are rhythmic contemporary stations per Mediabase reports, but they report on the BDS urban panel despite being the only rhythmics in those areas where there are existing urban contemporary stations (WKYS/WERQ and KKDA-FM). Toni! [9] The fierce competition over the coveted 18-34 "urban" listening audience continued for another four years until the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 expanded the limit of radio stations that a company could own. When Michaels left, Keith Naftaly had been recognized as the Music Director of the Year by the Gavin Report, and this helped him rise at the age of 24 to the position of program director in June 1987. Nonetheless, many of those stations continued to report as Top 40/Rhythmic rather than urban contemporary or in some cases reported as both. Overtime, I began to lose focus on the original intent of this list added some tracks that were featured in the syndicated Hot Mix Radio Network throughout the 90s (which also contained dance tracks that came out well after 1993) instead of doing another list which contain most of the same songs featured on this list. Evergreen patterned the diversity of the station after its then-sister station KKBT in Los Angeles by maintaining a multi-racial staff to ensure KMEL had "No Color Lines" under the new phase of the format. The station's call letters changed to KFMS in November 1968, then KKEE in October 1972. However, they soon learned that these stations were too pop for the urban stations and too urban for the pop stations and a new form of top 40 radio was created. It is currently one of the highest rated stations in the San Francisco Bay Area, with the largest listening audience males 18-to-34 demographic. Another station, WPGC-FM in Washington, D.C., would follow suit in July 2012). Wu-Tang, Nas, Biggie, etc). This was mainly due in part to Arbitron phasing out the diary keeping approach to ratings for the PPMs. Personalities during this time included John London, Renel Lewis and Brian Cooly on "The Morning Zoo", middays with Leslie Stoval, afternoon drive with Rick Chase, and nights with Evan Luck. It was the 106 KMEL Summer Jam, a Hip-Hop and R&B concert series that at one point was the largest radio concert taking place on the west coast, if not the entire country. [6] Bennett said that programming consultants were "the single most cancerous force in our industry. [9] Jeff Chang blames the Telecommunications Act for reducing the amount of community-based programming and causing playlists to become more generic on urban stations nationwide.

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