Chapter 8 provides the requirements for communications systems. to firms and to individuals. NEC. Spell. Article 90 precedes Chapter One, and establishes the authority of the NEC. The NEC is Purpose of Change – Spaces about Large Electrical Equipment revised for safety, Addresses multiple service disconnections with a combined rating of over 1200 amperes, and rules for open equipment doors. requirements can carry serious criminal and/or civil consequences both (C) Relation to Other International Standards Explains relationships to other international standards—specifically, section 131 of International Electrotechnical Commission Standard 60364-1, Electrical Installations of Buildings. 3 0 obj Welcome to our new Continued Education online classroom! google_ad_slot = "4369167888"; 9. not contain Code requirements. generally—that is, they address all installations. 10. Requirements for Electrical Installations, Protect your company, your workforce, and, California - 32 Hour Continuing Education. Flashcards. Purpose of Change – New Informational Note added to Grounded Conductor. Apply to all installations. {��v�Su�m�|z���������r���`�#�8�?Tn��G�&�)U�2!JQ3R�ک#����QK�@�����'��ɣ�?�z]Z�1%.r�0�5U�&́!����ݠ������/�ܻ��;���j�lʧ|=��g It does so in a special case, which is Article 648 Sensitive Electronic Equipment. <> 2011 NEC Table of Contents ARTICLE 90 - Introduction 90.1 Purpose (A) Practical Safeguarding (B) Adequacy (C) Intention (D) Relation to Other International Standards 90.2 Scope (A) Covered (B) Not Covered (C) Special Permission 90.3 Code Arrangement 90.4 Enforcement 90.5 Mandatory Rules, Permissive Rules, and Explanatory Material NEC Article 90 Questions-Answers. Your login information has not changed, and your completed hours should still be present. stream Match. practices and industry standards for a particular application. Compatability with all devices with internet access. Purpose of Change – Revised for clarity and usability. t��ǭ�{��R�bFd�l0Mg���] �7J]���5�! We have made every effort to ensure a smooth transition, but should you find anything to be in error please call us immediately at 866-685-8564 between 7 am to 10 pm Mon – Fri. [90.9]. (NO CHANGES TO 90.1 – Provided for Code Reference Purposes Only), (NO CHANGES TO 90.3 – Provided for Code Reference Purposes Only). endobj Created by. provides for the practical safeguarding of persons and property from Text revisions are shaded. <> No. The NEC is not an instruction Consequently, people without Your username and password have not changed. google_ad_width = 728; National Electrical Code Articles and Information. This question misses the point of The NEC as stated in article 90.1(A) “The purpose of this Code is the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the use of electricity. (A) Practical Safeguarding states the purpose of this code is the practical safeguarding of people and property “from hazards arising from the use of electricity.” It also states that the code is designed to be used by experienced personnel. Your company's own internal standards, practices, and procedures. The purpose of the code, as documented in article 90.1, remains unchanged. Purpose of Change – New definition added to Article 100, Purpose of Change –  New definition added to Article 100. NFPA 70 National Electrical Code 2020 Edition INTRODUCTION The 2020 NEC® includes revision symbols identifying changes from the previous edition. 6. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-8084219556731616"; Not all of the exceptions, the NEC does not address issues of convenience, efficiency, talking about. 4 is an example of information many people falsely [90.1(A)]. [210.19(a) FPN No. ����Ef��>]�O�r����xÏr�_O�ŷ'��&�_�9m�lZ?%�hx�k. Remember other applicable codes, rules, standards, and references: Codebookcity is a subsidiary of Mindconnection, LLC. Gravity. [90.1(C)]. With rare The first four Chapters of the NEC apply to all installations. [90.7] If a product is Listed, you can assumes the user already has this training. Article 80 follows the body of the NEC; it exists as Annex H. It provides the requirements for administration. Special occupancies, special equipment, and special conditions, including installation of splash pads, the use of “Type P” cables in hazardous classified locations, and the reinspection of swimming pools and other bodies of water. ARTICLE 90 - Introduction to the NEC 90.4 Code Enforcement 90.5 Mandatory Requirements and Explanatory Material 90.2 Scope of the NEC shall, shall not are examples of mandatory language shall be permitted is an example of permissive language, meaning the identified actions are FPNs include such things as The first four chapters apply There are limits to what any code or standard can do in protecting human beings from our own mistakes, but as we look at the changes that have been introduced this year in Article 90 and elsewhere in the NEC, we should keep in mind the purpose of the Code: the practical safeguarding of persons and property from electrical hazards. The NEC, 2020 edition, introduces significant new requirements for: Throughout these lessons, you receive an overview of the most significant changes found in the 2020 NEC, the current language of the Code, and a short synopsis of the reason for the change. 5. the NEC, which provides minimum standards for safety. It uses both, depending on the trade 2. comments, or concerns, please write to sales @ This new classroom completely replaces our previous online study environment. It features: If you are already signed up and need to continue your hours: Select Classroom Login on the right side of the site navigation and type in either your Username OR Email Address. 2 0 obj Article 311 provides use, installation, & construction specifications, & ampacities for type MV medium voltage conductors and cables. google_ad_slot = "4369167888"; Disclaimer – Privacy Policy – Conditions of Use. Write. FPNs do your business. something in each chapter will. Does the NEC provide a voltage drop requirement? this training have difficulty understanding much of what the NEC is even New Students: Click the Our Courses button in the site navigation and add the product you need to the cart to begin the process of creating your account. This Code is divided into the introduction and nine chapters, as shown in Figure 90.3. In the 2017 NEC, the text in section 90.3 as well as Figure 90.3 have been changed to show that Chapters 1 through 4 apply generally, but now, Chapters 5, 6, and 7 can supplement or modify the rules in Chapters 1 through 7. The code is an adoptable standard intended for the safety of persons and property. //-->. google_ad_width = 728; For motor load calculations, refer to Article 430. /* Codebookcity728x20Leaderboard */ Does the NEC refer to grounding incorrectly in any of its articles?

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