What are their aims for the next 1, 3, 10 years? Network Online application, video interview if successfully followed up by teams interviewThe video interview is prerecorded with 4 questions 2 around suitability forgot 2 around competencies. I interviewed at Network Rail (London, England) in September 2020. The next online interview was short, asking only five questions and required background understanding of the company and its values for success. You get to sit an inductive reasoning test too. You will be given a presentation, in regards to a current Network Rail project. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Do your research! Sub-vocalising them in your head doesn’t work as well. It helps us assess you against our pre-defined criteria. Lastly, there is the Network Rail assessment centre itself. You’re enthusiastic about your work, enjoy collaborating with others and have the skills and ability to communicate…, Our Project Management Summer placement Who you are You’re a self-starter with a strong work ethic. Be the person that brings quieter group members into the fold. I applied online. In the Network Rail situational judgment test you will need to consider 16 different scenarios and rank three possible responses to each of them. So one last time: Your CV makes your first and last impression; it's a crucial document. We’re going to insist that you read our guide: Verification of previously completed online aptitude tests. I interviewed at Network Rail (Exeter, England) in September 2020. which can be lawfully taken to encourage and train people from You’re nearly there! Describe a time you led a group effectively (competency based)4. You’ll be asked to record your responses to questions which are designed to help us find out a bit more about you, what you’re interested in, what motivates you and how you go about things. I applied online. A 20ft and a 40ft container are placed on a carriage. Are you a leader? Let’s take a quick look at each phase before we get into the detail of how to succeed. Why do you want to work for Network rail2. If you’re not sure just get in touch with us, If you are successful and we offer you a place you’ll need to show us your certificates. New candidates. We’re looking for people who align with our values and have the potential to succeed with Network Rail. If you wish to apply for a placement outside of this travel time, please let us know during the application. The Network Rail Assessment Centre is in Milton Keynes and is held at the modern HQ of Network Rail. We can only accept one application for each intake, so if you've already applied for 2021 and been unsuccessful we can’t accept another application from you. You'll also work towards a range of engineering qualifications that will help in your future career. If you wish to be considered for a different The numeracy test is based on sequences and spotting patterns, so the only prerequisite is basic secondary school maths.A video interview followed and then an assessment centre in Milton Keynes.Assessment centre is comprised of two parts. It's Black History Month - a time of national celebration to honour the achievements and contributions of black people in Britain. Please describe the problem with this {0} and we will look into it. Why you want to join network rail. 1. You’ll need to download an app to your smartphone or tablet for this. We’re almost at the end of the Network Rail assessment centre now. When you apply, We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This is a pre-recorded interview to further scrutinise your candidacy. This quiz is about places on the British Rail (now National Rail) network with two stations either now or in the past. In fact, these two guides are the most popular on the site and they will be a treasure-trove for you in preparing for this part of the Network Rail graduate process. You will be sent a link to Network’s Rail interviewing hub and you will record your answers to the questions that appear on the screen. Your teamwork skills and your technical ability will both be assessed. Firstly written questions, then a series of psychometric tests and a pre recorded interview. We want to set you up for success on the programme. I interviewed at Network Rail (Leeds, England) in September 2020. The answers in this quiz are all stations on the London rail network - just match them with the correct descriptions, which require a smattering of general knowledge (that might be biased towards Britons). Let’s get started! Numerical, verbal and logical tests. This is transformative for your chances of success. You will need to be within a 60 minute travel time of the depot you wish to apply for. (Contact Network Rail’s HR department and get a copy of your job description.). Remember me. Give an example of a time you dealt with a difficult customer? Once you have finished your analysis and decided which project Network Rail should pursue, you will be given up to 30 minutes to prepare your presentation. A science or engineering subject, grade 9-4 (A*- C). After nearly three weeks at the start of October I was told I was successful in this, and am still awaiting a start date for this role. If you think you might need us to consider an adjustment to take account of a disability or condition, please get in touch with us before you start the test. We’re going to be looking at things like: how you approach challenges; how you deal with change; how you collaborate with others; how you build relationships; how you make decisions, how you get things done and how you use data. If you don’t, then contact Network Rail’s HR department and request a copy of the ‘full job description’. I interviewed at Network Rail (Peterborough, England) in September 2020. We might invite you to