He'll start by firing out large ice blocks that move across the screen towards X. Make sure it doesn't hit you. He'll taunt you at first, then attack. There are two listings of the bosses here, one for X and one for Zero. He'll jump around often, and he'll also create a clone of himself which will also jump around and try to hit you. there are three different variations in the order that each block flies in, your biggest threat are the two lower blocks. The red eye will fire out two long energy beams that will spin around it and cover the length of the screen. Jump up the wall to dodge it. Mega Man X5 | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. Dark Dizzy will float up in one of the corners of the room for most part of this battle. When half his health is lost, he will shoot energy beams. Jump up the wall to dodge the whip. This means that you can fall off the edge, and he'll try to use this to his advantage. Once the battle begins, his pieces will start flying in from the left. He'll toss his cloak away and attack. Use the Tri-Thunder to destroy it quickly. He'll fight you in a small room, and you'll lose one hour for fighting him, but don't worry about that. - Mega Man X. You'll fight him above the Space Shuttle, and he'll use the same attacks as in the previous battle but he'll also have a new stronger technique, as well as more health. How could you have overloaded my circuits?!! There are two listings of the bosses here, one for X and one for Zero. X's Bosses. He'll also sometimes charge at X and grab him. He is considered the easiest boss as he can be killed by the X-Buster. Zero is labeled as a Maverick here but its uncertain if he actually was a Maverick, the big "W" in the background looks rather suspicious, doesn't it? Jump right up to the top of one of the walls to dodge him. This maverick was hired by Sigma to crash colony Eurasia into Earth. He'll often charge straight at you and will then jump up the walls and then down again. [Go to top]← Mega Man X5 | Bosses | Mega Man X5 →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, "the GnR references were all but fitting for a franchise with so many musical homages and tributes", https://strategywiki.org/w/index.php?title=Mega_Man_X5/Bosses&oldid=642534. He'll often fly back and forth and up and down, so try to avoid him as he moves. Each list has the bosses organized in an order which allows you to be able to use the correct special weapon or technique to defeat them with. The Skiver will battle you on the wings of a large airship. He'll mainly use strong fire attacks here, so you'll have to be fast on your feet. He'll taunt you a final time, then he'll attack. The blue eye will often charge straight at you, try to dodge it and destroy it with the Ground Fire. His form will be that of a huge floating head that takes up a lot of room on the screen. This page has been accessed 12,982 times. His attacks are sort of like Zero's as he uses a sword. In This Wiki Guide. YES NO. Izzy Glow will enjoy teleporting around during this battle. On to Bosses... Was this guide helpful? He'll also try to block your shots when you fire at him, so try to hit him just as his whip returns. What?! This reploid is a famous yet stubborn scientist that gets affected by the Sigma Virus when you encounter him. He will also jump around the screen trying to attack you. He'll often punch the ground and cause large blue energy bolts to fly up the screen, they will be very difficult to dodge, just try your best. He'll also often create a large electrified block in the center of the room which will damage X if he touches it, so stay clear. He'll appear on the right of the screen and he'll stay there for the first part of the battle. You'll only have to fight Maverick Zero if the Shuttle mission failed and Eurasia's pieces fell down on Earth. Bosses Guide. Use the walls to shoot him. Grizzly Slash will drop into the large rocky room to confront X. We will join hands... And never let anyone sever us again! After beating two bosses you'll have to face Dynamo for the first time. Jump over it to dodge it. Try to stay up in the corners to dodge them. He'll use several attacks, those of which include two energy balls coming out of his eyes, after a few seconds they'll fly towards you so get ready to move quickly. If you try to attack the main body while the hands are active, it'll just disappear to dodge your attack. There are two listings of the bosses here, one for X and one for Zero. Stay on the ground and duck to dodge it. The green one will shoot out heaps of small blue projectiles that can be very annoying, use the C-Shot to destroy the green eye quickly. They will also try to crush X and will move up and down the screen. ... Mega Man X5 part 6; Mega Man X5 // FAQ; Mega Man X6; Mega Man X6; Mega Man X6 part 2; Mega Man X6 part 3; At first his attacks consist of flying around the screen and disappears at random. The repair of the space colonies damaged during the war was almost complete, the only space colony remaining to be the giant colony Eurasia located in a Lagrangian point. Each list has the bosses organized in an order which allows you to be able to use the correct special weapon or technique to defeat them with. There are two listings of the bosses here, one for X and one for Zero. Dizzy will also often create several smaller bats that fly out to annoy X, just fire off a charged shot of the X-Buster to easily destroy them all. Arrrggghhh... - Violen. Once the battle begins, he'll whip out three small yellow blades which can cause damage if they hit X. He will shoot the beam up, down, left, and right. The following bosses will be fought in the final three Zero Virus stages. In the English localization, the names of the eight Mavericks were changed to reference the names of the members of Guns N' Roses. He'll also sometimes fire out two large ice-rings, then he'll slash out his Beam Saber which will shoot out a green beam which flies straight at you. As it was quite old, it was planned to receive an extensive renovation. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki < Mega Man X5 This time though, they'll all be on level 96 and will have double the amount of health than the first time. The lower the time remaining, the higher the boss levels will be. If he jumps up across the screen, once he gets close to X he'll whip out a large attack which is difficult to dodge from below, so try to jump up the wall and then over him to dodge it.

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