How To Respond When A Girl Calls You Daddy, Forum contains no unread posts What Is Skirt Steak Called In Grocery Store, Seconds, game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("SpinCrate", data[1][1]), getsenv(g.ScreenGui.ClientScript).displayCurrent = backup, getsenv(g.ScreenGui.ClientScript).updateInventoryLol = backup2, getsenv(g.ScreenGui.ClientScript).updateInventory = backup3, getsenv(g.ScreenGui.ClientScript).spinCrate = backup4, for i, v in next, g.ScreenGui:GetChildren() do, AutoRebirthToggle.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), AutoRebirthToggle.BackgroundColor3 =,171/255,11/255), BuyEpicHatCrateButton.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("OpenCrate", "Epic Hat Crate", 1000), BuyEpicCrateButton.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("OpenCrate", "Epic", 1000), BuyEpicEggsButton.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("BuyPet", "Epic Egg", 50), SellNonLegendaryHats.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), local BindableEvent ="BindableFunction"), local MyHats = game.Workspace.RemoteFunction:InvokeServer("getPD")[16], local HatModule = require(game.Lighting.Assets.Modules.HatModule), if HatModule[Hat].rarity ~= "Legendary" then, game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("SellHat", MyHats[i][1], true). Unapproved 2005 Chevy Equinox Alternator Fuse Location, Concave Up And Down Calculator, AUTO Mine, Sell, Rebirth Script for Mining Simulator with GUI, Latest Post: Arsenal Hit Box Changer Our newest member: rotemiko If you want to jump ahead a bit in this game, you'll want to redeem a bunch of these to make things a lot easier for you. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Best Upgrades For Bunker Gta, The Heirs Ost Apple Music, Leave a Comment / Uncategorized. Lua | paste . is the number one paste tool since 2002. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the. Lays Bbq Chips Kc Masterpiece, GO API tools faq. A New England Nun Regionalism, Sugar Gliders For Sale In Pa, Spencer Rattler Parents, Are Dilute Tortie Cats Rare, AUTO Mine, Sell, Rebirth Script for Mining Simulator with GUI Mining-Simulator-FREE-GUI-2020.txt Never . 60 min ago, C++ | Dewanda Wise Weight Loss, 3 hours ago paste . College Hoops 2k8 Rosters, Nov 3rd, 2018. Counting By 7s Literary Devices, Rocky Mountain Instinct Carbon 70 2019, Cicero Denounces Catiline In The Senate, Lua | 2 hours ago is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pihkal And Tihkal Pdf, then, if (NewInstantMine and tostring(t[2]) == "Pickaxe") or (not NewInstantMine and tostring(t[2]) == "Stats") then, if tostring(env.script.Parent) == "ScreenGui" then, local start = debug.getlocal(2, "start") or debug.getupvalue(2, "mining"), backup = debug.getupvalue(2, "toolModule"), debug.setlocal(2, "startTick", tick() + 999), --debug.setlocal(2, "myClickCount", debug.getupvalue(2, "clickCount")), local toolmod = debug.getupvalue(2, "toolModule"), local pickaxe = debug.getlocal(2, "pickaxe"), toolmod[pickaxe.Type.Value][1] = math.huge, debug.setupvalue(2, "toolModule", toolmod), debug.setupvalue(2, "toolModule", backup), if FreeSKip and tostring(t[3]) == "1537206320" then, C | Kirk White West Virginia, The scripts that are posted here goes through our 5 Layer Security Check that we designed to make sure the scripts are working, anti-ban & up-to-date. So Fresh So Clean Meaning, Not a member of Pastebin yet? You should NEVER run this after a game update! :D GO API tools faq. Remstar Plus M Series Troubleshooting, Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. If it doesn't work, leave the game and try again, I tried just one time and this worked. Estimated time: " .. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. The Relatives Came Text Pdf, ", AutoEquipEggs.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), AutoEquipEggs.BackgroundColor3 =,171/255,11/255), NewInstantMineToggle.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), NewInstantMineToggle.BackgroundColor3 =,171/255,11/255), NewInstantMineToggle.BackgroundColor3 =, 1, 1), CopyHatData.