"Shoot a pussy nigga in the face, closed casket/Look his pretty kid in the face, poor bastard/Tears runnin' down his bitch face, romantic/Two straps on me like the old Bo Jacksons"—Lil Wayne, "I'm a Libra, I weigh it out/Hope the reaper don't take me out/I'm too eager to wait it out/Stuck the heater in Satan's mouth"—Lil Wayne, "Droppin' these jewels, it's precious like I'm droppin' my jewelry/I'm out of my Gucci, you not on my Gucci, that's not an exclusive/Designers, excuse me, massagers masseuse me/Oops, I mean masseuses massage me, I'm gruesome, I'm grimey"—Lil Wayne, "I treat the Wraith like that bitch is Suzuki/I need a favorite woman like The Fugees/It's me, Sean, and Baby, we lit as Three Stooges/My skate stance is goofy, my bae ass is stupid"—Lil Wayne, "Put my foot down in this bitch, these nigga twinkle toes/Nigga sit down you a bitch I heard your seat unfold/Way up in the nose bleeds, hold your head back, squeeze your nose"—Lil Wayne, "Call me Kurt Cocaine, wilin' like I'm Nirvana/I eat it like a piranha, she got a tongue like iguana/She wear her hair like E. Honda, a birthday suit for pajamas/I'm only here 'til mañana, she say no habla España"—Lil Wayne, "Miss me with that bullshit, I'm just tryna make a plate/White Lamborghini truck, bitches call it yola-yay/Choppers raised ablaze, Smith N' Wesson in my breakaway/Peep the different shit from behind these Aviator shades"—Jay Rock, "Yeah, Uzi on my seat/Money on my mind, so I usually overthink/Yeah I'm runnin' out of time, so I bought another rollie/Once upon a time, that's the moral of the story"—Lil Wayne, "Two fingers, I keep 'em crossed, I can't be lookin' for peace/I've been lookin' at the stars and they don't glisten for me/I've been lookin' in the mirror, he don't listen to me"—Lil Wayne, "I'm a need a million-dollar bitch, and a million more/She know I'm a million-dollar nigga, with a million hoes/Chilling way up in my condominium on the millionth floor/She said that these niggas broke, they make her sick, she healing slow"—Lil Wayne, "Hold you for ransom, now you the hostage/Call up your family, give 'em the options/Tell 'em to cash it, put 'em in boxes/Do not deal with 12 'cause you dealing' with monsters"—Lil Wayne, "I'm gettin' naked with these bitches, I'm on Eliannte, Cialis/Breakin' records in these bitches/Wait I think, this ho need Jesus, I need water/She said D's, them double D's that float in water"—Lil Wayne, "Taught my bitches how to whip it/Now they whippin', fast learners/Chicken heads, whippin' chickens/I felt like a black colonel"—Lil Wayne, "I'ma keep shooting til the bitch stop recording/Real sharp shooter, I don't feel like arguing/Real sharp shooter, I don't miss my target/I don't miss my thottie, I just miss my homie"—Lil Wayne, "Sun is scorchin' in my head, bunch of bunkers in my head/Talkin' bunkers in my head, Willy Wonkahs in my head/All these junkies in my head, then it sunk into my head"—Lil Wayne, "Percocet got me vertical/Them Uzis get so surgical/Shooters, they shoot like Türkoğlu/Murder you, then bury you"—Lil Wayne, "She said I got a vanilla aftertaste/Cut his face, let him use his blood for his aftershave/A real pump, it ain't nothin' like South Park/Pistol whip you 'til you know the serial number by heart"—Lil Wayne, "Got some cocaine and a couple blunts/It's ashes to ashes, dust to dust/.44 plastic, the rubber bust/We don't wear masks, it must be us"—Lil Wayne, "I'm a pimp, under pressure but it's necessary/Treat a bad bitch better than the veterinary/Eat a bad bitch unless she got that hairy, hairy/I could take your ex out my vocabulary"—Lil Wayne, "Walk around like I'm Yosemite/Extra clip, that's my amenities/I'ma send shots like a Hennessy/Bitch, I'ma shoot like a penalty" —O.T.

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