After the mission, Aria allows Shepard to ask questions about her past, though she remains vague about the details. Not sure which way or how much yet. Following the disastrous incident with Paul Grayson, Aria T'Loak leaves for Thessia to bury her daughter Liselle. Kai Leng ultimately escapes the meeting, thus Aria T'Loak is denied the possibility of avenging her daughter's death. Shepard brokers the deal, and Aria is pleased with two distinct outcomes depending on what happened: Sederis gets released but won't dare defy Aria, or her second-in-command Sayn usurps the leadership at Shepard's goading, surprising even Aria and causing her to remark that her control over Eclipse ran deeper than expected. Petrovsky explains that all he wanted was an opportunity to talk with Aria and reveals that a Cerberus fleet is ready to open fire on Omega and destroy it level by level if she does not give up. Aria organizes a small army, in conjunction with Sanders, Anderson, and Hendel Mitra, to take the base of the Biotic Underground. Aria and Shepard then fend off several Cerberus side attacks on the outpost while Nyreen commands her men on main defense. In the confusion, Aria slips into Afterlife to contact the Illusive Man, but is unprepared when an Adjutant that Colonel Ashe had smuggled into the building attacked and kills Anto. Shepard can question her about Archangel and Mordin Solus. With a wink at Nyreen, Aria tells her to watch and learn as the Pirate Queen contacts Ahz, who has connected the entire station's comm systems to her. Aria is surprised to see Nyreen and is mistrustful about her intentions but allows her to join the team. But like one of these guys said she does give you a kiss. Aria helps her henchmen to push back the creatures after they advanced on Afterlife. Thus, he orders the Elbrus to travel through the relay to the galactic core to stop the invasion at its source, against Aria's protests. Voice Actor Aria sarcastically quips that Nyreen's "bleeding heart" tendencies must be genetic when Nyreen calls herself the "bad apple" of the family compared to Tiran. You can sign in to vote the answer. She meets Shepard not in the Purgatory Bar but in Docking Bay 42, needing discretion as she explains to the Commander. she is not available for romance, and as much as you want to pull down your pants and start wanking, there is no way. It is revealed that Aria's interest in protecting Patriarch could be seen as a weakness by her rivals. Obtaining a passageway to the mines via an eezo processing facility, Aria, along with Nyreen and Shepard, realize why everything was shut down and sealed: adjutants are prowling about, and it also explains the lot of Cerberus corpses strewn around. Her fleet will follow through the relay when she gives the signal. Shepard intervenes and reminds them that to defeat Cerberus, they must all fight together. Regardless of whether Shepard shuts off the reactor or reroutes the power to maintain life support, the force fields are deactivated and Aria and Nyreen are freed. Aria leaned on the Citadel Council to secure Jona Sederis' release, but Commander Bailey is in direct defiance of their order. In the aftermath Nyreen agrees to the alliance with Aria, true to Aria's predictions. However, this was merely a clever cover for Aria. Coincidentally, a Cerberus ship called the Elbrus, captained by General Oleg Petrovsky, arrives to help fend off the invaders. Calvin Romeyn 3,660,401 views Aria T'Loak is the de facto ruler of Omega, the nominal capital of the Terminus Systems. She makes it clear to the Commander not to cause trouble; her batarian bodyguard is willing to toss any offender out of the airlock. Aria is furious but not surprised at Nyreen's ability to disappear. Feron tells Liara to let him do the talking, which leads to Aria teasing her for being unable to speak. On their way to the bunker using secret tunnels only Aria knows about, Shepard and Aria encounter Nyreen Kandros, a turian biotic with whom Aria had a relationship that ended on bad terms. Aria flees to rally Omega to repel the Cerberus invasion. Aria chastises Nyreen on the way after noticing her fear towards the creatures. Aria says that she would divulge where the Blue Suns were taking the body if they tell her why the Shadow Broker is so interested. Mass Effect Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Defeated, Petrovsky surrenders, but Aria punches and then chokes him, wanting her enemy to feel how close he is to death. Shepard asks Aria for any general information she may have, but she only tells the Commander not to waste her time and try some other news source elsewhere. When the ship is close enough to the station, Aria orders the ship to fire on the Cerberus command ship and at the same time signals her fleet through the relay. They reach the mines and once again fight through a gauntlet of Cerberus forces to reach the back door to the reactor. Still have questions? Which made me really sad actually. With the Blue Suns, Aria states that she expected Darner Vosque's demands to be unreasonable, but it turns out he's the biggest pushover of them all. Note: This section features material from the first edition of Mass Effect: Deception, which BioWare has acknowledged contains discrepancies