A month prior to the day officers descended on her home, Gaines had visited the police station seeking clarification about her court date, only to be told that the officer who had issued the paperwork was unavailable. Just before 1 a.m. on March 13, 2020 Breonna and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker were jolted from bed by a loud banging at the door of the apartment unit. She arrived at the hospital in cardiopulmonary arrest and could not be revived. #sayhername pic.twitter.com/6GroEieU1M, — Kimberle Crenshaw (@sandylocks) January 6, 2020, Michelle Cusseaux Ezellford Dante Parker, Pearlie Golden was killed by the Hearne police officers on May 7, 2014. The suspect they were searching for had already been detained. Instead of escorting Kayla to a medical facility as requested, the officers attempted to arrest her on a warrant for a man 20 years her senior, who had the same name she was given at birth. In the struggle to subdue her, an officer fatally shot Bumpurs twice with a 12-gauge shotgun. Ahmaud Arbery, She was 30 years old. says the city came together in 2014 at the death of Michelle Cusseaux and after events … Friends remembered Hall as a kind and caring woman struggling to make ends meet in the face of entrenched structural discrimination against Black transgender women. Under Arizona’s first responder law, multiple uniformed police officers arrived unannounced and with guns pulled. ”. The three Louisville Metro Police Department officers involved have not been charged. In 2015, the 37-year-old was tasered to death in jail while she was experiencing a mental health crisis, Crenshaw says. She was hit in the back of her head, three times in the back and once on her left arm. India Kager was a 27-year-old Black woman, was shot and killed by Virginia Beach Police on September 5, 2015, while in a car with her 4-month-old son. She was 37 years old and a mother of two. When officers arrived unannounced at her home and attempted to enter, Johnston fired a shot in self-defense. Officers claimed she was being uncooperative, which led them to restrain and then Tase her. container: 'taboola-below-article-thumbnails', Officers charged Lashonn with assault and obstruction of justice, invoking images of her as animalistic—“deranged” and “grunting”—to justify their actions. Gina describes her daughter as “a beautiful soul” who was “very supportive, contemplative, highly gifted and extremely articulate.” India attended Duke Ellington School of Arts in Washington DC, where she focused on visual arts. JUSTICE FOR MICHELLE. George Floyd, Four officers fired 30 rounds in under 15 seconds into the car killing India and Angelo Perry, who was driving the car. There’s a long history of sidelining Black women’s lived experiences. First, another man (possibly NAACP rep?) Mya Hall was a Black transgender woman killed by National Security Agency (NSA) police just weeks before Freddie Gray’s case garnered national headlines on March 30, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. Jones claimed that she was reaching out to protect her granddaughter and another officer testified that there was no struggle over the weapon. “A Black woman has been killed and no one was saying her name,” Crenshaw says. It went through the screen door but it hit no one. About five days after the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Crenshaw says 50-year-old Michelle Cusseaux was shot and … She died a few days later. The Ames family will speak. The decision comes more than a year after the August 2014 death of 50-year-old Michelle Cusseaux, a woman shot while police were trying to serve a mental-health pickup. Campbell later claimed that he fired shots in self-defense because the driver had attempted to run him over. Police officer Stephen Stem fatally shot Pearlie Golden, a 93-year-old woman, after her nephew called to report that she was waving a gun. When Servin told them to quiet down words were exchanged with one of Boyd’s friends, and Servin, seated in his car, then fired five rounds from his gun into the group, whose backs were turned to him at the time, hitting Boyd in the back of the head. Tanisha’s heart disease and bipolar disorder were factors that heightened her vulnerability to the police’s violent tactics. Johnson was profiled and arrested for prostitution as she walked down the street one night, even though there was no alleged client and no documented exchange of money for sex. Michelle was pronounced dead after being brutally shot dead by police officer identified as Phoenix police Sgt. Guys the cops took a knee and said sorry I don’t know why people are still so mad about the death of She was three months pregnant with her fourth child when she was killed by Seattle Police on June 18, 2017. A friend who rushed to hold and comfort the bleeding young woman was threatened with arrest and forced to step away from the mortally wounded Boyd as she lay in the street. “That is something that we have to continue to hold up when we talk about the deaths of Black women across the gender spectrum,” she says. When Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean saw Jefferson’s silhouette in the window, he shot and killed her. “Now, if that body happens to be gendered as something other than male, it also makes you vulnerable to being misremembered.”