While my assumption of the AUTHOR was correct, I was struck by your comments & utterly taken aback by your open-minded approach when further exploring the true timbre of Moral Orel. Moral Orel was a claymation show on Adult Swim that aired from 2005-2009. Feel it's a worthwhile feat since it's so very rare. Posts. Again, thank you for your kind words and I know that I am not the only one tackling hard issues (I’ve seen your blog.). One might debate the wisdom of providing internet access to insane asylums, but it would definitely be wise to up the dosage on this individual’s thorazine. I also hope this came out making sense this early in the morning. Please try to read it this time: You are very wrong. “Ls” #1 episode wasn’t surprising after the language and clips he showed in the upload. The best way to view any scripture, or course, in in light of the entire Bible. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The end, for now, while we eat. I chose “Honor” because it had the most views. It’s not magic and superstition. card classic compact. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/TearJerker/MoralOrel. Many of the events that unfold are quite shocking, and I think that is due to the Christian morality the characters OUTWARDLY portray. I could even argue that Orel himself is an example of what many modern Christians try to be. Moral could have grown up cynical and bitter and started another family and continued the cycle of abuse but he learns from their mistakes and finds love and has a family he never had growing up. If you are American and can vote today, please do so. I was the 288,852nd view. Does that makes sense? Many recommend John. The short bits that I did watch seemed to be more critical of an alcoholic father than Christianity; but the “Judas Song” really is indefensible. And I promise you, it will change the way you see people. a luxury ive withheld from myself for a … Moe: Little Orel from "Beforel Orel" Moral Event Horizon: Clay crossed the line in "Nature: Part 2" the moment he shot Orel, his own son, in the leg. His Father’s friend, a school coach, tells Orel that his Dad should be honored because he had Orel for a son. I have been told that Orel represents the type of person to which you refer. A second reason I believe we no longer live in a Christian nation – How can a Bible believing nation allow millions of the most defenseless, the unborn, to be killed every year? An example from Ephesians 3: 14 For this reason I bow my knees before the Father. The show I saw was 6 minutes long and seemed like an entire episode. It is this balance with which the Christian struggles. Read, brother, of David’s relationship with Absalom. If I get a chance, because of your civil tone, I’ll give it another look. But I pray, brother, you will at least read the message once and see if God will speak to your heart. We are in absolute agreement that religion can be “corrupted to serve other, more secular, malignant motives.” Last night, I watched a 90 minute “teaching” by a lady who is currently in great demand as a speaker by Christian churches nationwide. “Maybe there are exceptions to this, but for the average human being a good & purposeful life does not come naturally. I still have basic cable and don’t get the Cartoon Network. 15 from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name. What a post! I know a 50+ man who was sodomized as a 16 year old. This blog will go off-line on April 1. save. So thank you for reminding me that the negative qualities I referenced are not inherent to the teachings themselves, but that the practitioners that espouse said qualities seem to be the ones that grab all the attention & have the biggest mouths, just as is true with all sociological groups. There are times when they must stand for issues that they believe are based on Biblical principles no matter what the cost. Fuck it, Season 3 of this show in general falls into this category; at this point in the show, it barely counts as a comedy series. Putty gives a long sermon about how while things may, Clay literally beat Orel's revelation out of him, which observes three unrelated victims of sexual abuse alone in their apartments, his spilling milk on her face in the process. Only to. It was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. Even if there are two episodes showing of how did he become the bad father to be, there is no sympathy. https://chrisreimersblog.wordpress.com. It's incredibly dark, but also incredibly poignant. And like His love, may it overwhelm you. So boycotting sponsors, not going ot work. I have not asked for sympathy from anyone. card. It is sad to see the extent of the brain-washing of them that sit in darkness. The writer of this article was not very nice at all, since any view that disagrees with his own is considered crazy: ‘“A COMPLETE RESPECT AND EVEN REVERENCE FOR RELIGION AND SPIRITUALITY?” Wow! It is not surprising that Christianity is the target these days. Moral Orel is supposed to be offensive. Crazy how the guy went from a bunch of skit television shows to Tom Goes To The Mayor, then to a show like Moral Orel, and then back to skit comedies. Seemingly people just being people. The male “friend” sees Orel’s dad kissing the woman and he runs outside and throws up. Clay is Orel's father. even if some of it doesn’t make too much sense. I base this statement on the fact that, in 100% of public school science classrooms nationwide, our kids are taught one religious view about their origins. not?" The poster blames Joe’s behavior on several family issues, each of them unacceptable in my view. Email address: chris@hswingsofthewind.com. The friend of Oral's that has the cardboard cut out dad to play ball with. Maybe people watch the show because they grew up in homes like the one portrayed in the show. The other is a brief synopsis of the show and why I think it’s respectful of your faith (if not all of its followers). The show Moral Orel does not speak against Christianity in general or good Christians, just to the perversion of the Word that has developed in our culture. And it’s fair to call it a bad show, you are entitled to your opinion, especially on matters of taste in entertainment. I'm aware of one specific youtube video that has all the Season 1 deleted scenes and a bit of Season 2's, but I need a clean copy of them without any background noise or watermarks or anything of the sort. The Bible teaches that all men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. If I don’t get to you within a certain time, it doesn’t mean that I am ignoring you. Every day I talk with people who grew up in homes like Orel’s. The portions of the show that I saw never articulated the core theme that you are describing. When you overact about a show like this you only cause more people to think your just like most of the annoying versions of religious people, stuck up, shallow minded, and judgemental. I’m sure all haven’t, but we’ve all had bad things happen to us and, as Christians, we have to ask God to help us forgive. 21 to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Definitely needed to be in the public's eye more though. I hate you (name any God other than the one defined in the Bible) What follows is a near-death dream sequence with some of the most intense imagery ever to appear on Adult Swim, including Church!Orel rocking regular Orel back and forth in his arms, Bartholomew, and even the hunting trip which hadn't even happened yet chronologically. “Heresy” would be the term for much of the speech in days of old. How could I? Well, on of the other sad parts about the show is that it wasn’t supposed to end on such a hopeless note, it was canceled, so the show will just air in reruns. Then God showed me something. You smell like a hunk of cheese Thank you for your offer to upload the series to a cloud-storage site. card classic compact. Please read the previous comments. Having driven all his friends to hating him, Clay spends his time in the bar getting drunk, not going to church, work, or even home to see his family on Easter. Since I don’t get the Cartoon Network, I’ll make you a deal. Beforel Orel's depiction of Orel losing his rationality in favor of blind faith is profoundly depressing, even if he doesn't end up corrupted by the town's problems. The ending of "Numb" may be the most tearjerking depiction of a failing marriage in the history of television. She is sweet, nice, and seems to be similar to Orel in every way: cheerful, sociable, optimistic, good-hearted, and having deep faith in God. He is then pressured by the writer/producer to sing this part, which Orel is very uncomfortable with, but then acquiesces and plays the part, which becomes a runaway hit with the town. Dino Stamatopoulos, the creator of Morel Orel, also played Star Burns on Community. A young female, dressed like a nurse enters a room looking for “Hubby.” Hubby is a stuffed bear.

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