with other Mass Effect lore. No matter who she deals with, she makes sure she has the upper hand in the bargaining. Untrue to her word, Aria employs her hackers and obtains the information from Sanders' terminal. After recruiting the former, Shepard can give Aria a datapad, detailing a plan by the Blood Pack, Blue Suns, and Eclipse to overthrow her after defeating Archangel. Shepard protests, but Aria wants the Commander, in her own words, "all to [her]self." After getting back to her bunker, Aria plans to strike at a Cerberus-controlled reactor in the Element Zero mines and shut it off to bring down all the force fields across Omega. When Kai Leng is captured by the Biotic Underground, Aria strikes a deal with the Illusive Man to rescue Leng, planning a betrayal and to kill Kai Leng rather than free him to Cerberus. Aria soon comes upon Petrovsky and Colonel Raymond Ashe decapitating corpses. Shepard, however, destroys the generators powering the trap and frees Aria. Once aboard Normandy Aria takes the room on the crew deck with the bar. Her ending speech and the implications of Omega's future will change accordingly. However, upon reaching the reactor, they are trapped by force fields: General Petrovsky has anticipated Aria's move. After killing everyone involved, Aria learns that the Collectors have sinister plans for humanity. It could work like this: we allow aria to kill the general. She summoned Shepard to Purgatory with a proposition for the Commander to unite the Blue Suns, Eclipse, and Blood Pack in exchange for their assistance in retaking Earth. Aria then announces her return to the people of Omega. Aria becomes suspicious as to how the Elbrus arrived so quickly. Before they head out, Nyreen escapes Aria's bunker. The battle over Omega begins in earnest. Aria and Shepard then counter Cerberus saboteurs trying to demolish the support structures leading to Afterlife, while Nyreen rallies the Talons for a direct attack on the club via the Gozu District while protecting the civilians. If you go to the Bioware dlc page it's says you can romance aria. Nyreen advises against it, reminding Shepard not to sacrifice innocents. As the space battle commences, General Oleg Petrovsky hails Aria through the vidcomm. Heck we might even get a patch to allow us have an option to romance her. When she wakes up, Petrovsky has already fitted her hands with biotic dampeners. Later, in a meeting with Kahlee Sanders and David Anderson, Aria learns that Paul Grayson had forwarded all of his files to Sanders' terminal at the Citadel before wiping his own terminal the night he was killed. Aria is very authoritarian in her reign over Omega, ruling the station with an iron fist. Who was MrDeadMoth the gamer, and how did he become known on Twitch in 2018? He claims he's working for the Andromeda Initiative and looking for a quarian scientist of theirs. If General Oraka was killed during the proceedings, though, she expresses regret at having to kill him, as many of his people died as well, eliciting a reaction from Shepard. How do you think about the answers? Aria becomes angry when she found her daughter killed and Grayson missing, which leads her to believe he is the potential cause of Liselle's death. If Shepard does manage to unite the disparate groups under her banner, Aria gives her opinion on what the Commander has acquired: an army that's willing to fight dirty, to do the things "respectable militaries" won't do. She then berates Nyreen for wasting her time with "strays". The latter choice results in his death. Nyreen is reluctant to work with Aria but is convinced by Shepard to cooperate. (spoilers)". If Shepard was thoroughly accommodating towards Aria's behavior, the asari rewards the Commander with a kiss, remarking she never thought she'd enjoy having a partner. She then reveals herself to be the actual leader of the Talons, to which Aria admits that she is very surprised. Her girlfriend at the time, Nyreen Kandros, persuades her to let go as she confirms Tiran is her cousin. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED., The Shadow Broker has several videos of Aria which can be accessed via the. Aria T'Loak is clearly an avid gamer and fierce competitor, as shown by her holding the high scores in the Armax Arsenal Arena and Shattered Eezo at Castle Arcade on the Silversun Strip prior to Commander Shepard's visit. Shepard and Aria then fight their way through the Cerberus forces, trying to regroup with more of Aria's men landing in escape pods. If you side with her and let her kill the General, she does give you a kiss and says "thank you" and looks back to see the reaction of either you or the crowd. Aria will care more about the people of Omega and will stop strangling Oleg on her own. With the Blood Pack, Aria remarks she couldn't have asked for a better puppet with Gryll in charge. Aria reminds the Commander never to presume they know her, as she had turian friends in her own organization. Patriarch is being targeted by Blood Pack mercenaries. Out of Nyreen's earshot, Aria reveals her plan for manipulating Nyreen to Shepard, saying that the civilians' attack will force Nyreen to try and protect them, thus gaining her support.

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