DeSmuME is a freeware emulator for the NDS roms & Nintendo DS Lite games created by YopYop156. This reminds me of mgba, actually. regarding timings (GX, cart transfers, SPI, etc...) or memory mapping (DeSmuME lets you access the ARM9 BIOS at 0x0FF00000, which is wrong). Looking Toward the Next Generation of DS Emulators,,,,,, Even so, many games that have CPU timing issues in DeSmuME already work flawlessly on MelonDS. Index » General » Desmume vs MelonDS; Board footer. I've used DeSMuMe for a while, so I don't really know of any others. It's unknown if No$GBA supports this, but it can be done in DeSmuME by going to Config > Slot 2 (GBA Slot) and selecting GBA Cartridge. Maybe you and /u/Shonumi can team up and finally give Desmume the ass-whooping it so badly needs. What is the best now in 2020? Yeah. In most cases it's better to use multi-cart instead, however there are some games, like Mario Party DS, that requires Download Play in order to use its multiplayer. - nds4droid is a free, open source Nintendo DS emulator written for Android smartphones. the day melonDS gets 2x resolution scaling implemented is the day desmume becomes obsolete. It even supports games that require you to play your device sideways. a lot of things are also more accurate in melonDS, esp. I hope this overshadows DeSmuME at some point. This region lock is bypassed by the 3DS for these DS games, even though 3DS games have their own region lock. DraStic was the first emulator able to run the two games properly, and while DeSmuME r5043 had an initial fix that worked around the glitch, it was removed in later revisions as it broke compatibility with Pokemon SoulSilver among others; this has since been patched on r5531 once the true nature of the bug was better understood. Tested emulators: melonDS (0.2 and 0.3), medusa (Alpha 2) & GBE+ (1.1) … However, for melonDS, you need a Firmware Dump from an iQue DS, otherwise it will replicate the region lock. Desmume vs MelonDS. I used Desmume once and framerate was terrible, even though it says it is running at 100%. Even some of the supporting developers are like this. DeSmuME can load them. Which one is superior and why? iQue is Nintendo's Chinese subsidiary (previously a partnership between them and Wei Yen until 2013), so when they released the DS with a few localized games, their ROMs had special flags set in them to check if the hardware that ran the cartridge was iQue's or Nintendo's as a sort of region lock. Regardless, melonDS gets further than DeSmuME. Dunno. hence why he made his own. Quite impressive how this emulator didn't exist just a few weeks ago and it can already boot commercial titles, nice to see a new DS emulator emerge on PC. A Nintendo DS emulator with support for commercial games. The performance improved massively on anything that isn't a Pentium Dual-core, and the upscaling looks great. Categories: Gaming Group Chat & Notifications Emulators. The main selling point was the use of dual screens for gameplay, with one being a touchscreen. Hi, I am new to this emulator and I would like to know how exactly do I load a save from a different emulator. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. maybe DeSmuME even beats it when advanced bus-level timings are enabled. DeSmuME has the advantage that it's been going for much longer, and has collected a lot of history about games that cause problems. Share your experience with using DeSmuME and melonDS. VERY good thing. Two good 3D games that run at 60 FPS and can be great emulator benchmarks are the Gen 5 Pokémon games and Solotorobo. Although if you haven't tried it in a long while, you might try the new openGL 3.2 renderer on it, resolved a bunch of rendering issues for me. Download Play is supported by melonDS. No$GBA is able to connect, but fails before the actual connection is finished. ;). you need to export the savefile from DeSmuME to get a raw .sav that melonDS can use. melonDS is one of the only emulators to offer Wi-Fi capabilities. hey, im new with this emulator, i've been playing pokemon black 2 recently (took me long enough to know about emulator and play one). He also refused to put in an upscaler, and then someone did it in a fork, so he then put in the upscaler to get people to stop using the fork. A Nintendo DS emulator with support for commercial games. WinDS PRO 61 comments. This time around, the gap in performance between DeSmuME and melonDS has closed. The idea is parallel to the GBA Link Cable for the GameCube, and just like the Link Cable, only a handful of games actually have this feature. Use a hex editor to change the byte located at 0x1D from value 80 to 00. Posted by 3 days ago. No$GBA crashes. Comparisons of several Nintendo DS emulators: The major challenge with emulating multiplayer functionalities is timing inaccuracies, which have made many projects, such as DeSmuME, not want to implement them. MelonDS got both Ad-hoc and infrastructure emulation as well. Is the save file in the exact same place as your rom file? That of course also has the effect that the graphics in melonDS don't look as good as in DeSmuME because it's closer to how it actually is on the DS. share. Not sure, maybe. melonDS has always been a high accuracy emulator, but before there was a huge sacrifice to performance. MelonDS is now extremely accurate in its graphics output, and is working towards greater CPU/memory access timings, but that's been delayed by how much it hammers performance. melonDS's 3D rendering is a lot more accurate than DeSmuME's, in fact it's gotten pretty close to looking like real hardware. Your mouse is used as a stylus for the touch input. For example, how are they different and which one is better. Some notable examples are Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time which is essentially the same as the DS port but can connect with other DS' with the game, Pokemon Battle Revolution in which players could transfer their Pokemon to the game and use the DS as a controller, Animal Crossing: City Folk in which data could be transferred between the DS version Animal Crossing: Wild World, and the Nintendo Channel on the Wii where players could download demos of DS games to their console using Download Play (basically the same idea as the Download Station kiosk). DeSmuME is only as accurate as it needs to be to get games working. i played it on desmume and i'm planning to transfer the save files to melonds but it's not working, i transfer my old pokemon black and white from my ds to melonds and it worked, but not from desmume, can anyone help? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Use a hex editor to change the byte located at 0x1D from value 80 to 00. Julie Finds a Way and Kit Mystery Challenge) suffer from severe flickering issues which keep those games from being playable on most emulators. Like after it tries to load the save file. Yeah there has been a few emulators, but they are lacking compared to today's standards if you ask me. If you followed the melonDS history, you know that a while back, support for internet connectivity was added. You may need to reset the game for it to take effect. Pages: 1. save hide report. Yes. mDS. DeSmuME is a freeware emulator for the NDS roms & Nintendo DS Lite games created by YopYop156. 348. turns out that in this scene where the chief resource is 1000s of hours of developers' spare time, the users who are most obnoxious get the least. you should put the .sav in the same directory as the ROM, then, well, there must be an issue with melonDS itself, Page rendered in 0.023 seconds. Players who both have a DS but only one copy of a game can use "Download Play" to play together without everyone needing a copy of the game. RetroArch The aging cart test requires pixel-perfect 3D graphics to fully pass. As far as I know all you have to do is give the .sav file the same name as the .nds file. mDS. Also why melonDS as a name, out of curiousity? DeSmuME details .

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