They are not able to prepare themselves for exams while studying from PLD books. Q.3. It means that this question of Criminal Law is repeated 8 times by Bahauddin Zikriya University in last five years of annual exams of LL.B part 1. Q6 A constitutional freedom of an association can turn into an unlawful assembly, which is an independent crime without doing any further act. Discuss the method of proof of Qatl-e-Amd liable to qisas. Please explain the nature and scope of administrative law? evaluated from 5 marks). Q.3 Explain private defence of property and when does it extend to causing death of 15 assailants? Q.5 What is meant by retirement from service? What PPC says? Discuss what offence has been committed by A elaborating the essential ingredients of the offence? Q.2. of Stars:  Five, Q 4. Criminal Law is compulsory and sixth paper in LL.B part 1 examination. Q4 Section 53 of the Pakistan Penal Code provides various kinds of punishments. Q.2 Critically examine the existing criminal justice system in Pakistan. Q1 What is Administrative Law? Also describe the punishment for the said offences. of Stars:  Four, Q 6. Explain the major differences between a Service Tribunal and an ordinary Court. of Stars:  Three. 1 Discuss in detail different theories of punishment? 6. Q9. You can take idea from the numbers of stars ( * ) written with every question. Q10 Define the term ‘writ’. 2017 Define and distinguish between Robery and dacoity. 5 Define abetment’) Discuss the criminal liability of an abettor in different circumstances? Q.6 Define the term writ. Discuss its functions! Please explain in detail the landmarks cases of judicial review? Does the Limitation Act, 1908 apply to such appeal? Q 2. Q8 Define and distinguish between Kidnapping and Abduction. Q11. Make pragmatic suggestions for its improvement. Attempt Six questions, including Two questions from each part. Q.3 What do you understand by the concept of “Separation of Powers”? 2015 Also state the procedure to be adopted for such appeal. Also discuss the principles about appointment of a civil servant on probation. 2. 10 A, is a warehouse keeper, Z going on a journey entrusts his furniture to A, under a contract that it shall be returned on payment of a stipulated sum for warehouse room. Q6 Please writes in detail the office of Ombudsman at federal level? Also, discuss the Breach of these rules? (i) Dishonestly (ii) Good faith (in). Q.5 What do you know about Judicial Review? b) Review of Findings of Law and Findings of Fact. Q3. Q.11 Define theft liable to Hadd. Also, discuss breach of these rules? Q.2 What is delegated legislation? Q8. Define and distinguish between Qatl-i-Khata and Qatl-bis-Sabab.. Also discuss the Punishment prescribed for the both. How many hudood offences are there in Islam? Q4 Please explain in detail the principle of: Q5 Audi Alteram Pattern? of Stars:  Ten (VVVVIP). Discuss punishment prescribed for various offences relating to unlawful assembly. 4. Q. Normally Bahauddin Zakariya University exams of Bachelor of Law held in the January of February. Please write in detail the office of Ombudsman at federal level? Some students are short listing the repeated-questions of previous five years which can give idea of importance of the questions. Please explain in detail the office of Ombudsman at the federal level? Q.6. 2019. LA1031 common law-2012-B. Define the term Harabah. Each question will be carried 20 marks. (b) Restrictions on the exercise of writ jurisdiction. Besides, we also provided the MH CET Law Exam Pattern to know the marks and total questions of each subject in the MH CET Law Exam. The examination of LLB Part-2 Paper has been cancelled due to traffic closure. Please indicate various classifications of delegated legislation? Criminal Law gives you understanding about what are crimes and its various punishments in eye of Law. Q6 Define unlawful assembly? These question papers that we have collected go back to 2003 onwards and are for admission to the 3 year LLB program at Delhi University (DU). Q.4 Describe different kinds of punishments provided by Pakistan Penal Code. 2 Define crime and explain the different stages in commission of a crime? DU refers to Delhi University Entrance Test. Q12. They were taking exams light while imagining it in the beginning of New Year 2018. What is delegated legislation? 2014 Q2 What is negligence? Q5 Define abetment? 6. Is employment after retirement allowed under the Civil Servant Act, 1973? 8. What do you know about Judicial Review? What do you understand by the right of Private defence of Property? (a) Promotion (b) Appointment or Probation. What do you understand by the Principle of “Rule of Law”? There are hundreds and thousands of students who are now trying to recover themselves from the blunder of laziness. Explain the Sources of British Constitution! How is it proved and what is its punishment? 3. What do you know about the growth of administrative Tribunals? How many. Discuss the circumstances under which right Of private defence of the body extends to causing death. Please explain in detail the Title based classification of Delegated Legislation? No. Q1 What is Delegated Legislation? What is liability under PPC to attempt a crime? Q.8 What is the procedure prescribed by Punjab Service Tribunal Procedure Rules; 1975 for the hearing of an appeal of Civil Servant? When does such right extend to causing any harm other than death and discuss the provisions relating to commencement and continuance of the right of private defence of Property. Explain. of Stars:  Four, Q 5. Q.7 Identify various penalties which could be imposed on a civil servant proved guilty of misconduct.

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