You’ll likely want to load up on Mystics for this Variant. I would seriously like to know what some of you know that i dont. Teammate's Class Effect; Mutant. Magik's healing is also a little too situational and out of your control. Hopefully you can take something from this and make your own informed decision...because at the end of the day, who the "best" one is comes down to some personalized factors. 6 General discussion on Kabam's MARVEL fighting game for smartphones and tablets. Duped Magik with the Morningstar synergy. Voodoo's Ability Accuracy reduction is quite handy. I've seen it said she can essentially power lock an entire fight and I'm curious how you would do that. Single Point in - Strength, Greater Strength & Pierce. Science. For me it is Magick (I don't need GR's healing if I completely shut down their specials). So which Variant should you attempt first (or next)? All the best tech champions – Guillotine 2099, Stark Spider-Man, Warlock, Ghost, Darkhawk, Star-Lord, and Hulkbuster – are excellent in Variant 3. Magik is an absolutely simple champ to play with, unlike the other two: reach L2 and game over. I personally still prefer voodoo, because he not only can control power (3 different ways) but because of the rest of bells and whistles he has at his disposal. Morningstar would be a close third...once you get her to five souls, her life steal can keep you going forever. All the big Mystics like Doctor Doom, Claire Voyant, Longshot, Magik, Morningstar, Mojo, Scarlet Witch, Sasquatch, and Sorcerer Supreme can do great work here. Marvel Contest of Champions Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Cheers! Venom is an overall monster, and Venom the Duck is another fantastic option. Voodoo's damage is beastly when using a special 2. Watch KT1's recent video where he declared Magik the best mystic champ. Chance for +1 kinetic potential with special attacks. I use SS almost every war. Venom is an overall monster, and Venom the Duck is another fantastic option. The rank-up gems work for champions released through 2017 and they are generic, so they can be used on many more champions than the ones found in the earlier Variants.Check out my Variant 5 Guides, starting with Chapter 1.1.See for the full list of Spider-Verse, Mystic, and Symbiote Champions.Variant MVP’sOne useful rank-up strategy is to focus on champions that can be utilized in multiple Variants, as you can then use them to gain more resources to build-up your roster. 5 Star Stark Spidey Rank 4/55. I'm gonna go with Voodoo for the better Power control, but GR definitely has the better healing. That said, if GR is paired with blade he’d probs take the W. Ghost Rider (paired with Blade). Ghost Rider and Morningstar are bleed immune, and Mephisto is poison and frostbite/coldsnap immune. I have used an unduped 5star Ghost Rider paired with a 4star blade to beat ROL, RTTL and am exploring act 5 right now. The star of the mystic world and darling of many from the very start of this game. Change ). Let’s look at each of the 5 Variants to see which one might be a fit for you!Back Issues Variant 1 – Ultron’s AssaultVariant 1 is the longest Variant in terms of number of quests (9) and total paths and it requires high-end roster depth because of the class restrictions in each chapter. These Champs Deserve Generic Awakening Gem, The Attackers: What Champions are Worth to Get Class Awakening Gem. And even if they nerf her one day so that she can't be used for AWD, I will use her for attack. For example, my personal favorite Mystic is Morningstar, who has yet to even be mentioned on this page...but she has everything I want in a champ, and I can play her very well. 5, 10, 20, 40 and 80 cores for each respective level, 4650 units in total, mystic cores can only be purchased on Fridays and they have a 30 units cost per individual core. Thanks so much for all the information and insights, helped me with allot with my first completion run of variant 4,3 and 2. DV specially can do just about everything SS can do but alot more aswell. It has a Class Bonus to Cosmic, but is weak to Science and Combined. Mephisto with the permanent aura, spamming sp2, and Ghost Rider/Dr Strange synergy. Well, if you ain't got Blade that's not really much help to you, haha. Magik also destroys champs with a lot of buffs, like Voodoo and SS. Not playable: Adaptoid ● Deadpooloid ● Doctor Strange (Marvel NOW!) Dr Voodoo was my first R5 5 star but as my roster got bigger I found myself never using him.

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