I also decided to bring my lucky pocket knife, my favorite lip balm, and of course, a charger for both my phone and earbuds! I found out about my internship offer while I was in the midst of packing up to leave my university for summer break and finishing up the last of my finals. My second internship was in the spring 2020. My education and independence had a very rocky beginning; I didn’t have any support or the faintest idea of what direction to go in. I truly felt as if I was living the dream. NASA Internships – Einstein Fellows; How did we get here? Kenneth will be continuing his internship until the end of Summer 2019 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Postdoctoral and Graduate Opportunities Neither of which an Okie from Muskogee would fit that mold, so I thought. Talk to everyone, ask questions and ultimately immerse yourself in the NASA family. While I did not win the competition from the National Geographic Chasing Genius, I learned to not be deterred or give up after a loss. Deciding who I wanted to be was the easy part, the execution and risk it involved was another story. They encouraged me to dream big, and so I applied to the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholar (NCAS) program. Through outreach I am able to connect and relate to community college students who are finding their own path in the STEM industry. But these experiences help you discover what things you like the most and where you see yourself in the future. A nationally competitive STEM program for high school students. Are there any educators who inspired you throughout school or contributed to your pursuit of a NASA internship? One of the biggest challenges throughout my three internships here at Goddard was being able to communicate in English, coming from a place where my first language was Spanish. One of the challenges I faced was finding different ways to relate STEM that would resonate with the students in terms they could understand. The Fellowship duration is one to five years (subject to a peer review process and availability of funds from NASA). Aspiring to become a professional Australian football player, I dedicated my life to performing the sport at the highest level I possibly could in Perth, Australia. at NASA’s Ames Research Center. Postdoctoral Opportunities Name: Trevor Brownlow National STEM Day 2019 Edition. I’m doing this with help and guidance of my mentor Fernando Figueroa, who has been really helpful and a good mentor. In addition to going to school, he also has an elevators maintenance job. Name: Cassidy Matlock The NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP) Center: Kennedy Space Center  Join the Team Getting Started The Study Breaks team is composed of creative undergraduate students from across the country, all of who work hand-in-hand with staff supervisors to help them grow their portfolios and improve their craft. At first I was excited, but then I thought that because I was from Puerto Rico I would have more problems to qualify because being considered a minority I would not have the same opportunities. I was very surprised when I got the offer, I couldn’t believe it; I didn’t even drop my fall classes until the day after orientation. I’ll need all my gear for that, plus a few essentials…. – Hubble Fellows; Are we alone? I am a firm believer that what happens outside the gates of NASA reflects what goes on inside NASA. When science is communicated, society can absorb the information and advance. I wonder about what it would be like to let Martian dust slip through the fingers of my spacesuit glove. As a kid growing up in the small town of Muskogee, Okla., I believed there were only two career options at NASA: be an astronaut or a rocket scientist. Scholarship awards are made in the fall, with applications accepted during the summer. A notepad and journal are on hand for introspective moments. This affected me greatly. ), lemon iced tea mix (for water bottles), sleep mask, and a picture of a landmark at my college (also my hometown). For the Lucy Internship opportunity, 118 stu-dents have applied to date. Description: Connected to fitness on the Moon. Learning how to use new equipment and analyze the data will be invaluable in years to come for my career. Start your intern journey today! I thought I would not have another chance to become a NASA intern. This was truly a goal for me, and it started out as a challenge, but I ended up working hard because of how I wanted to be able to communicate effectively in both languages. What are the characteristics of the Solar System? My advisor, Professor John Foster, had worked at NASA – Glenn Research Center before becoming a Professor at the University of Michigan. And that is how I first came to NASA’s Ames Research Center (ARC).

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