Young Lyric is currently signed with Bad Akktor Records which her father Mitchell Ragston owns. Then on October 20, 2015, Young Lyric came out with the single, Fresh on the Scene. on January 9, 2015. From there, it quickly became apparent that she had a natural talent for singing. The show comprised only five competitors, among which was Miss Mulatto, who stated that Young Lyric had an abortion. Well received, it further boosted her popularity to a new level. Also known as “Hip Hop Princess”, she draws inspiration from several well known artists including Nicki Minaj and Beyonce. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a81a01ccb5bd9d302aaece9315465218" );document.getElementById("i0b643f19d").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Young Lyric’s real name is Lyric Mitchell Ragston. Though she hasn’t officially talked about her stage name, it’s most likely derived from her given name, Lyric. Later, Lyric participated in the reality show, produced by Queen Latifah called “The Rap Game.”. How much has Young Lyric yielded from her Youtube channel so far? ( Lyric herself is an American and shares mixed African-American ethnicity. Though she hasn’t signed with a major label yet, her talent in rap and songwriting is undeniable. How many things does the Houston-native have going for her? In a diss track against Young Lyric, Miss Mulatto mentioned that Young Lyric became pregnant and got an abortion. Currently, her most popular upload- U Got Dragged has been viewed over 4.4 million times- that in itself would easily translate to a few thousand dollars in earnings! Easily one of her most popular songs to date, its official music video has since been viewed more than 4.4 million times on Youtube! As of 2020, The net worth of Kel Mitchell is about $4 million. Born as Lyric Michelle Ragston, she was encouraged to pursue music by her father and uncle, who are both musicians. No, Young Lyric is not married. Like most artists, Young Lyric has hit the stage plenty of times since her debut (naturally, she’d earn herself a paycheck for each show). In a later Twitter tirade, both bashed each other. location, audience, content), it typically goes upwards of $5 per 1,000 ad views. This time, Mullato stated how Young Lyric’s parents beat her when they found out she was pregnant. She also released two new albums in 2015 called ‘H.G.I.C’ and ‘Princess.’ She had released a remix of Lil Wayne’s song ‘No Worries’ in 2013 and has also remixed songs by Drake, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. Aside from her personal Youtube account, the rapper also has a Vevo channel on which she currently has close to 60,000 subscribers with more than 5.2 million views. Freelance writer who loves dogs and anything related to Japanese culture. We do not have information on Young Lyric’s 2016 earnings at this time. Today, the album is available for purchase on multiple platforms including Spotify, Amazon, and the iTunes store. In an industry full of budding young rappers, Young Lyric stands out and how! What are some of her greatest money-making projects so far? When Young Lyric made a Tweet mentioning that Mulatto was lying, Mullato replied. A month after its release, an official music video surfaced on her official Youtube channel, one that features her dancing and rapping in what appears to be a high school hallway. Then one day, her and her friends decided to record a video of themselves to her remix of Young Jeezy’s Lose My Mind, which they later uploaded to Youtube. ABC's Kenneth Moton Wiki, Age, Married, Husband/Wife, Salary, Derrick Henry Age, Wife, Married, Height, Weight, Contract. In 2016, the teen also took part in the Lifetime reality TV series, The Rap Game. Both Young Lyric’s father and uncle were aspiring artists and even had a recording studio connected to her bedroom. Thanks to her amazing music that only suits her extremely eccentric personality. Allure Mitchell net worth and salary: Allure Mitchell is a Family Member who has a net worth of $2 Million. Another solid effort from the teen, it has since racked up over 14,000 streams on her official Soundcloud account. As far as public appearances go, she’ll be performing two shows later this fall. At just seventeen years old, Young Lyric is presumably still in high school. Her unique music style is a mix of Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, and R&B, and she has already been compared to industry giants like Raven Symone, Nicki Minaj, KeKe Palmer, and Willow Smith. Lyric also has a sister named Haley Ragston. According to sources, Young Lyric currently has a net worth of $150,000. Going back to what we’ve said earlier, Young Lyric currently has an estimated net worth of $150,000. Not only that, but the teen has also dropped two additional albums, Princess and Boss Moves in 2016 and 2017 respectively. She began writing her lyrics and began rapping. Born on July 30, 2000, Young Lyric (Real Name: Lyric Michell Ragston) fell for performing at an early age- in particular dancing and singing. Continuing with her momentum, the teen later released the single, U Got Dragged on January 31, 2017. Not long afterwards, her second studio album, Princess was released on February 1, 2016. Let’s have a look at her family & personal life including age, boyfriends, net worth, and fun facts. An overall success, it garnered praises from fans around the world. Regardless, without any evidence that points towards Lyric dating and having a secret boyfriend right now, it seems like she’s single. In addition to that, he has sung and sold many music records. Though they initially planned on sharing it just with classmates, it quickly went viral  on the web having garnered millions of views within a matter of days. The origin of this conflicting news came from her artistry rival, another established young rapper named Miss Mulatto. Hailing from Houston, Texas, the teen has been performing music ever since she was seven years old. Young Lyric and father Mitchell Ragston. She was born to American parents who share African-American background. Young Lyric is an American rapper, hip-hopper, dancer, YouTube star, and social media personality. Before long, she had captured the attention of not just radio stations, but music labels from around the world. Lyric also comes up with a lot of kid friendly songs which are loved and liked by both kids and adults. She also has a brother, but his name remains unknown at the moment. ( On top of that, she’s also had the chance to collaborate with other artists such as J. Rag, Zag Hilfiger, Taylor McCants, DJ XO, and Ace Bandz. As she got older, Young Lyric began writing own rhymes on the side as a hobby- though she enjoyed the process, she never felt the need to take it seriously. He has acted on not only television series but also films since 1994. Young hip hop artist Young Lyric was born on July 30, 2000, in Houston, Texas. Two years later, Lyric put out two more albums named No Sympathy, and Execution. Where did she make this amount from, you ask? That summer, Young Lyric dropped another single titled, Yahh! He has made money through his various careers. On top of that, its official music video- shot in Los Angeles by Get Bent Music, has also been viewed more than 94,000 times on Youtube as of August 2017. on May 31, 2016. The man has also had stand-up comedy performances. She had been composing and writing raps and songs as a hobby for years but had never attempted anything serious. She is indeed the next big thing! One time, at the age of 9, Young Lyric recorded a video from webcam and posted it on YouTube. Most recently this summer, she released 150K– a single that’s already racked up tens of thousands of streams online. Young Lyric’s Net Worth 2018 – $150,000 How did Young Lyric Make Her Money & Wealth? Written entirely by the artist herself, the song immediately caught the attention of fans who have since streamed it over 189,000 times on Soundcloud.

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