Jay frowned, "we aren't seriously going through with this are we?". Zane: Pixel and I have scanned the area. Lloyd: I can feel it, it's powerful, very powerful. Garmadon: But I think the most important question, is counting our numbers. Proceed with serious caution or do not continue reading this page. This is also the first season to have two separate parts, separated by Volume One and Volume Two. They fight across the rooftop. Since their reunification they have only gotten stronger. The Ninja arrive at the Oni Temple, learning that Vengetron has summoned his army. Season 13 Lego sets are arriving in European stores already while Season 12 has yet to air on Cartoon Network across the pond. The Ninja rush to the Monastery where Zane has held Kai hostage and has set the Monastery into an Ice Fortress. We've got our Elemental Power, we're totally safe!" Kai's Stand, Fireside, has the ability to implant false memories into other people. The Ninja encounter an enemy with similar powers to them. The Ninja must go through the Desert of Ice to get their in time. Written By After learning about an ancient ruin in Southern Ninjago that is said to lead people to go missing, the five Ninja depart on a journey to explain the mystery of this temple. Kai engages his father in single combat, beating him with the help of the enhanced powers given to him by the Dragon King. Ninjago Epilogue: Episode 2 The War On Ninjago City, https://ninjago-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Season_13:_Battle_Tendency?oldid=118332, The season in its entirety is a JoJo reference, The season is styled like that of a JoJo part, with episodes of the enemy Stand's name appearing in the title as well as "Part 1," and "Part 2.". This time, the man, who introduces himself as Aidan Brady, and wears a black ninja gi, also has a special ability called Hope World. Lloyd's mind must go back through recurring and terrible thoughts to find the location of the time blade. Vengetron is powerful and it seems that no one withstand him. He looks up to find a remnant or 'memory' of Zane from the Prime Timeline, standing in front of them. Sovrano laughs a terrible laugh, having achieved his final goal. After their skirmish with Vengetron, the Ninja discover one of their number is missing. Sensei Wu is the protagonist and the DDM (Dinosaur Dragon Monster) is the antagonist. The new curator of the museum, Mr. On their journey, they are suddenly stopped by a Stand User with the ability to eat dreams. Vengetron: The inorganic being speaks the truth, you should be careful who you speak to. Lloyd's Stand Titanium "does the Oraora thing" like Star Platinum, Stone Free, Tusk, and Soft & Wet. Mr. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Both Stand Arrows have been retrieved, and the Ninja are on their way to the ancient temple to return them to Supremo. How one of them came to rule over their own Realm, how one of them came to create their own Realm and how one of them came to destroy a Realm. After betraying Sovrano, they may have lost their chance at saving Wu. The Ninja, confused at the sudden disappearance, begin to investigate. This way, he would be able to achieve his "prime," at "absolute zero." Vengetron: You've turned out just like your twin. The temporal shift in the Reversal Blade, with the Fire, Ice and Energy Elements create a portal is created to a new realm that transforms randomly into different times of Ninjago and is littered with and evil army of Ice Samurai with Energy powers.

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