Nanako recalls stopping at the Moel gas station on their way from picking him up, and this small detail helps the Team track down the gas station attendant Izanami. You can gain a lot of Expression points via the Sun S-Link, so make sure to go through the Sun S-Link. I wonder if Atlus would ever make a sequel of Persona 4, and make her older?? Nanako represents the Justice Arcana Social Link, which she creates with the protagonist should his 'Expression' characteristics reach a sufficient level. Related to you by Blood. They have no choice. 1. Because you're lonely. Many characters have been inspired by her bravery, and all of them have shown great sorrow and regret for not being able to prevent her abduction. Nanako as (what I’m assuming) 17 year old. Nanako is the character that interacts or is involved with the most Social Links. This would what I believe would be the team's over all Justice Arcana with Nanako. Nanako: (shakes Akira’s hand) well, it was nice meeting you! I am sorry. Dojima notes that she resembles her late mother not only in appearance, but also in personality. This means Nanako’s availability will in many ways be linked to when dungeons are open for you to visit. Aptly named Heaven, it is filled with her innocent thoughts her sadness of losing her mother. The Team rushes to Tatsumi Memorial, but despite the doctor's efforts, Nanako quietly slips away, calling out weakly to her father. This Social Link cannot be progressed after November 4th, as you will not be able to progress this Social Link due to story reasons. -      -, 3. Nanako tells Yu that it's like Dojima is not even her real father. Copyright © 2006-2020 Mist Network and its owners. Persona is a spinoff series I'm going back through Persoma 4 vanilla and started thinking that maybe Nanako's social link is for the whole team and the Justice social link with her we have is more personal considering Nanako and Narukami are family. Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight 3. When a party member's Social Link increases a rank, they will gain new skills and abilities in battle. Along the way, Naoto Shirogane explains how Nanako's image could have appeared on the Midnight Channel despite never having become famous on TV. The 'neutral' ending fast-forwards to spring of the next year, during which Ryotaro Dojima takes the protagonist to the train station to head back home to his parents, lamenting that it was too bad Nanako wasn't yet healthy enough to leave the hospital and see him off. But I'm not your Mom...                       +1     +2, | Free Google Sites Templates | Google Sites custom web design, Sun Arcana : Yumi Ozawa or Ayane Matsunaga. Before she can do so, she notices Kou and Daisuke having trouble with their stand, as all their shaved ice has sold out. -      -, 1. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The event caused a slight strain in her relationship with her father as he became obsessed with catching her mother’s killer and Nanako maturing at a young age, taking on her mother’s duties in her absence. This section is about the Priestess Social Link, Nanako Dojima. However, before she can get any further, she stops once again, to help Daidara from choking on his snack. She is usually found in the Dojima residence living room, completely absorbed in quiz shows during her free time, Nanako loves her father dearly, but wishes that he would spend more time with her. He summons Beelzebub and almost kills the entire party with Megidolaon, but Nanako manages to wake up and pleads with him not to fight them. While there, he visits Nanako's school, where he surveys the students about their worries and the worsening occurrences of fog. WERE WHERE YOU?! Her refreshingly honest way of thinking and speaking is noted by many characters in the series. Well, clearly in this Drawing she’s no longer a 6-year old lol, However I do indeed have a Headcannon Cameo in Persona 5, that would make a little more sense to the pic, In Persona 5, you meet Nanako, once your Skill level is up, in Summer School, she visits Shujin Academy (as a Student Council President like Makoto) she introduces the students at Yasogami High School and says that the Yasogami High School students will be visiting for one week. +3     +3, 3. You can hang out with Nanako any night at your house so long as Dojima isn’t there. He's protecting everyone. Umm.. sorry! Ann: WH.. Nanako is revived, although she remains in a coma, the stifling fog is never lifted, and the case goes unsolved. (gives a relationship boost to Ryotaro Dojima, but not Nanako herself)Let's leave her alone. Talk with her Late in the game, a political figure visits Yasoinaba. Nanako lives with her father Ryotaro Dojima, a detective in Inaba, at the Dojima Residence. Because they enjoy it. Realizing that Nanako is in danger, the Investigation Team leaps into action, half of them heading for the police station to talk the protagonist out of detainment, and the remainder to the Dojimas' to check on Nanako. AKIRA!! 1. Ask what happened. For Marie/Adachi's S-Links, you have to further the story in order to progress with their S-Links… He hasn't forgotten. First, you must save her from the TV, which involves reaching the end of the Heaven dungeon (where Nanako was thrown in) and defeating Kunino-Sagiri. Nanako lives with her father Ryotaro, a detective in Inaba, at the Dojima Residence. She is later found at Samegawa Flood Plain, where Dojima, Chisato, and she used to have picnics before her mother's untimely death. Hear her out. Finding a large TV in the back of the delivery truck and a diary listing information regarding all the victims thus far, the Investigation Team affirms their theory and plan Nanako's rescue, and Namatame's pursuit. Nanako gives the politician an innocent yet genuine answer, which later makes the local TV news. Who just loves a cute Nanako Dancing! 