The total score can then be weighted out of 100% so that the reviewer can directly perceive this score as a percentage. Speaking about this, accurate results can be seen & therefore better decisions can be made. In fact, gathering inputs and exhibiting them in a detail can be dreary assignment. Taking as an example the Agreement rating, the answers of “Strongly Agree” and “Agree” would be grouped as “Agree” and the answers of “Neutral”, “Disagree” and “Strongly Disagree” would be grouped as “Not Agree”. Well here is easily manageable, In all honesty, there are times when you need to carry out this process; either you need a tool for. A sizable percentage of the educational research manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Graduate Medical Education employ a Likert scale for part or all of the outcome assessments. This can be shown in the table below where the “Strongly Agree” also receives a 47% percentage, but there is a high selection (33%) for the “Strongly Disagree” box as well. This is because the answers are nearer to the agreement in Question 2 and hence the score is higher. For instance, this sheet consists of,” attitudes”, “imperative”, “perceptions”, “values”, “scale” & “high”. It is capturing not only the pure opinion but also there can be an understanding of the distance between the opinion and its strength. Data Analysis an Interpretation 158 H 4: Private sector employees have more exposure of working in various sectors such as Administrative etc. If that is the case, you will probably be want to skip directly to the part of this post where I talk about a common mistake people make with ordinal data and mean values. Likert data. Although the measure is ordinal data, by carefully treating it as interval the researcher can apply weights to boxes and calculate Likert Score and be subject to parametric tests. That is by multiplying for example the “Strongly Disagree” with 0, the “Disagree” with 1, the “Neutral” with 2, the “Agree” with 3 and the “Strongly Agree” with 4. Back To Excel Survey Data Analysis Template analysis to use on a set of data and the relevant forms of pictorial presentation or data display. Therefore, it is recommended to display a visual of the scale or repeat the scale characteristics often. By doing so, the summary is hiding the strength of the agreement and the reviewer is not able to understand if most of the answers are coming from the “Strongly Agree” or just the “Agree” box. There is also the option to keep “Neutral” as separate answer and divide into “Agree”, “Neutral” and “Disagree”. Common examples of 5-point Likert Scales are: Further to the 5-point scale, the most widely used scales are 3 point, 7-point or 10-point. How can we take advantage of the full information in the data, analyze Likert Scales and turn the effort of answering into valuable reports? H 5: Public sector jobs offer more stability. In 1932, the psychologist was interested in measuring people’s opinions and attitudes and developed a 7-point agreement scale that is very similar to the ones used today. Although Likert may refer to “like”, it is actually derived from the name of the developer; Rensis Likert. The weight of each box should not be biased in order to force the score to be high, for example weighting the “Strongly Agree” with 10 points and the “Agree” with just 2 points.

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