a virtual assessment centre or invite you to one of our offices. You can also skip straight to the application form if you don’t want to do the Match-me. We’re happy for you to apply while you’re still sitting your exams, as long as you’ll have your results before the start of the scheme. This includes drugs and alcohol testing. Filled in an online application. The interview will be an hour long and you will be tested on certain capabilities: Can you show your interviewer that you can demonstrate them? About you 2. So you passed your web-based interview? Holidays during the first phase are scheduled by us – this is because of the way the training is structured. Network Rail Assessment Centre & Online Tests – The Ultimate Guide. (We’ll cover each element of this in detail later in this guide. You will then need to discuss as a group, the pros and cons of the project overall. After completing a verbal reasoning test online, I was invited to interview at a station. Interview Easy and fun - it took the time for the interview offer to come through but they phoned me two days later to offer me the job. For in depth interview advice check out our Interview Masterclass. We do not offer any extra relocation expenses. Fancy a break from the heavy detail for a moment? What’s next? What is one thing you would say is unique about you? allocated a local depot. Before we look at each element in detail, let’s zoom out and look at the overall process. The process took 2 weeks. Copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. 1. You can refer to the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education's, We accept Functional skills Level 2 in Maths and English instead of the GCSE (nb -All 3 parts in English must be completed). How Are Businesses Really Treating Employees During COVID-19? An online application followed by a games based numeracy test. You’ll need to register to do it but it’s not part of your application and you don’t have to go on to apply if you don’t want to. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. If you gained your qualifications outside the UK we’ll need a NARIC translation (, We accept most equivalent qualifications but there are some that we can’t accept as they don’t provide the right level of prior learning. No, I am here because I am interested in learning which metropolitan area in the USA is best for me. You will be expected to explain why you came to your decision and why you did not choose the other project. You had 2 minutes to reply with an answer. The interviewers were pushing for me to answer the question properly and for me to do the best I can. Do I have to work for Network Rail at the end of the scheme? We had a short presentation delivered to us about the job role, and completed a group task which featured a customer service situation, where we had to discuss a difficult situation and work out what we would do, and nominate someone to feed back to the assessors, of which there were the same number of candidates in the room. You should answer these questions with two things firmly in mind: The next two elements in the Network Rail online assessment are our old friends: numerical and verbal reasoning tests. UK Visas and Immigration require Network Rail to demonstrate that no resident workers meet the requirements of graduate roles before an applicant may be sponsored in some circumstances. These are very similar to the ones you completed earlier on in the application process. It’s gold-dust. You’ll need to register to do it but it’s not part of your application and you don’t have to go on to apply if … There’s no obligation to stay, but we hope everyone who joins the scheme will continue to work for us after they've completed their three years and will have a long and rewarding career with us. Our schemes usually attract a sufficient number of suitable resident workers and, if so, we are unable to offer sponsorship for our graduate scheme positions if such a requirement applies. Do you consider candidates who require a work permit? under-represented groups to help them overcome disadvantages in competing with Think of this as great preparation for your face to face interview, at the Network Rail assessment centre. We're highlighting the importance of diversity across the railway. The part of the Network Rail assessment centre has a lot of candidates worrying. Let’s stay focused. Read our article on. If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. We want everyone who has an assessment centre with us to have a great experience – you’re being assessed and we know that can be stressful so we do our best to support you throughout so you can concentrate on doing your best. This means you should only practice tests from SHL! We are now closed for our 2020 graduate, year in industry and summer placement opportunities. Ok folks, one last hurdle before the Network Rail assessment centre. Why do you want to work for network rail? The interview process was an interview that lasted for one hour with a panel of 4 network rail employees. Instead of using the more traditional psychometric tests we find we get more authentic information about you from using a different format. I interviewed at Network Rail (London, England) in July 2020. your current home address. This document should be your working bible, your ultimate reference point and compass that will guide you through the rest of the Network Rail recruitment process. Make sure you know the job description and competencies inside out. This Network Rail Ultimate Guide includes practice tests, coaching videos and dozens of top tips, tricks and insider-secrets for success in the Network Rail online assessment and the Network Rail assessment centre.

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