What follows are three skip links: 1. Dowling-Valley Playoff Football Game Will Air on WHO 13 This Friday, FACEOFF: Lawrence Positive, Harbaugh Loses, Dodgers Win it All, Beers on Lester, Connery Passes, I THINK: Disaster Start for Ferentz Off of Turmoil Filled Off-Season, 911 Outage for Lumen Customers in Eastern Polk County, Ames Schools Delay Fulltime In-Person Learning for Some Students Due to High COVID-19 Rate, Pandemic in Iowa: State Sets Record for Hospitalizations and New Cases; 20 More Deaths Reported, Ford Recalls Over 375,000 Explorers to Fix Suspension Problem That Caused Multiple Crashes, Biden-Harris Transition Team Launches Website, Iowa Savors 70 Degree Weather in November, Live updates: What we know as presidential vote counts move into Thursday, Why You Shouldn’t Put Political Yard Signs in Curbside Recycling Bins, Murder Conviction Upheld for Father of Baby Found Dead in Maggot-Filled Diaper. To request free brochures or training, submit an email request to, New Service Connection / Contractor Services, Non-Qualified Electrical Worker - Substation Safety, Electrical Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Standard, Construction Safety under Electric Power Industry, Power Line Safety (Up to 350 kV) - Assembly and Disassembly, Power Line Safety (Up to 350 kV) - Equipment Operations, Power Line Safety (All Voltages) - Equipment Operations Closer Than the Table A Zone, Power Line Safety - While Traveling Under or Near Power Lines with No Load. Watch: Biden urges patience as vote count presses on, We could know soon: ‘Overwhelming majority’ of Pennsylvania ballots expected to be counted Thursday, Hilton Coliseum Will Be Kept Below 10% Capacity for Start of ISU Men’s and Women’s Basketball Seasons, City of Waukee Will Require Face Coverings in Public Beginning Monday, Governor Reynolds Asks Iowans to Do More to Protect Themselves as Coronavirus Levels Reach New Records, Selzer Success: Iowa Poll Considered ‘Outlier’ Now Applauded Nationwide for Accuracy, Update: Here’s What We Know About the States Still Counting Ballots. What follows are three skip links: 1. The new facility was a former line truck office, which has been converted for use training crews on power lines, both indoors and out. We also recommend reviewing OSHA’s standards regarding, Having the right resources can go a long way to keeping best safety practices fresh in your mind and a priority for your team. MidAmerican worked with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers IBEW to attract new workers for this area. Get free safety brochures sent to you and your team, or get special on-site trainings from our Emergency Preparedness or Energy Delivery and Integrity teams to make sure you’re starting your job with the right practices in place. Please enable Javascript to watch this video. Will We Find Out Thursday Who the Next President Is? "There's a huge safety component, it's very technically complicated," said Dougherty. New Service Connection / Contractor Services. Please hold while you are connected with an agent... * The Maximum Number of Characters Has Been Met, Our online safety guidelines cover good practices for you and your crew to follow. To request free brochures or training, submit an email request to PublicAwareness@midamerican.com with the subject heading “Free Safety Brochures” or “Free Safety Training.” Include in the body of the email your name, company/organization, valid mailing address or worksite location and your desired brochure quantity or the number of team members you wish to receive the training. You matter." Our goal is simple: that employees and contractors go home at the end of each work day uninjured and in good health.

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