The leaf essential oil contains a variety of terpenoids, while polyphenols and triterpenoid These effects were observed in sexually active male Wistar rats. Some of the genera and species listed in this work in in vitro tests showed satisfactory answers to such an aphrodisiac effect like Turnera diffusa (Estrada-Reyes et al., 2009), Pfaffia paniculata (Arletti et al., 1999), Passiflora (Patel et al. In turn, the person may experience a loss of muscle mass too. Aphrodisiac are mentioned there as Vajikaranas, the word vaji meaning horse and karanta meaning making, i.e., measure to excite lust by charms, etc. Correspondence to: ... treat erectile dysfunction 12. 38(8): Sexual health and function are important determinants of quality of life. Conversely, the inward-directed K+ channels of flexor cells, which are open in the darkness, are closed by blue light. Effect of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Cydonia oblonga Miller (Quince) on Sexual Behaviour of Wistar Rats, Evaluation of aphrodisiac activity of ethanol extract of Ganoderma lucidum in male Wistar rats, International Journal of Multidisciplinary and Current Research Effect of Aqueous and Ethanolic Extracts of Caesalpinia bonduc Root on Sexual Behaviour of Male Wistar Rats, The aphrodisiac herb Carpolobia: A biopharmacological and phytochemical review, Current status of Indian medicinal plants with aphrodisiac potential Aphrodisiac Indigenous remedy Indian medicinal plant Sexual dysfunction Plant extract Ayurveda, Some medicinal plants with aphrodisiac potential: A current status, An overview of the current methodologies used for evaluation of aphrodisiac agents, Current status of Indian medicinal plants with aphrodisiac potential, Mimosa pudica L. (Laajvanti): An overview, Phytochemistry of some Brazilian Plants with Aphrodisiac Activity, Aphrodisiac plants used by Dayak Ethnic in Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, MIMOSA PUDICA LINN-A SHYNESS PRINCESS: A REVIEW OF ITS PLANT MOVEMENT, ACTIVE CONSTITUENTS, USES AND PHARMACOLOGICAL ACTIVITY, Medicinal Plants as Treatment Option of Male Reproductive Dysfunctions, Medicinal Plants Used To Treat Sexual Dysfunction: A Review, Protective effect of Basella alba and Carpolobia alba extracts against maneb-induced male infertility, A new phenolic ketone from the leaves of Mimosa pudica Linn, Effect of repeated administration of sildenafil citrate on selected enzyme activities of liver and kidney of male albino rats, A novel bufadienolide from the seeds of Mimosa pudica Linn, Sexual function improving effect of Mucuna pruriens in sexually normal rats, ChemInform Abstract: A New Phenolic Ketone from the Leaves of Mimosa pudica Linn, A novel tubulin from Mimosa pudica. Most adults are able to feel refreshed with seven or eight hours of sleep. I hope people report their results on this blog, so we can compile some user experiences. Yes, make sure you blend it well, by using a high powered blender. The rats were treated with vehicle, plant extract (MEBa or AECa), maneb and maneb plus plant extract, respectively, and their fertility was assessed. At the first observation, no significant difference (P>0.05) was noticed for the mean frequencies of sniff and the mean frequencies of goes up while the Neperian logarithm of the latent time of goes up varied significantly (P<0.05) among treatments. Administration of MEBa plus maneb prevented fertility reduction by maneb and minimized the inhibitory effect of maneb on testosterone levels. Serum testosterone levels were also significantly increased in the treatment groups. There was a significant reduction in the number of normal ova in rats treated with the root powder compared with the control rats, and a significant increase in the number of degenerated ova. The aqueous root extract of Mimosa pudica dose dependently inhibited the hyaluronidase and protease activities of Indian snakes (Naja naja, Vipera russelii and Echis carinatus) venom. (Mimosae) produced a significant and sustained increase in the aphrodisiac activity of normal male mice, without any adverse effects. Fiber is also one of those compounds that are essential in a person’s daily diet. The practice of self-medication with natural aphrodisiacs increases the risks of adverse reactions.

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