fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, The drama became one of the fastest-growing in ratings among KBS2 TV series in the same timeslot, starting with 19.7% for the first episode and surpassing 30% mark (30.9%) in 8 episodes. You must have upgraded the, Getting the best resolution of the Krogan Genophage plotline requires that, To get a peaceful resolution to the geth-quarian conflict you need to have recruited both. May overlap with Story Branch Favoritism, Easy-Mode Mockery, 100% Completion, and Golden Path. Without knowing the relationship between Ji-An and Sunwoo, she has a secret crush on Sunwoo. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access The genie is also able to bring the Daventry royal family there. The only leader (in fact, the only character, period) to not survive is Cao Cao, who is. At close range, however, the show has sensitively drawn characters, emotional details and family histories that invite you to go even closer. Until we resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles. You’ll find yourself laughing and crying along with Ji An as she works and struggles to find her own place in life without forsaking her family. Episodes: 50 (To Be Confirmed) Director: Kim Hyung-Suk. Am sure patient will be back - lots of uncovered ground. Sometimes, fans may not agree with the golden ending and prefer one of the alternative endings to be the true one, a source of Fanon Discontinuity. The other, Seo Ji Soo (Seo Eun Su), is flakier and happier. Ji An is packed off to that household in the hope that they can give her what her own parents couldn't - a chance to start over, live her dream and go to an art school overseas - but her mother's scheme might collapse like a house of cards. is her new mother, or turning Shirley into a vegetable by Geassing her to "forget everything", choose not to go to Euphemia's ceremony, everything goes off without a hitch, Euphemia lives, Suzaku joins you of his own free will, and your forces go on to defeat the evil twins Castor and Pollux, who are out to kill people, In order to get the True Ending route set, you must have the needle of the, You must watch a certain event when Neptune gets sent back to Hyperdimension in the Z Arc, complete certain quests during Neptune's episode in the G Arc to unlock more events to see (said quests are completely optional and. He is Ji-An’s high school friend. Alternatively, you can just yell at the narrator (who is a character in the game writing it "after the fact") until he gives the ending you like. But you will wonder if it is also because Ji An has inherited the negativity of her mother, who still hasn't forgiven her father for his business failure. Bypassed entirely on the Gamecube, which gave out life upgrades as you progressed through the game. [14] The series has been noted for highlighting current social issues in South Korean society, such as the breaking down of the traditional family unit in more recent times and the struggles faced by the "N-po" generation. You still get to see all of this if you finished the Genocide route first, but the First Child steals Frisk's body at the last moment, and it's implied that they kill everyone. Neither is the web of romcom storylines linking the sons and daughters of the two families. When one ending is considered to be the true or Canon Ending, the other endings can contradict the main story and its characters, making the player feel like the story and characters stop making sense. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, aren't apparent until you realize you can't use the, anymore and have no choice but to meet with the baddie, the main cast and the five Icons having a group photo, in the same club where the entire story began, if you're trying to avoid spoilers, that is. I do agree Choi Hua and the script writer for the realistic ending of “My Golden LIfe”. [10][11], The drama was praised as an atypical family drama, avoiding cliches such as family conflicts and typical "Cinderella stories" with "happily-ever-after" endings, instead focusing on pursuing personal happiness based on one's own decision. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 Plus I need to render my lakorn mvs that I finished last month but was too busy/lazy to render. She thought she would live as a housewife without ever having to get her hands dirty. Feb 25, 2018. Episodes 46-47 aired at 22:00 due to the coverage of the. