I am getting bored, please fchat with me ;) ;) ;) …████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Based on my experience I had my doubts whether inbreeding was a real issue (Bol, 1996). They do not need a lot water to do well in captivity. The guidelines for captive maintenance for T.a.atratus (Bol, 2007) also apply in general for T.s.sirtalis. In the Eastern Garter Snake, being melanistic makes it easier for an individual to warm up when basking in the Sun. Eastern Garter Snakes hibernate in a hibernaculum between October and early April. E.l.l.S nola $350. Females become much heavier build and normal length for adult females is 80 – 100 cm. In 1995 I acquired the breeding group of Theo Huiberts and I also bred them for several years. The Crown Marsh encompasses an area of 1,750 acres. I witnessed a few adult males of the Lake Erie Watersnake leaving the hibernaculum and staying in close proximity with their heads held high, apparently checking the area for females. CheersJeremy, I just looked around, and it looks like Toronto Island is well known in the herp community for harboring a population of melanistic garter snakes! This means that when the origin of the melanistic Garter Snakes is not known you cannot be sure about the subspecies. Snakes are ectotherms ("cold-blooded"). The Pelee Island population of the Eastern garter Snake has a  considerable portion (27%) of melanistic snakes. A few T.s.sirtalis were basking on or very close to the hibernaculum. The best find of last week came from one of the field sites on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. Night temperatures in spring and fall may drop considerably (as low as 10 °C or even lower), this is no problem. Note the beautiful blue underbelly. Melanistic Eastern Garter Snakes were among the 1st color morphs to be bred in Europe. For half of this summer, I'll be living up in Northern Ohio helping with some salamander research as a field assistant. These snakes are highly adaptable and so live in habitats all over North America. Bald Eagles we sighted on Vancouver Island, B.C. One couple was bought by a Theo Huiberts, a friend of mine who bred them for several years. This is an Eastern Garter Snake that we photographed near Whitby, Ontario, one early spring day. The habitat occupied by Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis are the wetter parts of the island and near the shores. Eastern Garter Snakes come in a wide range of colours ranging from green or brown with yellow stripes to even red and blue. Perhaps that is why Melanistic Eastern Garter Snakes are more common in the northern reaches of their range. The melanistic morph is truly the first and most classic color morph of Thamnophis. Their black bodies are able to soak up the sunlight more effectively, which helps them withstand colder temperatures. Since the location of the individual normal colored scales is different in each snakes you can easily distinguish individual specimens. Hibernation may last from end of September to the end of April (as long as 7 month) in the wild (in: Seymour and King, 2003). After several hours of bird watching at Long Point Bird Observatory in Ontario, Bob and I decided to check out another location, Crown Marsh, before heading off for dinner. Inbreeding or not, it is a fact that the entire population originated from two wildcaught specimens.

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