Meanwhile, the other four Ninja and Wu (who has been rapidly aged up to a child and later to a teenager), are surviving in the barren wilderness of the Realm of Oni and Dragons (the First Realm). Yet the animation, pacing, dialogue and overall character development of the season were all high points of criticism. On Chen’s island, Zane is revealed to be held prisoner and is now the Titanium Ninja. Garmadon decides to participate in order to stop the Ninja from winning. When his fiancée disappears, he must uncover buried secrets — or lose everything. The Ninjago writers have ensured that children are able to relate to the main characters by making them teenage heroes, and this has made them consistently popular with young children. Meanwhile, Nya and Kai try to lead the Munce and the Geckles to a peace meeting, but are ambushed by the newly resurrected undead dragon, Grief-Bringer and the Awakened Warriors, who force the two tribes to flee into a Strong-Cave. Season 9: Hunted is also an incredibly well-received and cherished season. Jacob is the only one who has not used it onscreen. The ninjas are snapped out of their post-hero complacency when Lord Garmadon's son Lloyd shows up and tries to pick up where his father left off. Pilot Episode Mini-movies - six short films that take place immediately after the Pilot Season, released in 2011[48]Chen Mini-movies - five mini-movies that focus on Master Chen and his chair from Season 4, released in 2015[49]Tall Tales - six mini-movies that focus on the Sky Pirates of Season 6, released in 2016[50]Wu's Teas - a collection of 20 Ninjago shorts that focus on Master Wu's tea shop, released in 2017[51]Happy Birthday To You! completes a scan for “The Quiet One”, she discovers that the signal came from the Bounty and the Ninja realise that Harumi is “The Quiet One”. They were released in Europe on January 24, 2011. Originating from Metalonia, Karlof is a brutish, arrogant man, yet a surprisingly skilled engineer. When asked who would be the last Elemental Master standing in an attempt to wipe all of them out, Tommy Andreasen said it would be Ash or Paleman, as "they are hard to nail.". The film revolves around Lloyd defending Ninjago City from his evil father, Lord Garmadon, who makes regular attempts to conquer Ninjago City with the help of his Shark Army.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Many of the Elemental Masters have been released in sets: Tox and Paleman were released in the Ultra Agents sets; Karlof, Griffin Turner, and Skylor were released in the, The four Elemental Masters that do not exist as physical minifigures were the elemental masters that did not return in, It was previously unknown how Zane was an Elemental Master, him being a, An unidentified Elemental Master, whose clothing indicates his origins are related to cold temperatures, can be seen in the flashback from ", In Season 7, it is revealed that this previously unknown Elemental Master, A dull gold-colored Dragon appears in a flashback in ", In addition, every element corresponds with at least one color (be it main or not), except for. They serve as the main antagonists of Season 60. The ninjas return to Ninjago and head to battle just as a terrible attack is underway while Master Wu and Lloyd confront Lord Garmadon. The Ninja pursue Pythor and Lloyd, but Pythor escapes and Lloyd is cared for by Master Wu onboard Destiny’s Bounty. [N 48]. As a result, Nadakhan has no choice but to grant Jay his final wish, which causes all the events created by his first wish to be reversed. The First Realm storyline received praise for its soundtrack and lore establishment, with the continued character development for Cole and Wu being high points of praise, as well as the introduction of Faith. There Master Wu explains to Cole the teaching of the Spinjitzu Burst.

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