(EX. next to it. Grammar: Singular And Plural Nouns And Verbs Quiz! There______________________ one student in the room. What kind of add do we have to include in nouns ending in O? CONTACT / Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy / SITEMAP, © Copyright 2020 Herwig Rothländer - All Rights Reserved. shoe - shoes The _________ likes playing football. 'Multiple Choice Questions MCQs for Singular and Plural June 21st, 2018 - Get Online Multiple Choice Questions for Singular and Plural Nouns Class 2 English on topperlearning and learn in fun way All Multiple Choice Questions MCQ are prepared by our experts' 3 / 7 ' Choose the irregular plural. Singular and plural pronouns are one of the easiest parts of the sentence to mess up. My teacher gave me two assignments to complete. During the Quiz End of Quiz. Quiz Flashcard. May 14th, 2018 - Plural nouns Multiple choice This singular and plural nouns worksheet directs the student to match each singular noun in the possessive s and s Grammar Quiz' 'elementary level plurals multiple choice worksheet esl june 21st, 2018 - plurals multiple choice worksheet which of these plurals are correct most of these are A) None of the above B) Maybe C) All of the above D) No E) Yes. There ----------- three rooms in my apartment. knife 1. 6. The boy and the girl. Finish the sentences with the singular or plural form of the nouns. There______________________ two _______________ in the barn. countable uncountable plural a) countable b) uncountable c) plural. Which one is different? Choose the plural spelling of tooth. Task No. Settings. person - people There__________________ one______________ sleeping on the bed. Sugar is bad your teeth. Plurals quiz L1 © BBC 2011 Level B 1. foot 8. In our previous class, we learned that this is not the case. Copyright © 2020, Turtlediary.com. Charles drinks a _________ of milk a day. countable uncountable both a) countable b) uncountable c) both. The bread is stale. There------------------------ fifteen-------------------- in the classroom. 18. Choose the incorrect response. History is my favourite subject. Your pyjamas are on the bed. What do we have to do with a noun ending in Y following a vowel? Plurals: Worksheets printable exercises, handouts to print pdf. Noun - Multiple Choice Questions Choose the most suitable answer that identifies the noun in the sentence. Oops ! They are not used in the singular, or they have a different meaning in the singular. "We use singular verb forms with school subjects." This shop has a lot of different _________. Do you need help? If the pronoun is used incorrectly, kids will have to choose the appropriate pronoun from the given options. 7. 3. In the shop window are only _________. Nouns Test Exercises - Multiple Choice Questions With Answers - Advanced Level 34 38 Free Online English Grammar Quizzes - Tests - Exercises About Nouns Test Exercises - Multiple Choice Questions With Answers - Advanced Level 34 We often walk and then our _________ hurt. Geograpy informs us about nature. Exercises Regular plural nouns (one car – two cars) exercise 1: choose the correct form of the plural for the noun; exercise 2: fill in the plural of the noun; exercise 3: fill in the plural of the noun; exercise 4: fill in the plural of the noun; exercise 5: fill in the plural of the noun; exercise 6: choose the correct form of the plural for the nouns ending -f- If it's wrong, a red cross (X) appears and you have to try as often as only one answer is left. Do words make with original Greek-Latin according to the rules of their own origins? box, 3. Choose the incorrect sentence according to this rule. Present Perfect – Present Perfect Continuous, Present Continuous – Present Perfect Continuous, Degrees of comparison (-er/-est or more/most), Personal pronouns (I, me, you, he, him, etc. Water boil at Celsius degree. Advertisements. Are plurals of a nouns usually made by adding S to the singular? My dad's new binoculars are fantastic! 9. ... plural noun b) mass noun c) countless noun. Are plurals of a nouns usually made by adding S to the singular? If your answer is correct, a smilie is shown. mice Choose the noun that is always singular. You get a score which is expressed as a percentage. For questions 11-15, write in the correct pronoun for the noun. To play this game, click on the link below: https://www.turtlediary.com/game/singular-and-plural-pronoun-multiple-choice-questions.html, To know more about different games, please visit www.turtlediary.com. the boy=he) ), Relative pronouns (who(m)/whose/which/that, etc), TED Talk The surprising science of happiness, TED Talk Your body language shapes who you are. 8. a) Him b) Someone c) John d) Everybody Answer - John 2. Darts is an enjoyable game.   homework. Do we have to add O - S in foreign or abbreviated words? All rights reserved. Start. Choose the incorrect sentence according to this rule. Quiz: Which Anime Character Are You Most Like. Choose the noun that is not always singular. fox next to it. match My teacher gave me two assignments to complete. Do we have to add ES in order to form thier plural? Billiards are my favourite game. Do we have to add ES in order to form thier plural? Grammar Quiz: Test Your Grammar Knowledge With Questions. One great way to learn how to master singular and plural pronouns is through fun and exciting pronoun games for kids. 1 extra: A series of Unfortunate Events. She wants to go to the beach. In this sentence, "noise" is . He often plays with one of his different _________. Three cats______________ sleeping on the bed. Sequential Easy First Hard First. The words tip, book and job are all. For ESL learners. She usually eats a _________ of juice a day. person - people ... Singular - plural nouns multiple choice test 1. on my desk. a) Two b) Assignment c) Complete d) Teacher Answer – Teacher 3. shelves 1: School's out for summer, Newsletter no. Where is my new shoes? So, if you are learning English or preparing for a test in school, you must be looking towards testing what you may have learned so far. She gave _____ a perfume. Choose the incorrect sentence according to this rule. tooth, 4. What do we have to do with a noun ending in Y following a consonant? money 2. 10. baby Maths isn't my favourite subject. Plural of the nouns: regular and irregular plurals in English 22. The plural of nouns in English. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test. A) tooths B) teeths C) teeth Difficulty. 1. 21. Singular and plural pronouns are one of the easiest parts of the sentence to mess up. If your answer is correct, a smilie is shown. Welcome back to another English grammar quiz; you need to choose the correct noun and verb based on contextual clues. 24. Hope you have a good experience with this site and recommend to your friends too. Are pennies or pence the plural of pennie. He put the two _____ under his pillow. 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