Flying Saucer Photographed Over Area 51 November 2012. It is hard to say what the manatees are doing. Monsterquest Sea Monster. None of the audio, video or pictures in this presentation are being used for profit. Something bigger than a manatee that moves away quickly when approached. Unknown Lights In The Sky Over Indiana Us 20 Jun 2011, An Account Of Up Close Ufo Sighting In Montana 1976. I theorize Tarpie might live in, or around Brooker Creek in particular. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission believes that this is the source of the sea creature shown during a segment last year on Monsterquest. Powered by, appeared to have "a flattened black nose" and "a mustache of stiff black hairs with a downwar, studded jaws would be much easier to explain away than a catlike head as large as that of a Bengal tiger. The males are focused on the female and the female probably just wants to be able to come up to breathe during all of the activity... shallow areas are probably good locations for her to rest and mate.Thank you for reaching out to FWC for information.FWC Imperiled Species Management"I know this isn't any real surprise, since, as you point out, manatees or another large marine mammal were already a possible if not probable explanation. Manatees are common and easy to identify, as are large Tiger Sharks, and we just saw a 10 foot Manta Ray last week up close. Lake Tarpon is known to have a HUGE alligator population, I think "Tarpie" is feeding on baby, and even larger gators. Excellent; be prepared for quick action shots if need be. Illustration of a Lake Champlain mystery animal, by Thomas Finley. All Rights Reserved. Aired on Apr 22, 2009 44m. Thank you. I sent an email to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and asked if they thought the footage was consistent or not with manatee mating behavior. I’ll be back. They have since been banned for being used as pets due to their hardy, NEARLY UNDETECTABLE, and extremely invasive nature when released into the wild.These snakes can grow up to 19 feet...(alleged Tarpie sightings depict Tarpie to be about 15-20 feet in length, long, slender and very reptile/snake-like) and once these "pets" get to this length they are extremely difficult to keep. Perhaps you should try taking non-motored vehicles like kayaks out into the areas where you see the unidentifiable animals. I don't think the description's of alleged Tarpie sightings sound like a catfish though, even a particularly large one at that....And furthermore I am not quite sure this "Wake" or whatever we want to call this water disturbance is conclusive either but this is the first result you get when you google Tarpie so I figured this might be a good place to post my theory. The origin of last year's other sensational underwater story remains a mystery. Feel free to comment with your thoughts regarding this post! I recently received an email which contained a striking subject line titled "black cats". "Mediterranean Merhorse. Great stuff. MonsterQuest (sometimes written as Monsterquest or Monster Quest) is an American television series that originally aired from October 31, 2007 to March 24, 2010 on the History channel. If the area is really shallow then the female manatee is probably looking for a place to rest. Agente Da Cia Declara Que Realmente H Discos Voado... Alcyon Pleiades 22Nd News Report 2013 Ufo Sighting... Leto 2012 Bo Prineslo Kvejemu Kaj Dobrega. It is an intriguing... An example of a wake giving the appearance of an undulating, serpentine animal. Mariners have long told stories of frightening beasts. Please refrain from crude behavior such as name calling, making false claims, or using inappropiate language. Episode 46: "Gigantic Killer Fish II." Episode 44: "Sea Monsters."

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