The Porta Lavernalis (Lavernal Gate) on the Aventine Hill was named for Her, and She had an altar nearby. We have sent our Data Dwarves off to find more nuggets of information. LAVERNA Roman Theft Goddess This cheeky deity is the patron Goddess of Thieves. Laverna was a significant enough goddess in Roman to have her own sanctuary, minor place of worship on Aventine to be named after her, near the Porta Lavernalis. Since we’re on the subject of Etruscan deities, the goddess Furrina is mentioned as an ancient Etruscan goddess of thieves and robbers, related to the element of water. Angry at having been deceived and unable to confront Laverna, both the lord and the priest appeal to the Gods to intervene. Allegedly those who first invoke her see only her head. Further, Jupiter than commanded that Laveran become the patron goddess of dishonest people, the liars, and the thieves. Updates coming soon. A Roman goddess of thieves, cheats, liars and fraudsters, Laverna managed to get a hill on the Aventine named for her. Name: Laverna Pronunciation: … Laverna is frequently described as having a head, but nobody, or she’s a body without a head. In Aradia, Gospel of the Witches, folklorist Charles Leland tells this tale, quoting Virgil: Among the gods or spirits who were of ancient times--may they be ever favourable to us! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Consider donating a few pennies to the Godchecker Temple Roof Fund. She’s not a moralist: Laverna will help dead-beat dads escape obligations and assist women whose pregnancies threaten to wreck their lives. Thieves (especially clever thieves and shysters; as opposed to thugs). Laverna is traditionally worshipped in silence. That she couldn’t have sworn an oath. Encyclopedia of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses. Do we sell Laverna graphic novels, books, video or role-playing games (RPG)? As much laughter as this caused all the Gods, they still demanded that Laverna make right her debts and pay them off. The poet Horace makes mention of her as does the playwright Plautus where they each call Laveran a goddess of thieves. Laverna is a great shape-shifter. Latona, goddess of light. Bookmark the permalink. Though, in one of Plautus’ plays, a cook does call upon Laverna to seek revenge against some thieves who stole his cooking tools. Thieves traditionally operate under cover of the night and so Laverna became their matron. She has a clever, sardonic wit. BBCODE: To link to this page in a forum post or comment box, just copy and paste the link code below: Here's the info you need to cite this page. While there’s some anecdotal evidence for the goddess Laverna, scholars have surmised a few different meanings for her name. She set up her altar just outside the city of Rome where the nearby gateway came to be named in her honor. - Roman Goddess. Manes came about as a polite, euphemistic way to speak of the Inferi without really getting their attention. Laverna Facts and Figures. Why yes, they were a collective group of ancient shadowy, underworld Roman gods, most of whom are death gods. The Gods have provided us with a robust privacy and cookie policy which all mortals are advised to read. (Copyright notice.) Pronunciation: Coming soon HTML: To link to this page, just copy and paste the link below into your blog, web page or email. For official Godchecker merch please visit our God Shop where a wide range of items are available to buy. ( Log Out /  Editors: Peter J. Allen, Chas Saunders. Again, that this lack thereof, she couldn’t have sworn an oath. There was also a grove on the Via Salaria, an ancient highway that crossed the ‘calf” … I just don’t see the connection unless bad etymology and linguistics are going on. Lares, household gods. She may be sympathetic towards you if you know who committed the crime: Laverna gets annoyed with shoddy crime and bungling. Also known as the Erinyes in Greek is a trio of Underworld goddess called upon for Vengeance. Patron of: Charlatans, Cheaters, Liars, Thieves, Sphere of Influence: Cheating, Deception, Fraud, Lies, Plagiarism, Secrets, Theft, Trickery. She sells off everything but doesn’t build a temple. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Those who prove to be bunglers will see only her body. We are often asked about mythology merchandise. Laverna may also be petitioned for protection from crime and for the return of stolen articles; however, be forewarned: Laverna’s sympathies tend to be with the thieves. This time, in reverse, Laverna makes her body appear but has no head while her voice says that she swore by her head, but she has no head. Last year it ranked 8,825th in the U.S. Social Security Administration list of most popular baby girl names. "In his wisdom is no stamen.It is all head and no body, like the pictures of the Goddess Laverna." A thief of whom even the other gods knew little about her. Laverna, patroness of thieves, con men and charlatans. Libations to Laverna would be poured from the left hand. Laverna is the matron of charlatans, con artists, card sharps; plagiarists; counterfeiters; thieves and bamboozlers of all kinds. Its origin is "Latin". Encyclopedia of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses– Written by Judika Illes Copyright © 2009 by Judika Illes. Laverna would be invoked by thieves to ensure a successful heist without getting caught. Both men and women may request her assistance when pregnancy is inconvenient, embarrassing or worse. Updates coming soon. Show popularity chart The name of the Roman goddess of thieves. Simply put, Laverna is the Roman goddess of Liars, Thieves, and the Underworld, more specifically, she is of Italian origins.

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