[17], If Ayse was his only concubine, it is possible that it was fear of lack of male issue that prompted the sultan to take another, for his sons all died in infancy. p. 57. Murad IV was the last Warrior Sultan who led campaigns in front of his army and fought on the battlefield. Traian Stoianovich (1 January 1994). By the Treaty of Zuhab which followed after the war, it roughly comprised and confirmed the borders as per the Peace of Amasya, with Eastern Armenia, Eastern Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Dagestan staying Persian, while Western Armenia, and Western Georgia staying Ottoman. Murad then outlawed coffee, smoking, and drinking in his empire, made these offenses all punishable by death, and closed every bar and coffee shop in Turkey claiming that they were places where people could meet up and talk shit about the government and play a lot of shitty music he wasn't in the mood to hear. pp. The sultan had a famous quote about the fall of Baghdad: ("Trying to conquer Baghdad, was almost more beautiful than Baghdad itself."). He did, however, jack up excise taxes and tariffs on the weed by upwards of 4,000 percent. p. 262. Despite the excessive boobage Mad Mustafa was, unfortunately, a rampagingly-incompetent ruler, and within a year of becoming Sultan the Safavid Persian Empire charged out of Iran, beat the shit out of the Turks, captured Baghdad, and conquered the territory of present-day Iraq away from the Ottoman Empire. His troops weren't comfortable with carrying out Murad's orders to snuff the last scion of the Ottoman Royal Family out of existence, so they made Crazy Ibrahim Sultan instead. "The sultan Morad put him to death in the year 1037 [AH], for some action which was contrary to the law of God." So, naturally, when it was time to fight some fucking Persians, Murad IV assembled his army, grew out his beard, and grabbed his own personal Royal Armory: A panopoly of badass shit that included a custom-made rifled musket with a laser sight, flash/sound suppressor, and ACOG scope, an Odysseus-grade longbow, a 130-pound steel mace, and a massive broadsword that weighed in at 110 pounds. First he had all of his corrupt advisors strangled to death in front of him. Sharpe. They would also need a doctor's prescription. At around the same time, Russia instituted a similar ban. In 1901, four out of every five American men burned at least one stogie a day, and tobacconists sold 6 billion cigars a year. Murad IV's reign is most notable for the Ottoman–Safavid War (1623–39) against Persia in which Ottoman forces managed to conquer Azerbaijan, occupying Tabriz, Hamadan, and capturing Baghdad in 1638. Leslie P. Peirce (1993). (Mental Floss) -- More and more cities and states around the country are banning smoking in public places, much to the chagrin of smokers. Mental Floss: 10 aphrodisiacs from around the world. States butt out of the tobacco business. ...Osmanoğlu, Fatma Osmanoğlu, Geverhan Osmanoğlu, Bayezid Osmanoğlu, Kasım Osmanoğlu, Burnaz Atike Osmanoğlu, Süleyman Osmanoğlu, İbrahim O... Lithuanian: Muradas IV, Osmanų imperijos sultonas, Hrvatski Vladari / Croatian rulers (from other countries). : todayilearned Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire. When he left Anatolia he quelled a rebellion in Lebanon by crushing their army, having their leaders beheaded and dragged through the streets, then hanging their impaled corpses outside the city. Oxford University Press. 2. Murad IV didn't leave enforcement to his minions, either. He was the second Ottoman Sultan to command an army on the battlefield since the death of Suleiman the Magnificent in 1566. Despite leading two wars at the same time, Murad IV became the richest of the Late Ottoman rulers, mostly just by cutting out corruption and instilling order throughout the government and the military.

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