(And Ways To Reuse Old Binders), Are Chip Bags Recyclable? Littering is a second nature to some people; after doing it for so long and often, they do not realize they do it. The Impacts of Rising Minimum Wage on Economic Growth and Development. Getting acquainted with samples of similar papers will be extremely useful when writing an essay. People now know that they can easily get away with littering, and nobody stands ready to fine them. Cigarette butts, for instance, contain toxic substances like arsenic, which can contaminate both soil and water. One example is batteries. (And Ways To Reuse Old Books), Are Tampons Biodegradable? Littering causes the drainage system clogs due to plastics littered unconsciously. It is common to see people discard trash out of their kitchen windows or balconies, probably because they are too lazy to put it in the rightful places. Paper writing service www.uk.essay-writing-place.com. It is leading to many innocent people spending millions of dollars on cleanup, and piles of trash all over the place. For example, it is quite common in Europe that many people just throw their cigarettes on the ground when they are finished. (And What To Do With Old Tapes), Are Ice Cream Cartons Recyclable? It Can Facilitate the Spread of Disease, Six Key Home Improvements To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, 6. This makes littering a huge problem because the money that would otherwise be used in progressive development is partly directed to waste management programs. A Proposal on the Key to Finding the Solution to World Problems Essay. Smokers, for example, are unaware of how the aimless throwing of cigarette butt affects the environment. Moreover, children may convince their parents which may in turn pay more attention to avoiding littering. Since at big construction projects, many workers are at one place and often live in housing nearby, they usually produce large amounts of waste. In the long run, we will have to pay the piper for our littering behavior. The law must also clearly stipulate that dumping is a serious offense, punishable by serving a jail term and fines. It can also contain hazardous materials. All that litter is hazardous in light of the fact that they are known to cause auto crashes. Many of them are easy to implement in our daily life. Moreover, some fishes try to eat plastic particles and also die from this since they are not able to digest plastic. Pieces of wood, metals, plastics, concrete debris, cardboard, and paper are some of the common waste materials generated. The Problem +the Solution=Effective opinion statement. It all begins by making a commitment to not litter. Nobody seems to care about this behavior and they are almost never fined at all. In order to get a better understanding of littering, here is a list of its causes, problems and possible solutions. It is a rampant undisciplined action of most people nowadays. If they saw that their actions adversely affect the environment, people would likely be more careful and avoid littering, assuming they are responsible enough. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'environmental_conscience_com-leader-3','ezslot_9',152,'0','0']));Littering may also contribute to fires. There ought to be more cops out there watchful for individuals littering, and for individuals who get discovered littering, there ought to be all the more a discipline so they know to never do it again. People often burn litter to get rid of it. For example, imagine someone discards their cigarette outside their car window. Therefore, a lack of education is another cause of the littering issue. Just call the main number, ask for the person or department that handles these complaints and give them the details. Littering may also cause tensions in our daily life. However, that simple, effortless deed causes terrible effects especially to our environment. The Severity Of Littering And How It Truly Affects Us Essay, The Long Term Effects of Littering and Pollution on the Environment Essay, The Environmental Consequences of Littering Essay, A Strong Argument Against Deforestation Essay, A Study of Plastic Pollution in the Pacific Ocean Essay, A Proposal on the Key to Finding the Solution to World Problems Essay, Different kinds of pollution of the nature Essay, Climate change as the One of the biggest threat to humanity now Essay. Thus, littering can contribute to water pollution in a significant manner. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot. Moreover, it has to be assured that industries have proper waste disposal processes and do not dump their trash in nearby rivers, lakes or other storage spaces in nature. When people throw away their garbage, harmful elements are washed into our groundwater due to natural rainfalls. The measure of city solid waste has expanded by 68 % since 1980 states The Sustainable systems at University of Michigan which conveys it to the present total of 254 million tons per year. The great pacific garbage patch is another example, which is connected to marine plastic pollution. As per psychology, it is in human nature to get affected by the people we spend time with, even unconsciously. It is a rampant undisciplined action of most people nowadays. Many people simply do not know how their actions affect the environment. Litter can contain objects that can harm or cause physical injury to people or animals, namely needles, blades or broken glass. (And Clever Ways To Reuse Them), 13+ Ultimate Ways to Promote Sustainable Tourism, Can You Recycle Garbage Bags? In most cases, it’s either accidental or intentional. There may even be no fines at all. When the trash from littering finally ends up in oceans, many birds can die since they will try to eat this trash. The case is similar for passengers, pedestrians and people who aimlessly throw wrappers or other used items in remote or public areas. If the trash collects water, it may also harbor mosquitoes that are known to spread the deadly malaria disease in tropical regions. Problem: littering Essay I agree with the idea that even though loads of money are spent clearing rubbish, this alone cannot solve the littering problem. Some of the materials may also be poisonous or contain sharp objects, thereby damaging the animal’s vital organs or injuring them. Then these ideas can help stop this practice. Free essays; Find topic; Plagiarism checker; hire writer; hire writer. As batteries contain many harmful substances, if they are disposed of improperly into the litter, they may pollute the soil in a severe way. When consumed by the animals, they reduce stomach capacity since they can’t be digested. Littering can be regarded as a serious issue to our environmental system since it has severe adverse effects. They just throw away their cigarettes wherever they stand and pose a risk to spark wildfires in areas that are at high risk for wildfires because of dry woods. 9 billion tons winds up in the sea consistency which is significantly in excess of 254 million that is disposed of properly. Find Free Essays. The littering of organic waste always poses a threat to human health since it attracts animals like rats which are known to be able to transmit serious diseases when they get in touch with humans. This cigarette travels to our beautiful green grass in which a beautiful creature is roaming and eats it. Many passengers, pedestrians and people living in urban areas have blamed rampant littering on the lack of public trash cans. Sample essay. The increase in human activity in these places also leads to littering. If we change that and the fine for littering will go up in a dramatic fashion, people will be more eager to avoid littering. Littering can contribute to water pollution in several ways. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'environmental_conscience_com-leader-1','ezslot_11',149,'0','0']));If the litter contains harmful bacteria, children can be affected since the litter containing class could cut through their skin and transmit serious diseases. Education is a crucial step to be able to mitigate the littering issue. After finishing university, I traveled around the world. Thankfully there are several solutions to littering that can be implemented to prevent these issues. You can contribute to a reduction of waste from litter if you are willing to pick up trash from others. Additionally, litter is a serious fire hazard. Litter can also serve as a breeding ground for insects or pests. This would likewise be an appropriate method to open up new employments by having individuals pay special mind to, and tidy up litter consistently.

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