If it's any consolation, I think you're right. “Yeah,” she agreed. Submission: “My Darling, as much as you wish me to be real, I must tell you, your pleas are futile, I have been real long since the days of yore. Though of course we will be watching while they are here. Loki's Jotun roots show themselves at the worst possible time - in the middle of Thor's coronation. Most popular Most recent. “Not what the label says, that's for sure. "Are you?" Thor was long overdue a humbling.”. Contains: Archive, PlotBunny Hutch, and Reader-Writer Interaction. "Oh my God!" Title: Thunder and Mischief. ), heat-sex, biting, mating, marking, werewolf-Loki, self-lubrication, knotting, chasing, rutting... you know, my usual. Alexa is thrust into a wor... Loki … He wants to remark on his brother's foul temper, but the sight of the overturned, golden table and the succulent food smeared across black floor like blood stops him. “Though he had his merits, and was certainly good for a laugh when I needed one.”. After a moment he tries again, the palms of his hands cutting into invisible rocks as he staggers to his feet. DamereyCreations Week Day 6: … “How?”. Odin's voice boomed out across the throne room, his words feeling like a physical smack causing Loki to flinch. Her iPod ear buds are twirled around it, and Jane thinks she can hear the faint sound of Miike Snow filtering loudly through the speakers. ", "It's the only way to ensure the safety of our borders!". Loki hummed, and conjured a coin which he flicked high into the air, caught, and slammed onto the back of his opposite hand without looking. "When I am king I will crush the Jotuns under my foot for the disrespect they showed at my coronation—", "But you aren't king, yet!" Pairing: Alpha!Wolf Loki/Omega!Human Tony. Loki hadn't expected anyone to be around so when the thugs came he was surprised but he could have easily defeated those mortals, even in the weakened state he was in from being beaten by Hulk and lack of nutrition. Banished to Midgard, without his magic or identity, Loki struggles to find a new self. Loki wanted nothing more than to find somewhere to go lay down and sleep, wishing this nightmare would be over when he awoke but that was not to be. Loki tried to identify the voice but between the pain and the fact his body had been without food and water for over a week his mind wouldn't focus. Your review has been posted. As punishment, Loki is stripped of his magic and his memory and sent to Midgard. Wie hatte er so dumm sein können. Quote. Erik, on her other side, begins in a soft, placating voice, "Jane—", "No." Loki blinked in mild surprise to see those present when he arrived on Midgard. What he didn't expect to see when he got there was the recently defeated God of Mischief surrounded by a bunch of street thugs who were kicking the shit out of him. She lets out a breath she didn't even know she was holding, though her stomach is still a tight ball of nerves. A wave of dizziness hits him directly between the eyes and he blanches, shutting them quickly once more and waiting for the world to right. Steve choked. “Oh no,” Loki answered. The words hang heavily in the air. "I was not jealous!" “Moonshine. As she flicks it open and hits the record button she shouts, "Drive! Grid View List View. At last his father speaks, yet Loki still cannot bring himself to meet the man's gaze. Lady Darcy,” Loki said, and kissed her hand. Submission: “Come here. The figure the Pinzgauer hit is lying on his back in the sand. About the Frost Giants, about Laufey, about everything. The powerful lightning running the Bifrost cackles once, twice, and then stops, leaving the room silent except for the heavy breathing of Fandral, supported between Hogun and Volstagg. Darcy, having officially had enough surprises for one evening, fainted. By Organization for Transformative Works. If Thor is not king for a few more millennia, so much the better for Asgard. In the name of my father, and of his father before him, I cast you out!". It was the middle of the night when Loki landed in the still destroyed Manhattan. “My answer is 'yes',” he said, vanishing the coin. Then, his hands, long, graceful fingers stretching forward one by one until he is rolling them along a tough, gritty surface. Yes, very much. "Uh, guys." Asgard was his home despite his claims against it just as Thor was his brother. Please consider turning it on! “This tiny mortal felled the mighty Thor?” Fandral asked, clearly incredulous. I will not have you causing war in Asgard because of some jealous feud—". Filter by post type. Mira Odinsdottoir, last born of Odin and first born daughter. Then he smirked. If Odin truly sees Thor and Loki as equal, they ought to face equal punishment for equal crime. The two guards on either side of Loki grabbed each arm and dragged him towards the Bifrost. Can't you find something better to do with your time like maybe going to school?" As the Bifrost opened to Midgard, Loki's new prison he felt his eyes fill with tears. “While they talked, so did we. "Your actions today started a chain that I do not know if I will be able to stop." He's a nice guy, despite working for the super-secret organisation that has currently confiscated your research.”, Loki quipped with a small, crooked smile. What if Loki was banished instead of Thor because Odin wanted to show how his actions had consequences. The stubble on his face gave him a somewhat rugged look, but it didn't take away from his appearance. Anon request from 11/15/18: Prompts “You’re cute when you’re freezing” and “I may die if it gets any colder” with unspecified character- running with Loki. I hope you like it! Plus, he would rather have Loki banished than Thor. Ask. By logging in to LiveJournal using a third-party service you accept LiveJournal's User agreement. “I have reasons.”. "What?" He watches as they pass Heimdall, their forms retreating down the Rainbow Bridge, but is startled out of staring by the sharp clack of his father's spear against the smooth floor. “Agent Barton works for Shield, yes, but he isn't the guy who gave the order to have your stuff hauled. When Loki goes to Jotunheim, is it to make amends with his birthworld, or to destroy it once and for all? When Loki was caught manipulating Thor during the events of the coronation, Odin decided to banish Loki instead. “You'd have to talk to Agent Coulson to know for sure. “Though of course, there are details that will need to be discussed.”, “...and then Clint scolded Coulson for not knowing his pop-culture,” Loki said with a smile. “Unless you're looking for a derogatory term.”. You daughter, on the other hand, is still alive and well, even if she is going grey.”. Title: Truth of the Liar Fandom: Thor/Avengers Rating: Parental Guidance advised Pairing: Thor/Jane Warnings: spoilers and non-canon. ", "Well," Thor says haughtily, his blue eyes turning up to meet those of Odin, and Loki can sense the anger simmering beneath the surface of his voice, "then you are an old man and a fool! “You know Peggy?”. Thor beats a fist into an open palm, looking frustrated and easier to read than a book. Things would have turned out way different for sure. the voice yelled out. This makes surviving in a strange, monster filled world all the more difficult.Without his silver tongue to save him, how will the Jotunn prince save himself? How else do you explain taking a very muggle internship only to end up with two alien deities and their 1000-year-old issues in your lap?A terrible lab accident leaves body's swap “And therapist,” Clint quipped, finally unable to hold it in completely. As Loki stood before Odin's throne, muzzled and chained, he waited for the judgment of the person he once thought of as his father. Loki happens to cause havoc upon Asgard, its effect heavy upon all the Realms.With what little anyone could do, Odin comes upon the decision to banish him to Midgard without a clue of who he is, who he was.He starts a new life however Thor does not know how to cope with the loss of his dear brother and begs to go to Earth as well to spend his every waking moment with Loki. Natasha, of all people, took pity on him. Thor returns his gaze, a slow smile spreading over his features, and he immediately shakes his head in response. Odin roars. Proud, stubborn, foolish… I would not wish you any other way.”, Submission: “I wonder - does it make you wet to know that the same fingers gliding against you could snap your neck without a second thought?”. Submission: “Because of you, I’ve realized my wrongs, and I’ve tried to become a better person.

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