. No effort to use non-lethal force was made even though there was no threat to the facility, and no one in the vehicle was armed. Although the LMPD claim they suspected a man involved in a drug ring was receiving drug packages at Breonna’s address, neither Breonna nor Kenneth were named in the search warrant. Aiyana Stanley-Jones was 7 years old when she was shot and killed by Detroit police. Tanishaanderson Akaigurley, No charges have been filed against the officers. pic.twitter.com/WoORQjbVlM. When her mother visited her in the hospital her body was covered in bruises, both of her eyes were blackened, and one of her fingers was missing. Police came to her home after a neighbor called the non-emergency number to report that Jefferson’s front door had been left open. Weekly claimed that he pulled the trigger accidentally during a struggle with the girl’s grandmother, Mertilla Jones. The scene was captured on video and distributed, yet little national attention was focused on her horrific death, she says. She says she has repeatedly seen the killings of Black women go unnoticed. The 5th Anniversary of the death of Michelle Cusseaux, because the women get lost in these stories too often. Michael Brown, Her killing remains unsolved. email: info@aapf.orgphone: (212) 854-3049address: 435 W 116th StNew York, NY 10027, Under the Blacklight: The Intersectional Vulnerabilities that COVID Lays Bare, Her Dream Deferred: A Week on the Status of Black Women, AAPF Statement In Solidarity with Collective Actions Led by WNBA & NBA Players, #SayHerName: Breonna Taylor | A Statement from the Say Her Name Mothers Network, AAPF Reflects on the Tragic Death of Atatiana Jefferson, AAPF Celebrates a Victory for Race-Conscious Admissions Policies, ← A Summary of Part Eleven of "Under The Blacklight", A Partial List of Resources on a Structural Analysis of Race, Gender and Punitive Policing →. Two of the officers were further charged with voluntary manslaughter and making false statements. McRae then pepper-sprayed her, pushed her to the floor and handcuffed her. Tamir Rice, — Joey Bowlcut (@JoeyBowlcut) June 1, 2020, Also Read : Michael King Death | GoFundMe – Memorial | Obituary – Dead. “Their stories tend to just sort of dissipate into the ether,” Crenshaw says. Her death was ruled a homicide, but a grand jury cleared Cleveland police officers Scott Aldridge and Bryan Myers of all wrongdoing. India, a postal service worker and navy veteran, was not involved in any criminal activity. One of the bullets passed through Gaines and wounded her young son, who survived but sustained lifelong disabling injuries. . "Say Her Name: Telling Stories of State Violence and Public Silence," hosted by Crenshaw, will be held with the family members of the women uplifted by the #SayHerName campaign. Rekia Boyd was 22 years old when she was fatally shot by off-duty Chicago police detective Dante Servin as she was standing in an alley with friends. }); Proudly powered by WordPress The Ames family will speak. When the paramedics arrived to take Michelle to the hospital they took her in for medical treatment at the hospital across town, instead of the one a few minutes away. Weekley was tried twice and cleared of all charges, most recently in January 2015. Boyd was removed from life support two days later. The door exploded open soon afterward; the police had used a battering ram to burst through. In 2013, the City of Chicago awarded Boyd’s family a $4.5 million wrongful death settlement. The city of Atlanta paid a $4.8 million settlement to Johnston’s family. Obituary and funeral details of the deceased will be updated as soon as a press statement regarding this death is released. His trial was held in April 2015, and the judge issued a directed verdict effectively clearing Servin of all charges. He says many feared Phoenix would erupt, but they were protesting peacefully. Her brother called the police for help, but instead of an ambulance, two sets of police officers arrived. Atatiana “Tay” Jefferson was 28-years-old when Fort Worth police shot and killed her. If Shelly received immediate medical attention, she would likely have survived. Her boyfriend, thinking they were intruders, fired a shot. Crenshaw and the African American Policy Forum started the #SayHerName campaign to bring awareness to often invisible names of Black women who have been targets of law enforcement. When she refused to open the door for the police, the officers broke into her apartment. Shelly Frey was 27 years old when she was killed in a Walmart parking lot by an off-duty police who was working as store security. Kathryn Johnston was 92 years old when undercover police shot and killed her in her home during a botched drug raid. placement: 'Below Article Thumbnails', Black women have the highest rates of homicide in the country, says Kimberlé Crenshaw, a professor of law at UCLA and Columbia Law School and the executive director of the African American Policy Forum. Fran brought Michelle’s casket to the Phoenix city hall so “someone would recognize” her senseless death at the hands of police. Afterward, the three Atlanta police officers tried to cover up the fact that the incident was based on an inaccurate report of drug activity in Johnston’s home. She suffered from mental illness and officers used a Taser on her even though its use is not recommended on people in mental health crises. As a video of her arrest shows, she was pinned to the ground and surrounded by police officers. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin-their lives matter, and Michelle Cusseaux’s life matters too as we think about this different form of gun violence-@barbs73 #IgnitingChange, Fran Garrett recounts fighting through her grief to take action when her daughter Michelle Cusseaux was killed just days after Mike Brown.

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