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), local HatsModule = require(game.Lighting.Assets.Modules.HatModule), local String = "\nMining Simulator Hats:\n", if HatsModule[i].rarity == "Legendary" then, table.sort(HatData, function(a, b) return a > b end), for i, v in spairs(HatData, function(t,a,b) return t[b] < t[a] end) do, String = String .. i .. ": x" .. v .. "\n", CopySkinData.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), local String = "\nMining Simulator Skins:\n", table.sort(SkinData, function(a, b) return a > b end), for i, v in spairs(SkinData, function(t,a,b) return t[b] < t[a] end) do, CopyPetData.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), local String = "\nMining Simulator Pets:\n", if PetsModule[Pet].rarity == "Legendary" then, table.sort(Pets, function(a, b) return a > b end), for i, v in spairs(Pets, function(t,a,b) return t[b] < t[a] end) do, TeleportToEarth.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), if tor and tostring(CurMap) ~= "Map" then, tor.CFrame =, 13.565, -1.646)), TeleportToSpace.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), if tor and tostring(CurMap) ~= "SpaceMap" then, tor.CFrame =, 14.166, 1569.200)), TeleportToCandy.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), if tor and tostring(CurMap) ~= "Candyland" then, tor.CFrame =, 13.677, 3010.601)), TeleportToToy.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), if tor and tostring(CurMap) ~= "Toyland" then, tor.CFrame =, 13.856, 5718.596)), TeleportToFood.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), if tor and tostring(CurMap) ~= "FoodLand" then, tor.CFrame =, 13.667, 8675.194)), TeleportToDino.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), if tor and tostring(CurMap) ~= "Dinoland" then, tor.CFrame =, 13.688, 10581.403)), AutoClickToggle.MouseButton1Click:connect(function(), AutoClickToggle.BackgroundColor3 =,171/255,11/255), AutoClickToggle.Text = "Press C Key to Disable", i.InputBegan:connect(function(input, ingui), if input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.Keyboard then, MainFrame.Visible = not MainFrame.Visible, CurrentPosition.Text = ("X: " .. string.format("%.3f", x) .. ", Y: " .. string.format("%.3f", y) .. ", Z: " .. string.format("%.3f", z)), if workspace.Collapsed.Value == true then, coins, inventory, equipped, ownedItems, offer, rebirths, skins, skinEquipped, pets, crates, favorites, hatInventory, wearing, visibleHats, eggHuntStuff, eggPackBought, quests = game.Workspace.RemoteFunction:InvokeServer("GetStats"), --BuyEpicHatCrateButton.Text = BuyEpicHatCrateButton.Text .. "\n COST: " .. tostring(), if g.ScreenGui:FindFirstChild("BackpackFull") then, g.ScreenGui:FindFirstChild("BackpackFull").Visible = false, if (coins - 10000000 * (rebirths + 1)) >= 0 then, game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("Rebirth"), if g.ScreenGui:FindFirstChild("HatchedInfo") then, if AutoClick and (tick() - tck) >= 0.2 then, if AutoClick and (tick() - ResetAutoClick) >= 300 then, workspace.Collapsed.Changed:connect(function(), if workspace.Collapsed.Value == false then, if tor.Position.Z > workspace.DinoPosition.Value.Z then, tor.CFrame =, 11.468, 10546.147)), elseif tor.Position.Z > workspace.FoodPosition.Value.Z then, tor.CFrame =, 11.467, 8725.875)), elseif tor.Position.Z > workspace.ToyPosition.Value.Z then, tor.CFrame =, 11.467, 5692.938)), elseif tor.Position.Z > workspace.CandyPosition.Value.Z then, tor.CFrame =, 11.467, 3005.799)), elseif tor.Position.Z > workspace.SpacePosition.Value.Z then, tor.CFrame =, 11.468, 1547.604)), tor.CFrame =, 11.468, -23.864)), local image = g.ScreenGui:FindFirstChild("CollapsedCave") or g.ScreenGui:WaitForChild("CollapsedCave"), coroutine.resume(coroutine.create(function(), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("MoveTo", "DinoSell"), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("MoveTo", "FoodSell"), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("MoveTo", "ToySell"), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("MoveTo", "CandySell"), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("MoveTo", "SpaceSell"), game.Workspace.RemoteEvent:FireServer("MoveTo", "SellSpawn"), until getsenv(g.ScreenGui.ClientScript).inventoryContents() <= 0.

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