It keeps you riding the line between being sure of what’s going on and being hopelessly caught up in the mystery as the drama unfolds. This show got green-lit. Is this some meme I missed out on? Press J to jump to the feed. to Thale, the spider bot and the accidents in the first two episodes very frustrating because it's standard horror movie "everyone is daft" writing (why do they ever have people with weapons near Thale? Same thing later and repeatedly with risky business. - Why did Roy conveniently malfunction so that Rowan could kill him? but my takeaway was that the spore baby was the result of a baby born on a ship, which is why they make a point of terminating all pregnancies as as policy (though this is as easily explained away as a medical or personnel issue). Nightflyers is a 1987 American science fiction horror film based on Nightflyers, a 1980 novella by George R. R. Martin. Lindran, female linguist and colleague of Dannel. I did not expect the same poor bastard to be almost-killed a comical number of times, only to be put in “regen” so he could go through it all again, like some outer space version of Kenny from South Park. For me, giving Rowan more of a “reason” to go crazy lets some of the air out of that opening scene—you remember, the one where he’s chasing Agatha and she cuts her own throat? What do you mean? There was no reason for the nightflyer to not return to earth, so actually she sabotaged the mission, while she also tried to save it by killing herself to help Thale. Maybe they want to help. Hey man, for posting something on Reddit, I'll take that as a win, thanks. So was it Thale? It's the first thing I noticed about this show, way back at the start of episode 1. It makes the person saying it seem more intelligent or powerful, since they must understand it. What does Karl hope (rightly or wrongly) to get from these aliens that he’s willing to put his life, and those of his team, on the line? Back to the larger show, however, and how it fails as a horror. Do better, Syfy.). It’s here I’d like to make a brief detour to touch on a common trope in clumsy writing: the “You can’t understand it” line. In fact, it’s about as subtle as an ax-wielding maniac. He is projected, at whim, around the ship without limitation or obvious cues and his projection is life-like and realistic. It is like mental asylum where not only patients are crazy ( and not in very interesting way ) but the administration too. And when it is confirmed – boy. 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