"vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo20a" = "Great shape" } "vocalize iMT_PlayerHeardWitch" = "Hear Witch" Author: El-(D)3m0N. "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo17b" = "Vote" "vocalize c6m3_outroL4D109a" = "Sure" "vocalize PlayerNegative" = "Argh" "vocalize DLC1_C6M3_SafeRoomConvo05d" = "Handsome" "vocalize C7M1_saferoom22a" = "Trying" "vocalize DLC1_C6M3_SafeRoomConvo02e" = "Faith" El autor que creo eso puso para varios letras para varios radiales. ∅ Cookies are disabled. "vocalize C6M1Intro_15d" = "Shoot you" "vocalize C2M3SafeIntro011" = "Experienced" "vocalize C7M3_saferoom007b" = "Safe" "vocalize ConceptBlock639" = "Rant" } "vocalize _C2M2_Peanut01" = "Lil Peanut" "vocalize TrainUnhookedBiker" = "Train" "vocalize WorldC502Horse2" = "Horse" "vocalize CrashFinaleGenerator2Speak" = "Generator" "vocalize C7M3_saferoom005" = "Movies" "vocalize PlayerWatchOutBehind" = "Behind", "vocalize PlayerDeath" = "Scream" "vocalize SmallTown02_path01c" = "Don't care" "vocalize C2M1Intro_408" = "Good" "vocalize DLC1_C6M3_SafeRoomConvo09b" = "Lucky" "vocalize C1M4SafeRoom2a5" = "Move Nick" Y asi acomular mas radiales. "vocalize WorldC3M1FerryCrossingI03" = "Gives back" Quiero darles las gracias a ion por haber usado su mod vpk y ver todos los vocalizes como para que yo pueda resumir todos ellos y que ustedes tengan los que mas les gusta y puedan modificarlos ustedes mismos a su estilo. Ahora viene la parte divertida, ahi tendran que entrar al archivo que extrajeron y solo van a tener que modificar dos cosas: el comando y el texto, no traten de cambiar nada por las dudas sino quizas no funcione. "vocalize CrashFinaleGeneratorUnPressSpeak" = "S-h-i-t" "vocalize iMT_PlayerGoingToDie" = "Dying" -------------------------------------------------------------- { "vocalize _C2M1_Fall04" = "Funny" "vocalize C6M1Intro_06d" = "Date" "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo06a" = "Memories" "vocalize C5M3Bodies01" = "Creeps" "vocalize Player.CoverMeC1R" = "I see" "vocalize _c4m1Intro23" = "Gun bag" "vocalize C3M2SafeRooma2" = "Mud" "vocalize C6M1Intro_21g" = "Savannah" "vocalize C7M1_saferoom18a" = "Vote" In Death Aboard you start out in a prison and work your way out to the neares... (INCOMPLETE, THERE'S PLACEHOLDER TEXTURES BEING USED) { Por eso vamos a convertirlo en un archivo vpk para que pueda funcionar. "vocalize C1M2SafeRoomd2" = "Agree" { }. "vocalize C7M3_saferoom004" = "Firewall" "vocalize _C2M2_Kiddie01" = "5 year old" "vocalize PlayerSorry" = "Sorry" "vocalize PlayerLedgeHangMiddle" = "Hanging" Warning, thi... Fairfield Terror: TRS No Mercy Remake (L4D1). "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo03b" = "Rant" Login Register. ∅. "vocalize InfoRemc7m2_seebarge01" = "Pilot" "vocalize CrashCourseR13" = "Steam" Anyway, this radial menu … "vocalize C7M3_saferoom016c" = "Lotion" "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo12d" = "Historical" © Valve Corporation. "vocalize C1M4SafeRoom2b5" = "Amen" "vocalize InfoRemc3m2_parachutist2" = "Jump" "vocalize C6M1Intro_20e" = "Vampires" Go to your desktop and create a folder without spaces and special characters in the name. "vocalize WorldC3M1FerryCrossingC04" = "Right", "vocalize C5M3Jets2" = "Motherf-" Bueno que va con esto, les mostrare de como añadir comandos vocalize favoritos en su radial menu tales como screams, tank, pills, etc. "vocalize ConceptBlock697" = "Whatever" "vocalize WorldC3M1FerryCrossingD03" = "Each other", "vocalize C6M1Intro_22a" = "Woman" There are no reviews yet for this add-on. ∅, ∅ Cookies for this site are not being saved. Read CHANGELOG to see the link in MEGA and MediaF... (READ THE CHANGELOG) "vocalize C1M4SafeRoom2b2" = "Jimmy Gibbs" "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo09a" = "Dirt" "vocalize WorldC6M1_PostWedding01a" = "No Ellis" Y empezas desde 0 hasta que sepas. Aqui estan todos los comandos vocalizes que algunos funcionan para todos los sobrevivientes y algunos son para cada personajes. "vocalize CallForRescue" = "Trapped" "vocalize C2M1Intro009" = "Not cool" "vocalize PlayerAlsoWarnHunter" = "Hunter" "vocalize _C2M2_Slide01" = "No rush" Open this folder and create new text file named addoninfo with text like: It's been a long road since I started this project shortly before Left 4 Dead... A series of " life" "vocalize BounceReaction" = "Bounce" "vocalize ConceptBlock643" = "Oops" "vocalize _C1M1_ElevatorHello" = "Name" "vocalize PlayerToTheRescue" = "Coming" "command" "vocalize PlayerSorry" "vocalize WorldIntroC31d2" = "Soft crash" "vocalize C7M1_saferoom18" = "Island" "vocalize _C4M5_Intro04" = "Plan" "NorthWest" "vocalize PlayerAnswerLostCall" = "Swear" "vocalize CrashFinaleGenerator2Speak" = "Generator" "vocalize C3M2SafeRoom2d" = "White suit" "vocalize DLC1_C6M3_SafeRoomConvo03c" = "Turd" "vocalize c1m4escape" = "Escape" "vocalize iMT_PlayerBreathing" = "Breathing" "vocalize _C4M4_FLOODED01" = "Atlantis" "vocalize PlayerSpotOtherWeapon" = "Weapons" "vocalize iMT_PlayerSuggestHealth" = "Suggest heal" "vocalize _C4M5_BoatComing01" = "Virgil" "vocalize PlayerLostCall" = "Alone" "vocalize C7M2_saferoom02d" = "Bill-san" a cheat menu with over 13 menus full of cheats also has building menus. "vocalize C6M1Intro_23b" = Password" "vocalize _C2M2_SeeSafehouse01" = "Tunnel of love" "vocalize _C2M2_Steak01" = "Deep fry" "vocalize DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo15b" = "Hoping" "vocalize C7M1_saferoom20b" = "Can't" "vocalize C7M3_saferoom002" = "Hate feelings" "vocalize WorldC6M2_OnTourWalk101c" = "S-h-i-t-h-o-l-e" "vocalize C7M1_saferoom15c" = "Thanks" "vocalize C2M3SafeIntro006" = "Make out" "command" "vocalize PlayerNo"

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