2. That's not true                                -      -, 2. Dojima/Nanako's S-Links need Expression 4 and 5 in order to finish. (not optimal and needs Expression) Nanako also becomes friends with the Investigation Team during the course of the game and uses the "onii"/"onee" honorific when addressing them, except for Teddie (i.e. I do. Nanako: Are bad people more important to Dad than I am? He loves you, too. Nanako is a big fan of both Rise Kujikawa, and the fake "Risette." Nothing you can do now. I feel sorry for you too. 3. Teddie then returns to the Midnight Channel, leaving the Investigation Team a note. On December 3rd, Nanako dies in the Inaba Municipal Hospital. I feel sorry for you too. They go to heaven. Hear her out. Should the protagonist choose to kill Namatame to avenge Nanako, the game ends with her death, and Ryotaro grieves over being unable to see her one last time. On October 11th, Nanako becomes depressed that her father is at work all the time, and isn't able to spend time with her. Put her to bed -      -, 1. Eventually, he leaves his nephew detained at the station, confiscates his phone, and leaves him under Tohru Adachi's watch. Her mother, Chisato Dojima, died in a hit and run when she was in preschool. There's more pages like this for every other member of the game's cast in out P4G s-link dialogue options guide. +3     +3, 3. Is there anything else? Nanako is only seen in Yu's story mode. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She is also the maternal cousin of the protagonist. When Ryotaro suggests they go on an outing, Nanako suggests they all go to Junes, instead of taking a vacation. However, her image is not shown on television; only her quotes and vague details about her were mentioned. It's not Nanako's fault. She's very mature and independent for her age; Dojima notes her resemblance to his late wife, Chisato, in both personality and appearance. -      -. -      -, 3. While her father might be the detective, the Justice arcana is represented by the Nanako Dojima social link in Persona 4 Golden. ", leaving home in tears. A person you love a lot. Last day to attend Social Link is October 31st. At first, Nanako is shy around the protagonist and does not speak to him much. Inside the Midnight Channel, Nanako's presence creates her reality, Heaven, which reflects her innocence and her wish to see her mother, whom Nanako believed to be in Heaven after her death. Luckily, the Investigation Team is not far behind and Ryotaro is quickly attended to by an ambulance, but the kidnapper and his victim are nowhere to be found. Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight -      -, 2. She encourages her, and tells her not to give up until the case is over. I'll help you look for it. Nanako notes that this is not the same woman she initially saw, which the guys react to in shock. Normally, she is seen wearing a white turtleneck dress in pink and two shades of red, white socks and pink shoes. Frickin! Nanako: Big Bro, can you make me a salad? He tells her Yu's location, and in spite of being aware the information is false, she chooses to follow him anyway to a food shop. Luckily, the Investigation Team is not far behind and Dojima is quickly attended to by an ambulance, but the kidnapper and his victim are nowhere to be found. RadiatingxEyes 11 years ago #1. She tends to be shy around strangers, but becomes friendly once she warms up to them. Not having a matching Persona won't count against you, but progression may take longer without one. 2. What's wrong? Look at this cutie dance! In November, Nanako is abducted by Namatame and thrown into the TV, where she subsequently creates Heaven. Her feelings and actions are similar to. Ironically, she later becomes a fan of Kanami during the events of Dancing All Night and even strikes up a friendship with her. Oh, and to start it off! 1. She notices that he is smiling even as he cries. Persona 4 Golden PC Social Link Guide: Justice (Nanako Dojima) By Adam Beck on June 13, 2020 << Return to the Main Social Link Hub >> *Values highlighted in red are optimal choices. Related to you by blood. Go ahead and ask. Immediately, the Midnight Channel reveals the next victim: Nanako. She's not lost. She helps them by talking to She also helps Ai get her scarf out of the tree with her extended mirror-like stick. A few days later, when Ryotaro Dojima intercepts a second warning letter left in the Dojimas' mailbox, he angrily brings the protagonist to the police department for questioning, and leaves Nanako home alone. Should the protagonist talk the Investigation Team down and spare Namatame, expressing his doubts that it would solve the case of the bizarre murders, Nanako will be revived. Your Expression must be Persuasive in order to continue. Because you're lonely. Am I right?? Nanako: Is he going to throw me away, too...? I don't know                                  +1     +2, 1. Social Links with Party Members. He attempts to grab her, frightening her, but Yu intervenes. I don't know. At the Dojima household, after they defeat Shadow Mitsuo and catch the original, the group hangs out with Nanako. This decision turns out to be crucial, as can be seen in the ending threads below. * … The 'neutral' ending can be unlocked should the protagonist choose to talk the Investigation Team down and spare Namatame, but then fail to identify the real culprit. Listen to her talk. The numbers next to answers indicate the point gain offered, and represents the number when you’re carrying a Justice Persona with you, which offers a slight additional boost. Nanako: ...I feel sorry for him, losing someone he loves. Nanako: What should I do...? They disappear. -      -, 2. +1     +2, 1. -      -, 3. C-mon Kurusu-Kun!!! You can hang out with Nanako any night at your house so long as Dojima isn’t there. I'll ask him with you. :rainbow: :sparkles: :rainbow: :sparkles: :rainbow: :sparkles: :rainbow: :sparkles: :sparkles: :rainbow: :sparkles: :rainbow: :sparkles: So how did you guys like this Wiki?? All rights reserved. or not. Why'd you come here? Whenever you have Dojima around, you cannot access Nanako's Social link.

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