59 “Look before you leap,” e.g. View the complete list of clues and answers as well as the filled-in grids for the Sunday LA Times Crossword puzzles. 52 Back in a shell : AFT : DOG PARKS Kate is the daughter of actor Richard Beckinsale who is well known in Britain for his roles in the sitcoms “Porridge” and “Rising Damp”. 44 Inflexible : RIGID 3 “Stop stalling!” : DO IT! Order Books I Home Page . The “quaking” aspen tree is so called because the structure of the leaves causes them to move easily in the wind, to “tremble, quake”. 58 Greenwich who co-wrote songs for the Ronettes and Crystals : ELLIE org. 126 Immobile : INERT, 1 Batgirl garb : CAPE “Mac” is short for “Macintosh”, a waterproof raincoat made of rubberized fabric. 122 Cell terminal : ANODE 28 Clotheshorse’s collection : TIE CLIPS The term “ark”, when used with reference to Noah, is a translation of the Hebrew word “tebah”. 3 Thick dessert topping : FUDGE SAUCE 46 *Crustacean catchers : LOBSTER TRAPS Lennon wanted to hammer in the first nail, but Ono stopped him as the exhibition had not yet opened. 47 Medical center : CLINIC 77 Flattery : EGO MASSAGE 94 “Big Blue” : IBM 118 Open veranda : LANAI 30 Hosp. 41 Start to commute? 49 Identify : NAME Devoted crossword puzzle players know the difference between one puzzle and another. 43 Lab eggs : OVA 122 Sister of Goneril : REGAN … a complete list of answers, Want to discuss the puzzle? 1 Band with an electrical symbol in their logo : AC/DC : ADAGE 15 Took Honda SUVs for demo drives? once led by Bush 41 : CIA The original Tate gallery was founded by Sir Henry Tate as the National Gallery of British Art. 92 Pallid : ASHY 115 Med school subj. Visitors were encouraged to hammer in a nail into a wooden board, creating the artwork. 30 Hosp. : PARKED RANGERS 130 Overly curious : NOSY, 1 Has staying power : LASTS 69 Banned pesticide : DDT 117 Dark-colored cigar : MADURO 43 Biker’s headgear, perhaps : DO-RAG 16 Ancient Greek physician : GALEN 31 Half a cocktail : … TAI 34 Builder with the wrong surveyor? 24 Bucks in the woods : DEER 24 “It’s hopeless” : NOT A PRAYER 106 Put on a pedestal : ADORE 117 Dr. Seuss’ Sam-__ : I-AM 43 Polished off : ATE 34 Scuttlebutt : DIRT 88 Stanford who co-founded Stanford University : LELAND Maryland reports 1,198 new coronavirus cases— most since July and second straight day of 1,000 or more, As coronavirus surges in Maryland, at least one county considers tightening restrictions, Maryland Rep. Mfume defeats Trump-endorsed Kim Klacik; all other state incumbents win congressional races, Watch live: Maryland Gov. 101 British actress-politician Jackson : GLENDA 126 Vending machine inserts : ONES : DUSTING FOR PRINTS “Jack Sprat” is a nickname given in the 16th century to people of small stature. 47 San Antonio-to-Dallas dir. 126 “Holy moly!” : YOWZA 5 Lose one’s way at the podium : RAMBLE 87 One-named Swedish singer with the 1997 hit “Show Me Love” : ROBYN 119 Weapons cache : ARMORY 33 i-opening company? 98 Early smartphone : TREO 73 Shaped like a megaphone : CONED 66 Art __ : DECO 96 Corporate honcho : SUIT 8 Spanish spreads : RANCHOS The incredibly successful derivative game called Monopoly was introduced in 1933 by Charles Darrow, who became a very rich man when Parker Brothers bought the rights to the game just two years later in 1935. 51 Choice for the kitchen : FLOOR TILE 44 Finally spills the beans : CRACKS 19 Court : ATRIUM 77 Hand at sea : SAILOR 6 “Sistas” and “Being Mary Jane” cable channel : BET Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Sunday November 1st 2020, LA Times crossword puzzle. 54 Big __ : SUR That result marked the first ever Super Bowl victory for the Eagles. 25 Big game name : ATARI 57 Like-minded group : BLOC 45 Indian term of respect : SRI 55 Pickling solution : BRINE 23 One : SOLE 17 On the protected side : ALEE 88 Focus of a 1990s-2000s baseball “era” : STEROIDS : POD CASTING 12 Brewed : PERKED 21 Tate Modern collection : ART Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Sunday October 25th 2020, LA Times crossword puzzle. 35 *Unlikely roles for mimes : SPEAKING PARTS 33 “__ Rebel”: 1962 hit : HE’S A 22 Seed-to-be : OVULE 108 Whitman’s dooryard bloomers : LILACS But my favorite of her performances is in the romantic comedy “The Holiday” from 2006. A lobster weighing less than a pound is called a chicken. : TELE- 94 Intellectual nitpicker : PEDANT The expression first appeared in American English, in the early 1900s. 54 Hwy. 73 Photo possibilities : OPS The commercial game of Monopoly is supposedly a remake of “The Landlord’s Game” created in 1903 by a Quaker woman named Lizzie Phillips. 