During the Laughlin River Run motorcycle rally, Hells Angels MC members went to the Harrah’s Casino in Laughlin, Nevada to confront members of the Mongols who were said to be harassing sellers for Hells Angels merchandise. Mongols Motorcycle Club member Christopher Ablett stabs, shoots and kills Hells Angels San Francisco Chapter President Mark “Papa Frisco” Guardado outside a bar in the San Francisco Mission District. Williams, who is in charge of the National Organised Crime Group, confirmed police were aware of the new Mongols chapter. An autobiography covering Scott Ereckon’s life starting from a boy who dreamed of bikes and follows him through time in prison for murder and his troubled rise to the top of the food chain, where he became the Mongols National President. "But we've seen gang numbers grow, arming up [with firearms], which shows that something has changed.". Solo Angeles Club de Motocicletas / Solo Angels MC, Mongols Adelaide Chapter (South Australia), Mongols Blacktown Chapter (Sydney, New South Wales), Mongols Central Coast Chapter (New South Wales), Mongols Chinderah Chapter (New South Wales), Mongols Coffs Harbour Chapter (New South Wales), Mongols Harbour City Chapter (Sydney, New South Wales), Mongols North Shore Chapter (Sydney, New South Wales), Mongols Perth Chapter (Western Australia), Mongols Riverina Chapter (New South Wales), Mongols Ardennes Chapter (update: July 2017 – no longer listed), Mongols Northside Chapter (update: July 2017 – no longer listed), Mongols South Pacific Chapter (update: July 2017 – no longer listed), Mongols Hamburg Chapter (Germany Mother Chapter), Mongols Holyland Chapter (Jerusalem) (update: July 2017 – no longer listed), Mongols Bologna Chapter (update: July 2017 – no longer listed), Mongols Jalisco Chapter (California, Mexico), Mongols Stockholm Chapter (update: July 2017 – no longer listed), Mongols Nor Cal Chapter (Northern California), Mongols Old South Bay Chapter (San Francisco), Mongols SFV Chapter (San Fernando Valley), Mongols So Cal Chapter (Southern California), Mongols The Heights Chapter (Hacienda Heights), Mongols West Coast Nomad Chapter (Pasadena), Mongols Grand Jct Chapter (Grand Junction). Mongols M.C riding over Vincent Thomas Bridge OLD VID.... NEW VIDS COMING!! Doc Cavazos was sentenced to 14 years in prison and is now in bad standing with the Mongols Motorcycle Club, along with his brother Al “The Suit” Cavazos and son Ruben “Lil Rubes” Cavazos Jnr. Photo / Supplied. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Colorado Motorcycle Expo, Incorporated, the organisers of the National Western Complex Colorado Expo event that ended with a fight between the Iron Order MC and the Mongols MC in January 2016, sue the Mongols Motorcycle Club claiming that they started the fight between the two clubs. Apparently, in 2004, some Mongols MC members got into a confrontation with Lasondra, a Mexican gang loyal to the Mafia, over a territory dispute. In recent years, the Head Hunters and Rebels have established a presence too, while Comancheros and Bandidos are seen regularly in the region. Finally, the US Government also went head to head with the Mongols MC, trying to take their patch away via legal means. Grave Diggers MC (Thailand) are a support club. Solid and honorable men always looking out for one another, BROTHER with BROTHER. The following is from a statement by the Mongols attorney Stephen Stubbs after the Iron Order Denver shooting: “Pulling a gun after one of your buddies pushes someone is not reasonable and cannot be self-defense … shooting an unarmed person that tries to disarm you, after you unlawfully brandish a gun, cannot be self-defense. There are now chapters in Mexico, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Italy. This was biblical and psalm and verse day in and day out from what I experienced with MONGOLS MC CANADA. Charles Falco was a large scale methamphetamine dealer in 2001, reportedly earning $500,000 a year, when he was arrested by law enforcement and provided a deal by the ATF to infiltrate outlaw motorcycle clubs. The sting led to the arrest of 54 Mongols MC members out of which 53 were convicted. The club’s name of the “Mongols” was inspired by Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire. 21 September, 2010. First it was Vagos MC, where he rose to the role of “Officer” (second in charge) in the Victorville, California chapter. He was able to become a fully patched member and rise to the role of Treasurer where he gathered evidence against the club, resulting in 54 arrests in April, 2000. NEXT: 10 Easter Eggs On The Jeep Renegade That Will Blow Your Mind. Mongols Motorcycle Club was founded in Montebello, California on December 5, 1969. The criminality inherent in the Mongols will be evidenced by a copy of the “Mongols MC Five Commandments.” Those state: “A Mongols never lies to another Mongol.” “A Mongol never steals from another Mongol.” “A Mongol never messes around with another Mongol’s Old Lady.” Mongols MC Book – The Unknown Mongol by Scott Ereckson. By James "Topfuel"Macecari I decided to write this article on Motorcycle Club Education after seeing some people confused on the Internet about some of the stuff that goes on, especially with these Iron Order "Faggots" acting stupid all the time. The Mongols MC was formed in California as a one-percenter group in 1969 and has its presence in more than 14 states in the US, as well as having many international chapters.

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