In the Middle East, it is most common in Saudi Arabia (21%), followed by Kuwait (16%), Yemen (15%), Kurdistan (15%), south-west Iran (14%), Ira… The absence of J1b in Bronze Age sites associated with the expansion of the R1a branches of the Indo-Europeans (Balto-Slavic and Indo-Iranian) supports that European J1b is exclusively associated with ancient R1b populations. The same label is used to define both, so the "H1bw haplotype" defines who is in the "H1bw haplogroup.". Απλοομάδα J (μιτοχονδριακό DNA), J1b1 : an Indo-European subclade, found in Anatolia, Central Asia, India and most of Europe, J1b1a : found in Europe, the Caucasus and India / found in Bronze Age Poland, J1b1a1 : found in in all Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kuwait / found in Bell Beaker Germany, and in Bronze Age France and Serbia, J1b1a2 : found in Italy, Greece and Armenia, J1b1a3 : found in Italy, Armenia and northern Iran, J1b1b : found in north-west Europe, Italy, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia and China (Xinjiang), J1b1b1 : found in Italy, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iran, India and Siberia (Buryats, Altai-Kizhi), J1b1b2 : found in Bitain, Ireland and Iran, J1b2 : found in Mesopotamia, Morocco, Iberia, Italy, France and Britain / found in in MLBA Jordan, J1b3 : found in Italy, Turkey, Armenia and Saudi Arabia, J1b3a : found in Iran (Persians), Armenia and central Europe, J1b3b : found in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, J1b4 : found in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Crete, J1b4a : found in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Armenia and Iran, J1b5a : found in Iraq, Armenia and Ossetia, J1b6 : found in Iran (Persians), Iraq and Kuwait, J1b7 : found in Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan, J1b8 : found in Armenia, Turkey, Syria and the Maghreb, J1c1 : found throughout Europe / found in Late Neolithic Scotland and Spain (Bell Beaker) and in EBA England, J1c1a : found in the British Isles, France, Germany, Norway and Finland, J1c1b : found in western and northern Europe / found in Neolithic France and Orkney, in Bell Beaker Hungary, and in Bronze Age Poland and Russia (Fatyanovo), J1c1c : found in the British Isles and Germany, J1c1d : found in England, Sweden, Finland and Austria, J1c1f : found in Britain, Ireland and Belgium, J1c1g : found in western Europe and Scandinavia, J1c2 : found throughout Europe / found in Neolithic Alsace and Orkney, in Middle Neolithic Hungary, and in Bronze Age Poland, J1c2a : found in the British Isles, Belgium and Scandinavia, J1c2b : found in the British Isles, Germany and Sweden, J1c2c : found in northern and eastern Europe / found in Chalcolithic Poland (Corded Ware culture), J1c2d : found in the British Isles and Scandinavia, J1c2e : found in Portugal, Spain (including among the Basques), Germany, Scandinavia, Finland, Poland, Belarus, Czechia, and Croatia, and in Iran (Persians), J1c2f : found in the southern Russia, Belarus, northern and central Europe, J1c2i : found in Turkey / found in BA Israel, J1c2k : found in Sweden, Poland and Greece, J1c2m : found in Britain, Ireland, Romania, Russia (Siberia), Iran and Turkmenistan, J1c2ol : found in Britain, Ireland, Spain, Slovenia and Scandinavia<, J1c2p : found in Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Portugal, J1c2q : found in France, Germany, Denmark, Czechia and Romania, J1c2r : found in England, Estonia, Russia and Macedonia, J1c3 : found throughout Europe / found in Neolithic France and in EBA England, J1c3a : found in north-western Europe / found in the Unetice culture, J1c3c : found in France, Switzerland, Germany, the Benelux, Sweden, Britain and Ireland, J1c3d : found in Russia, Belarus and England, J1c3e : found in central and north-eastern Europe, J1c3g : found in north-western Europe and Russia / found in Bronze Age Poland, J1c3j : found in Germany / found in Bronze Age Poland, J1c3k : found in Russia (Adygea), Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and Germany, J1c4 : found in central and northern Europe / found in Late Neolithic France (Bell Beaker), J1c4b : found in Russia, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Georgia, and Lebanon, J1c5 : found in most of Europe / found in Early Neolithic Sicily and in Iron Age France (La Tène culture), J1c5a : found in Norway, Britain, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Finland, J1c5d: found in north-western Europe, Switzerland, Italy and Russia, J1c5e : found in Europe and India (Punjab), J1c6: found Russia, Sweden, Austria, Italy and among the Basques / found in Late Neolithic England (Bell Beaker), and in Bronze Age Bulgaria, J1c7 : found in eastern, central and northern Europe, and in Iran (Qashqai), J1c7a : found in Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, south-eastern Europe, and Iran (Persians), J1c8 : found in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, Spain, Crete and India, J1c8a : found in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany and Britain / found in Late Neolithic France, J1c9 : found in northern Europe, Britain and Italy / found in Bronze Age Bulgaria, J1c10 : found in central and western Europe, Italy, (incl. Sardinia) and Morocco, J1c11 : found in Turkey, Italy, Austria and Germany, J1c12: found in Briatin, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Italy, Israel, Mesopotamia, Azerbaijan and Russia (Volga Tatars), J1c13 : found in Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Italy, J1c14 : found in central and eastern Europe, J1c15 : found in Italy and the Near East (Israel, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Kuwait), J1d1 : found in Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, the Middle East, Sudan and Uganda, J1d1a : found in Italy, Russia, the Middle East and Sudan / found in MLBA Israel (Tell Megiddo), J1d1b : found in Azerbaijan, Italy and Sweden, J1d3 : found in Italy, Turkey and around the Caucasus (Adygea, Georgia), J1d3a: found in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Iran (Qashqai), J1d4 : found in Turkey, Armenia and India (Brahmin), J1d6 : found in Russia (Ossetia, Mansia, Siberia) and Iran (Azeri), J2a1a : found in across western, central and northern Europe, Lithuania and Ukraine / found in Bell Beaker Czechia, J2a1a1 : found in across western, central and northern Europe, J2a1a1a : found in across western, central and northern Europe, J2a1a1a2 : found in Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Scandinavia, and Lithuania, J2a2a : found in England, Sweden, Italy, Anatolia, the Levant, Saudi Arabia and Yemen / found in MLBA Israel (Tell Megiddo), J2a2b : found in the Maghreb, Britain, France, Germany, Greece and Russia, J2a2c : found in Norway, Italy (including Sardinia) and Yemen, J2a2d : found in the Maghreb, Portugal and Italy, J2b1a : found in western Europe, Germany, Scandinavia, Poland and Russia / found in Neolithic Alsace, J2b1a1 : found in Britain, Ireland, France, Germany and Poland, J2b1a2 : found in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Portugal, J2b1c : found in Portugal, Serbia, Greece (including Crete), Turkey and Russia, J2b1d : found in Italy, Austria and Russia (Northwest Caucasus), J2b1e : found in Italy, Cyprus and the Levant (Lebanon), J2b1f : found in the Levant (Syria), Turkey, Dagestan and Armenia, J2b1g : found in the British Isles and Switzerland.

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