And it makes everything less stressful if they’re somewhere else, like their play area or any place in the house that they’re used to! Then, visit him before breakfast or dinner, and just talk to him. Should You Get A Pet Rat Health Insurance? Then decide whether this wriggle butthead stays in your life, or goes back to the store. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. I decided to give him a treat. If you need to clean the cage, take your rats out so they don’t feel the need to be aggressive. It’s not that they’re being aggressive towards you, they’re just used at it being food and trying to get it. Here’s an extra advice, don’t feed your rats through the cage bars. After booping, you'll want to get him comfortable with you touching his sides, and then lifting briefly, and then lifting for longer. We are giants for them and so it’s more than normal for them to feel scared. Like I said, one of the reasons might be because they’re happy and comfortable, the other is because they’re not comfortable at all. thing. One bit out of fear and the other bit out of aggression (in hindsight, should have had him neutered but since I didn't know how old he was I didn't know how successful the neutering would be in limiting aggression). It may take longer, it may take shorter. We got some leather gloves and took him back to the pet store. Another reason is, for example, when cleaning their cage. I suspect the eye secretes something that smells good or interesting to them and they think it's food. I feel bad for returning the other one but I cannot handle an animal that aggressive. He sniffed me came out and snatched the treat but he didn't seem to like it after he mouthed it so he dropped it. I'm pretty good with animals, I volunteer at a pet shelter here and there and I've always had at least a couple pets around. But there are always exceptions, for example, if you have a very aggressive pet rat or one that has been brought from an abusive pet owner. I didn't want to scare him so I just kept really still with my hand in there as he seemed very curious to check me out. On the thumb, deep puncture wound and black and blue mark on the nail. There are different types of bites that can be interpreted differently, as animals use bites to communicate different feelings and situations. Never a rat, though. If this happens, don’t worry too much. Close. Some people tend to do this, but it really isn’t a good idea. He seemed okay with this but I didn't want to push it so I put my hand back down a bit away from him and let him sniff again. Pet rats don’t carry a lot of diseases as everyone says so about wild rats, especially ones that transmit to humans. You can keep wearing gloves. Special price for RodentFriends guests, click here! Then, he went to one finger and bit me so hard it drew blood. I don't think it's beyond you, but only you know you for sure. Before we get into treating a rat bite, for prevention, remember that the best thing to do is to stay safe when a rat is near you. I will never be able to trust an animal that aggressive around my daughter or other rat. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. UPDATE: So a bit later while he was sleeping my hubby decided to be brave and get his fruit and veggie bowl out of his cage as it was attracting fruit flies. In addition to that, another r/ rats member told me that to get my babies out for playtime without picking them up I should use a carrier. Try to let them come to your hands first, let them smell and nibble. The one we exchanged him for was the one we wanted in the first place. Do pay attention to any discomfort in the wound, if it starts to throb or to look bad and too red, seek out your doctor. The trick is to be very patient and go slow with them. This rat was returned after what he did to my hubby. Do this for 3 days to a week, until you're confident that he is not lunging at your fingers. Drawing Course: Adorable Pet Rats And Other Rodents on Udemy! I figured he really must like the treat and since I know it is not good to feed them through bars I would try once again. Give him his breakfast or dinner (you can wear gloves, to avoid nips), and then, stay away. User account menu. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Even if a rat is already used to handling, a new person will always make them nervous. First, you need to make sure you make a loud EEP! Pet Rat Bite Risks. They fill the cage with their smell and then you go there and clean it out. So a bit later I was in the room and he came out of his igloo and was scurrying back and forth in front of the door. log in sign up. Hard. It is not entirely surprising, then, that rats might develop strange coping mechanisms. Not every rat is the same of course, but this has been my experience. Or even hide some food around their cage, my pet rats really love searching around for treats! If they do tend to bite you, for example when getting food from your hands, because they’re too excited about it, take your hand away, keeping the treat, and squeal a bit. Of course, if you do get bitten and it draws blood, clean the wound as you would with any other. They LOVED that carrier and came running anytime I put it up to the cage door.

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