She shared that Huxley receives '30 hours of ABA [Applied Behavior Analysis] in-home therapy a week and goes to private preschool' to help with his needs. it’s not about me at all. Stauffer included footage of the kids showing Huxley his new toys after the adoption officials brought him out. GOTCHA DAY china adoption. In a piece she had penned for Parade in September, she said that they were surprised when they came home with their adopted son and realized his file was 'inaccurate. Neither Myka nor James have publicly commented on the controversy since releasing their tearful video. She called the social worker and sent in paperwork expressing interest in the child. Yet he never lost the support of millions of Americans. The tone of the caption indicated that Huxley may have been removed from their home by that point: “Last month was the hardest month I have ever had as a mama. James Stauffer claimed the couple had not been informed ahead of time about how severe the child’s needs were before they brought him home: I can’t say enough how hard Myka has tried throughout this entire journey and the amount of effort she’s put into this in helping Huxley as much as she can. VIDEOS TO WATCH NEXT: Mom Hacks: Most Overrated Beauty Products: Day in the life: ★VIDEOS TO GET TO KNOW…2017-01-18T17:47:51Z. Myka and James Stauffer, who have four biological children together, shared a tearful video last week, revealing that they had 'rehomed' Huxley because the boy has special needs that they were not equipped to meet. In January 2017, Stauffer explained that baby Huxley had a neurological issue without providing medical details. We love Huxley with all of our heart and always will.2020-05-26T22:47:52Z. And over the last year, has been, a more intense therapy that he’s been in to try and help him as much as possible with his severe needs. The mom-of-four went on to insist that rehoming Huxley — who turns five this week — was what was best for him and something he wanted. Powered by. This is devastating news for any parent,' the lawyers stated. This is something so special to us and we are so honored to share our story with you! After she got separated with him, she found James Stauffer through a dating app and married him. After facing a barrage of criticism on social media, Myka allegedly responded in the comments, saying Huxley 'wanted this decision 100 per cent.' Since choosing to give up Huxley, the Stauffers have faced a barrage of criticism on social media. According to our sources Her place of residence is Dublin, OH, United States with American citizenship. Who helped the Stauffers transfer him to the new family? The parents did not say where Huxley had gone, nor did they explain the process by which the child was matched with, and handed over to his new family. She said they had “stumbled across Wen Quan’s adoption posting online” and that Huxley was the little boy who had “stolen their hearts.” In the video celebrating the “gotcha day,” Stauffer noted in the description that she and her husband knew Huxley had special needs before adopting him. Charities slam return of shielding announced just HOURS before lockdown as Government urges 2million... Oxford coronavirus jab could still be available by Christmas - but taskforce chief says only four million... Exodus London! The Stauffers explained in a tearful video, shared on May 26, that they “weren’t aware” of the severity of Huxley’s special needs during the adoption process and indicated that they were not equipped to provide the care the little boy needed. Now, authorities in Ohio are trying to find the child, Scrubbed: By Tuesday, Myka had removed all photos showing her adopted son (pictured in her arms) from her Instagram page. Others angered by the couple's decision have called on Myka's (pictured with her family) sponsors to drop her. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. According to the Mayo Clinic, the disorder is a “rare but serious condition in which an infant or young child doesn’t establish healthy attachments with parents or caregivers.

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