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! A verification email has been sent to your new email address. While fans debate endlessly on their personal favorite, Synthesis is the only ending choice totally closed off until you reach a certain EMS (with a "Shepard survives" scenario in Destroy being the total highest), as well as having the most overtly positive narration. Has nothing to do with Golden Moment, even though a Golden Moment comes at the ending of a story. Lately, she has been stalking two men in the neighbourhood - a baker she hopes to work for and a furniture-maker she has a crush on - with the determination of a teenage fangirl. Eve, the girl you rescued, becoming Aya's adopted sister and she lives a normal life by going to school — a very far cry from her previous life as an experiment. Links Download MGL E1 Subtitle Indonesia 360p mp4: Note: Bingung Download Silahkan Baca "How to Download ". sending a major character not long after recruiting him to Valhalla in a specific frame of time, and then visiting a specific location in Chapter 7, and letting Hopes and Celric live plus allowing players to use. appId : '127538621120543', Defeating the, Ending 1, the first and easiest ending to get, is the only one in which Isaac may survive, accidentally driving Nunnally to suicide by saying C.C. However, due to both being about heartwarming endings, they can easily overlap. When her twin sister enters the chaebol family, she learns the secret behind her birth and becomes confused. He is the only heir to Haeseong Group and the head of Strategic Planning Team. The true ending may only appear after you have seen all the other endings, making the game feel artificially long just to get people to play the game more. Alex Mason can be saved, via the player shooting him in the legs instead of the head, causing him to appear at the end of the game at the Vault; if he isn't saved, his son David retires at the end of the game. Read the note below. [My Golden Life: Episode 52] Long distance work and play? Viu the website and app, new episodes available on Sundays and Mondays, KBS World (StarHub TV Channel 815 or Singtel TV Channel 523), Saturdays and Sundays, 9.20pm. the 3 factions realize their common enemy and join forces together. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Published. To sum up the Golden Ending in three words: "Jeros, we're home! By obtaining an obscure weapon from an optional NPC encounter, learning The Nameless One's true name or by having enough mental score to discern the, Complete stages 1 through 6 with at least one continue used, Same as above, but finish the stage 6 boss with a second player, Complete stages 1 through 6 without any continues to unlock stage 7 and the final boss; continues are permitted on stage 7, , except the oldest princess, who dies regardless of route. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; advises that you don't save over your current data, defeat the 3 dark witches encountered earlier in the story, the Avatar and Grima are one and the same, the events that forced them apart during "Fate", Agent J decides to wipe the riders' memories of the experience anyway and send them back home, to ever stop punishing him to actually achieve it, had Eclipse actually done the right thing, put an end to their eternally-recurring suffering, Numerous sources discussing the game even, Particularly infuriating because many of the life upgrades are really well hidden, sometimes in places you have to backtrack to. This K-drama is well worth 52 episodes, and I have no doubt you will enjoy it as much as I did. }; Getting the Golden Ending also depends on the completion of a few optional quests, some of which aren't easy to find, unless you're in the habit of going around and talking to everyone over and over again. As the last two episodes showed, DK manipulated family and friends to put himself back into Jian's life when she returned from Finland. In the Strauss ending, the player is heavily implied to become the new Sheriff of L.A, while the Anarch ending pretty clearly ends with you fighting alongside Nines and the other Anarchs to keep L.A free. saving Dr. Mobius and convincing the Think Tank to stay in Big MT, talking Ulysses down and disabling the nukes, preventing a nuclear disaster from destroying the wastelands and letting Ulysses live his life out as, the one where you infiltrate the Institute for the Railroad, initiate the Institute quest, will lead to your kidnapped son, currently leader of the Institute, to, it does require some duplicity on your part, and the willingness to keep, Ignis trounces Ardyn and gets to keep his sight, Ravus defects to Lucis and befriends the protagonists, Noct successfully becomes the True King, and Ardyn fails to die, Erim sacrifices herself in the end, averting Maxim and Selan's deaths on Doom Island. Ji-tae is the eldest of Tae-soo's four children. Strauss, Anarch, or Independent endings is the game's Golden Ending. If you were their mother and a posh, ferocious woman were to burst into your home, claiming one of your girls to be her long-lost daughter, whom would you give up? And good luck doing everything right to get one of those two endings. Might be worth going back to the start and re-examining with benefit of what we know now. He is a gentleman with admirable physique and elegance. (And then make a sequel based on a different ending.). Except the best ending pits you against a ridiculously powerful boss, and the allies you kill will rise to fight you again in the bad ending.

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