Some newer ones are air-cooled, which are simpler in design and manufacture and are easier to maintain. The outer diameter of the generator stator is 21.4/20.9 m. The inner diameter is 18.5/18.8 m. The stator, the biggest of its kind, is 3.1/3 m in height. [137], The 600 km (370 mi) long reservoir flooded some 1,300 archaeological sites and altered the appearance of the Three Gorges as the water level rose over 91 m (300 ft). It would affect the Grand Canal systems and so spill over into the Yellow River Region. The National People's Congress approved the dam in 1992: out of 2,633 delegates, 1,767 voted in favour, 177 voted against, 664 abstained, and 25 members did not vote, giving the legislation an unusually low 67.75% approval rate. Turbine diameter is 9.7/10.4 m (VGS design/Alstom's design) and rotation speed is 75 revolutions per minute. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. [19][20] Because of that the dam has been controversial both domestically and abroad. Groups of craft would be lifted together for efficiency. Annual electricity generation in 2015 was 87 TWh, which is 20 times more than the Hoover Dam. if( getParameterByName( "utm_source" ) == "testpage" ) { The wall beyond is to separate spillway and turbine flows from the lock and ship lift upstream approach channel. The total capacity of the ship locks is expected to reach 100 million tonnes per year.[82]. [39] By the end of 2008, spending had reached 148.365 billion yuan, among which 64.613 billion yuan was spent on construction, 68.557 billion yuan on relocating affected residents, and 15.195 billion yuan on financing. Joe worked as a corporate executive in Hong Kong and traveled the world for his work, which gives him a unique perspective of US and global current events. A vivid rebuttal to West's fantasy on dam collapse . Each main water turbine has a capacity of 700 MW. The flow rate varies between 600–950 cubic metres per second (21,000–34,000 cu ft/s) depending on the head available. [37] The concrete dam wall is 181 m (594 ft) high above the rock basis. document.body.appendChild( as1 ); The Three Gorges Dam reached its design-maximum reservoir water level of 175 m (574 ft) for the first time on October 26, 2010, in which the intended annual power-generation capacity of 84.7 TWh was realized. The Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric gravity dam that spans the Yangtze River by the town of Sandouping, in Yiling District, Yichang, Hubei province, central China, downstream of the Three Gorges. [115] One complicating factor is that the water level can vary dramatically. Shipping will become safer, since the gorges are notoriously dangerous to navigate. Before the dam was constructed, the maximum freight capacity at the Three Gorges site was 18.0 million tonnes per year. [143][144][145] However, 163,000 concrete units of the Three Gorges Dam all passed quality testing and the deformation was within design limits. The collapse of the TGD would perhaps be the single largest disaster that could affect the world’s food security because aside from the immediate disaster there would be enormous upward pressure on food prices, putting essential staples out of reach of hundreds of millions of people outside China. Model of the Three Gorges Dam showing the ship lift and the ship lock. [12] The sixth (No. Earthfill south dam in foreground with view along main dam. The original plans called for the dam to employ a unique method for moving ships: the ships would enter locks located at the lower and upper ends of the dam and then cranes would move the ships from one lock to the next. [142], Days after the first filling of the reservoir, around 80 hairline cracks were observed in the dam's structure. [47], The first north side main generator (No. Heavy rainfall is forecast to continue to pound the Yangtze River basin in the coming days after localised floods claimed at least 141 lives.. [38], The government estimated that the Three Gorges Dam project would cost 180 billion yuan (US$22.5 billion). [116], The ship lift was not yet complete when the rest of the project was officially opened on May 20, 2006. A full 4.27 km3 (1.02 cu mi) of flood water was captured and the river flow was cut by as much as 15,000 m3 (530,000 cu ft) per second.[71]. let as2 = document.createElement( "script" ); For other inquiries, Contact Us. After the 1949 Communist takeover, Mao Zedong supported the project, but began the Gezhouba Dam project nearby first, and economic problems including the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution slowed progress. [83] One is that sedimentation projections are not agreed upon, and the other is that the dam sits on a seismic fault. China’s secretive leaders - already facing a backlash over the Covid-19 pandemic which started in Wuhan in Hubei Province - have played down the threat. [21][22][23][24], A large dam across the Yangtze River was originally envisioned by Sun Yat-sen in The International Development of China, in 1919. "[140], The notion that the military in Taiwan would seek to destroy the dam provoked an angry response from the mainland Chinese media. Two short rail lines, one on each side of the river, are to be constructed. ", "NASA Details Earthquake Effects on the Earth", "39.1931, 1935, 1954, 1998 年长江流域发生的4次大洪水造成了怎样的洪水灾害?? [79][80], According to the National Development and Reform Commission of China, 366 grams of coal would produce 1 kWh of electricity during 2006. Another eight dams are in the midstream of the Jinsha and eight more upstream of it. [89], The dam catalyzed improved upstream wastewater treatment around Chongqing and its suburban areas. [146] A German-based hydraulic engineer, Wang Weiluo, who has criticized the Three Gorges Dam project for years, claims that financial abuse by related governmental bureaucrats and rushed construction work have led to structural weaknesses that may cause the dam to fail through leakages in the foundation. [verification needed][14][30] The ship lift was completed in 2015. This accelerated after the 1998 Yangtze River floods convinced the government that it must restore tree cover, especially in the Yangtze's basin upstream of the Three Gorges Dam.[91]. His new book: 'In God We Trust: Not in Lying Liberal Lunatics' is out now - please take a look and buy a copy. [131] About 140,000 residents were relocated to other provinces. Construction was completed in December 2007, one year ahead of schedule. [30], During the 1980s, the idea of a dam reemerged. [157] Baihetan is under construction and Wudongde is seeking government approval. China’s massive Three Gorges Dam project on the upper Yangtze River is at risk. [9] After nine years of construction, installation and testing, the power plant is now fully operational. [125], In late 2012, preliminary work started along both future railway routes. …Zhang Jianping, an activist in Jiangsu, is skeptical. Of these plant species, 57 percent are endangered. The 88-kilometre (55 mi) long northern portage railway (北岸翻坝铁路) will run from the Taipingxi port facility (太平溪港) on the northern side of the Yangtze, just upstream from the dam, via Yichang East Railway Station to the Baiyang Tianjiahe port facility in Baiyang Town (白洋镇), below Yichang. Wuhan would be hit seven hours later and would be likely to be as much as six feet underwater for four months. [70] During an August 2009 flood, the plant first reached its maximum output for a short period. [88] Also, in the first four months of 2010, there were 97 significant landslides. 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