Sign up for our email Newsletter. Aceraceae Food Family (Reference: Oxford Biomedical Technologies). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I did contact the company and they actually told me about OAS (they didn’t use the name but acknowledged that there can be a cross reaction that Tracy wrote about). Maple Syrup is used as a sweetener in many food products. It is very difficult to find nutritious food to eat. Maple Tree pollen may be an allergen separately from having an allergy to maple syrup or related foods. It is possible to have a food sensitivity or other intolerance to maple syrup as well. But for some, this early record-breaking warm weather, has caused trees, flowers and other plants to bloom earlier than usual and triggered their allergies—Atlanta experienced a record-high pollen count of just under 9,400 last week. It doesn’t matter if you have the flu, a cold, or seasonal allergies; being congested can make you feel miserable. Try cutting out dairy for awhile. According to the Association of Allergists and Immunologists of Quebec, this discrepancy is related to the proteins’ low tolerance to heat 1. See which foods to avoid. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Toxic Weedkiller Dicamba Drift Damages Crops Across America, With 79.4 Million Obese Citizens, the U.S. is Leading in Obesity, U.S. Life Expectancy Drops Amid Rising Suicide, Drug Overdose Rates, EWG Report: Your Tap Water is Contaminated with Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’, Is “Non-Toxic” Nail Polish Really Non-Toxic? and Allergy Alert are registered trademarks of IQVIA. How Can I Eat Healthy If I Have Oral Allergy Syndrome? what to eat if you have a pollen reaction. Most people with a pollen allergy can better tolerate the cross-reacting foods when they have been cooked, baked, or roasted. People with pollen allergies may take pains to prevent the sneezing, wheezing, itching and general discomfort precipitated by the great outdoors during the spring, summer and autumn months. In other cases, foods can trigger oral allergy syndrome, a condition that causes pollen-induced allergy-sufferers to experience an itchy mouth or throat after eating certain fruits and vegetables. Costumes, candy, and other spooky events make the holiday a night to remember. If you suffer from seasonal allergies and want to take additional steps to help manage your symptoms, consider avoiding these foods during peak allergy season. If you have pollen allergies, you may not be aware that some foods might trigger your symptoms. Silver maple has a secondary allergic importance except where very abundant. It’s true, because of cross-reactivity, certain foods can trigger pollen allergies when ingested or handled. Her specialties are pediatric nutrition, women's health, nutrition as preventative medicine. In the U.S. flowering usually occurs in early spring through April or May, but can begin in January and February for sugar maples and other species, with a few species in W. U.S. flowering in June and July. It is a cross reactor to this pollen. Trees reach 30-100 feet in height and 2-4 feet in diameter. With pollen counts pumping up sooner than expected this year, many allergy sufferers will reach for eye drops, allergy shots and other medications for relief. Maple syrup allergy is not common but can trigger common allergic reactions and symptoms of allergic reactions (1). It is definitely a challenge to find foods to eat when you have a large list on your sensitivity/allergen list. The shaded areas on the map indicates where the genus has been observed in the United States. The method of food preparation also has an impact: Raw and fresh fruits and vegetables tend to irritate whereas cooked fruits and vegetables may not.

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