You can now show/hide grid lines in the spectrum and CIEL*a*b* plots. Added a new method for more a more sophisticated analysis of binning. You can pan and zoom the CIE plot in the main CIE window using the mouse wheel or click-and-drag methods. Fixed minor issues when clearing rows in the "Calculate delta(uv)" table. After an optimization run the new intensities values are returned. © 2020, OSRAM SYLVANIA Inc. All rights reserved. In the "Other Options->Calculate coordinates of MacAdam ellipse..." routine the ellipse parameters (a, b, theta, g11, 2g12, g22) are displayed. When you press the middle mouse button in the CIE diagram in the CIE plot window the Cx, Cy values are written to the window title bar. > Download for Macintosh (16.3 MB) The calculations were not affected. You choose between five color modes: lch, hsl, lab, rgb, lrgb. Added option to write the ΔC* and ΔH* values for user colors to the data file in a combinations run. The red, green and blue use 8 bits each, which have integer values from 0 to 255. Condensed some menus and added some splitters and scrollbars for window resizing to better fit smaller (laptop) screens. User gamut points can now be saved to and read from files in the custom CIE window. This is useful for a direct comparison between different light sources. From 5000-25000K the reconstituted daylight line was used (as is done with the CRI metric). The colors are only guides due to limitations of the gamut of monitors and printers. If you have user filters or user colors you can scroll through these using your mouse wheel. This has been corrected. The ColorCalculator software is a standalone program that allows designers to estimate the photometric performance of color mixing schemes. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out. Added calculation of the "Well Building Melanopic Ratio" (WBMR) to tab #4. The program has been localized (Windows only). If you can use this option it can significantly reduce the number of combinations that must be run. The CMCCAT2000 chromatic adaptation was left out. Added the ability to define your own point colors in the "Other Calculations->3D CIE L*a*b* plot with user inputted values..." menu item function. When the red pixel is set to 0, the LED is turned off. The values calculated will be slightly different from those calculated in previous versions. The file is now actually saved. You can choose to have the program generate the labels for you or enter any text you like in the table in this window. The gambit areas are now calculated for both the u'v' 1976 and the uv 1960 space. (Windows version only).

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