First, I called the mikvah and asked if they were open as normal. And we must pray for a miracle that God delivers us from this disease. Reply, This is a lovely article and I smiled when, after your initial apprehension of attending a mikvah, you related your experiences of attending other mikveh's.Thank you. Her body ached for human contact. It brought back memories of my first and only visit to a Mikvah on my birthday when I turned 50 years old. My friends and I were sharing funny stories and I decided to post them here. So I took a deep breath and got ready. Natania organized the review, as I worked diligently to find just the right speaker. Mikvah night has an unusual meaning in the Ozur Bass household. Then he kept his surprise under wraps and slipped away to my car to hide it at the exact right moment, so when I’d opened the door, I would know how much he had been thinking of me. I can’t believe that there was ever a time when visiting a mikvah sounded strange or scary, or somehow seemed not relevant to modern life. “I can’t wait to meet you!” a young voice trilled instead on the phone. Without prompting, at kiddush, two women of my mother’s generation take turns telling me stories about treating mikvah night as date night, about the times when the experience was so unpleasant and the wait so long that they just gave up and went home for the night. now found myself discussing concepts of holiness and purity on the phone. But what kind of a solution is that? What can you do, the virus doesn’t respect religion. In this time of darkness, going to mikvah seemed to me to be a sign of hope: a statement of faith in my future, and in the future of humanity. On Shabbos I asked the Rebbetzin where I could find a mikvah. Netanyahu: What can you do, the virus doesn’t respect religion. First of all, I am not an expert and don’t necessarily know the right questions to ask. After many months of study and immersion in Jewish life, the two of them went to the mikvah to complete the process. Mikvahs might have to close. Whenever he does this, I call him on my way to the mikvah – he waits by the phone for this call. The whole idea seemed a relic from another era. Friday night was my Mikvah night. He had never been so turned on in his life, not even on their wedding night. When was the last time I was alone, with no obligations, and nothing to do except focus on myself? I think they’re great and lovely women helping hundreds of women a year perform an important mitzvah and I love them and I enjoy immersing in the mikvah with their assistance. They said yes, took my name down, and told me to come tomorrow at 6. impossibly thick luxurious bathrobes. Judaism never tells us to withdraw from the world or deny ourselves earthly pleasures. One need look no further than a recent excerpt of a reported conversation between Bibi and Litzman to distrust the Health Ministry’s handling of affairs: Litzman: It can’t be that one can take their dog out, but the mikveh is closed. She is currently pursuing an M.A. This was a mikvah attendant? Reply. The women’s mikvah here has a keilim mikvah on the side. Read every source, think of every angle. By encouraging a period of abstinence followed by cleansing, the mikvah enriches the sexual bond between a man and his wife. On mikvah night, my husband leaves me a present. I need a break! I gently, but consistently, spoke to her about Mikvah, hoping to encourage her to go. First is to follow a piece of advice and make a Facebook page for this and submit the posts to it. He’d never finger-fucked his wife before – and certainly not on the kitchen table. Patiently, she went over all of the information, making the occasional joke, and spelled everything out so I’d know what to expect when I visited that evening. Finally I had a great plan. I began to feel reassured. She is the author of, © Copyright, all rights reserved. Edit them in the Widget section of the. Maybe it wouldn’t be as scary or odd as I’d feared. Personal Mikvah Stories and Experiences from women in South Africa Second of all, when it comes to the mikvah attendant-mikvah user relationship, there is a severe power imbalance. I do not wish to comment on the accusations against Rabbi Freundel, which, if true, are nothing short of a horrific abuse of power and a tremendous Chillul Hashem. Enter your email address to get our weekly email with fresh, exciting and thoughtful content that will enrich your inbox and your life. However, this is part of a larger problem, where the Israeli government has decided that the Ultra-Orthodox communities are above the law: This is reflected not only in the continued Ultra-Orthodox draft exemption, in defiance of a Supreme Court ruling, but also, in the government’s refusal to properly police Ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods. They were desperate (she was trying for kids and knew she was ovulating). Women are talking about receiving brachot, whether welcome or unwelcome, before immersing, or plunging into deep, dark bodies of water in the dead of night, hundreds of miles from the nearest mikvah, with only their husbands nearby. For example, he, However, this is part of a larger problem, where the Israeli government has decided that the Ultra-Orthodox communities are above the law: This is reflected not only in the continued Ultra-Orthodox draft exemption, in, I’ve heard it argued that if going to mikvah was unsafe, the Health Ministry would ban it. Smart yeah? Each and every time I see those flowers or find the box, my heart skips a beat. Things might get more dangerous. I also do not want to write about the aftermath of this scandal, other than to commend the board of Kesher Israel for acting swiftly and decisively to protect the women of their community, even when it meant putting themselves under a harsh and unwelcome spotlight. It’s time to act, now. I got through the best of them and was hoping for more submissions to keep this little project going. I knew that if we were going to be serious about keeping Jewish rules in our home, family purity had to be a part of that. I don’t know how he first thought to do it, but it’s so incredibly sweet and wonderful and makes me love him so much. The closest mikvah was hours away. I did so because new Health Ministry guidelines recommend that mikvahs be by appointment only. Mikvah Stories. Please provide women with safe halachic options. Night. Think of the political pressure the Health Minister would face from his own community if he banned mikvah. By the grace of Hashem she went to the mikvah. There was a great turnout for the review, women of all backgrounds came, even two brides had come, eager to learn. But alas, there is nearly no supervision of mikvahs to ensure that they are safe for women. Of course I know where she is, but that isn’t exactly something you tell somebody. However, it is clear that the mikvah struck her as a place of great mystery and great intimacy. We were even able to convince one of the brides, who was not Orthodox observant, to have an Orthodox ceremony – going to the mikvah first! Where is the value of shalom bayit, so often used to pressure women into compromising, when it comes to thinking about ways that couples can continue to be physically intimate without risking women’s lives? Instead, I want to reflect on a fascinating, and I would argue important, conversation growing out of this terrible story. Well if it doesn’t respect [religion], we will. She sounded so nice and so young. If there is, God forbid, abuse or dysfunction, mikvah, unfortunately can exacerbate it. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you comply with's, The whole idea seemed like a relic from another era, Judaism never tells us to withdraw from the world, Tanya Bits: A Little Dose of Wisdom for Daily Living, Healing, Wholeness and Transformation: Meditations on Redemption, Divorce, Second Marriages & Stepparenting, 5 Things I Learned About Being a Woman by Visiting the Mikvah, Mikvah on the Mountain: One Woman's Miracle. The mikvah is a tool of cleansing and a way of becoming closer to our Creator, which is vital. Is mikvah outdated and misogynistic or is it a monthly honeymoon? I felt many of the feelings you did. I hope that when I get married one day, I will feel able to tell my own stories comfortably and without shame, to my friends who use the mikvah but also to those who don’t. Not being a Jew, I have always respected the Jewish culture. I asked if I could go straight to the mikvah, quickly take off my dress, and dunk, thereby avoiding the bathroom. After my first immersion, I recited a timeless blessing that generations of Jewish women have uttered for thousands of years, praising G‑d who has commanded us to immerse ourselves in living waters.

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