72 Like some orders : HOLY Below are LA Times October 31, 2020 Crossword Answers. 103 Precepts : TENETS : STONEDIXON As Chief Justice, this former US President swore in two new presidents: Calvin Coolidge (in 1925) and Herbert Hoover (in 1929). My favorite of the Tate galleries is the Tate Modern which lies on the banks of the Thames in London. 38 Green shampoo : PRELL 2 Pre-college, briefly : ELHI 26 Richest person in the world before Bezos : GATES 34 Taco truck fare : TOSTADA 71 Thomas Gray’s “The Bard,” e.g. 99 Ones just hanging out : IDLERS 80 Texter’s “My bad” : SRY 47 Schwarz of toys : FAO I’ve always thought Ian Woosnam to be the most unlikely-looking of golfers. 43 Meat brand spelled out by a four-year-old in ads : OSCAR MAYER 31 Cube-ic Rubik : ERNO 17 *Helmet part : CHINSTRAP 11 Type of blouse : PEASANT 14 Minor disruption : BLIP 113 29-day Hebrew month : ADAR 43 Polished off : ATE 9 Sitting on : ATOP 16 Hamburger’s three : DREI 24 Grammy : NANA 86 Texas site of Pizza Hut headquarters : PLANO 92 Implies : HINTS AT 21 Pump measure : GALLON 73 Gripes : SQUAWKS 129 Exorcist’s target : DEMON 100 Partnership for Peace gp. 37 Flag : TIRE 9 Phone routing no. 123 “Scots Wha __”: patriotic song : HAE. areas : ORS 51 Text changers, for short : EDS “Maita’i” is the Tahitian word for “good”. 53 Thai dough : BAHT 96 Main Web page : HOME 72 Firewood units : STERES : INTR Tribune Content Agency offers six original crossword puzzles to engage any level of player with your print and online publication. 116 “Yipes!” : EGADS 122 Getaway spots : SPAS “In situ” is a Latin phrase meaning “in the place”, and we use the term to mean “in the original position”. 6 All of Albee’s “The Zoo Story,” essentially : ACT I 39 Has a balance due : OWES 26 It’s a blast : H-TEST triage specialists : ER DOCS 6 La Scala solos : ARIAS 124 Stitches : SEWS 101 “Lovely” citation issuer of song : RITA 38 It might be caught with a fly : FISH LA Times Crossword Answers Sunday November 1st 2020 Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Sunday November 1st 2020, LA Times crossword puzzle. A male lobster is called a cock, and a female a hen. 9 Chinese dog breed : SHAR-PEI 88 NFL “sixes” : TDS 30 “__ the One”: 1996 Aniston/Diaz movie : SHE’S 19 Aced : NAILED 65 Stand-up’s goals, informally : LAFFS Hogan provides updates on COVID-19, Kevin Plank announces he’ll cease Sagamore Racing operation, says move is unrelated to Under Armour woes, Maryland Gov. 49 Foundry waste : SLAG 38 Long cold spell : ICE AGE 43 Refuses to concede : DENIES 13 Short-legged hounds : BASSETS 28 Obligation : NEED 10 Rainy season : MONSOON 76 Records : WRITES DOWN 91 Augustus’ devious wife : LIVIA 19 Tickle : AMUSE 111 Youngster : TOT To spill the beans is to divulge a secret. Rather, a more appropriate translation is “life-preserver” or “life-saver”. Ravens vs. Colts scouting report for Week 9: Who has the edge? So, something that was uniform and of consistent quality came to be described as “neat as a pin”. President Taft was able to realize that dream in 1921, eight years after losing his bid for re-election as president. 121 Launch site : PAD Over time, this mutated into a nursery rhyme that is still recited in England: Jack Sprat could eat no fat. 15 Eastern “way” : TAO 51 Certain club restriction : NO MEN 93 Law office helpers : PARAS units until 1991 : SSRS Crustaceans all have exoskeletons, and most live in aquatic environments. 123 Fannies : TUSHES 17 Spring locale : OASIS 66 Underworld : HADES : TRAILED BLAZERS Back in the late 1800s, a “commutation ticket” was a season pass, so named because it allowed one to “change” one kind of payment into another. A ransom was paid in part, but the child was never returned, and was found dead a few weeks later. 3 “Stop stalling!” : DO IT! 53 Employing : USING 54 Skyline feature : SPIRE miss : SRTA 4 Source of protection : ESCORT 34 Arrived in a cloud of dust, maybe : SLID 60 MLB Network sportscaster __ Shehadi : LAUREN 10 Waiter’s disappointment : NO TIP 97 Sheer linen fabric : TOILE 33 Number of Eagles’ Super Bowl wins : ONE 57 Beemer rival : JAG 29 MSN, for one : ISP 31 Chinese menu assurance : NO MSG 29 Cause of disgrace : OPPROBRIUM Election remains tight as Baltimore protesters take to the streets, vowing that every vote must count, Kim Klacik blows through nearly $5 million trying to defeat Mfume and gets stomped | COMMENTARY, Pedaling through the pandemic, Black Baltimore bike groups find freedom, Here are the known cases of coronavirus in Maryland [GRAPHICS].

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