This weapon works in conjunction with the Hatchet Skills skill tree. Did you lock down any equipment that’s a higher level than the equipment you’re currently using? It can take a while, but if you do all of this work now, you’ll be able to keep your actual play time relatively menu free, which is absolutely worth the effort. Dump the rest for the Divine Rice. Nioh 2 is not very good at communicating when an enemy is weak to an element, but most enemies are weak or resistant to one or more element. Maybe Dual Swords or Tonfa is your option. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Damage values are not listed since these change by rarity and level, making it difficult to compare them easily. The one eyed oni will look to do a drop kick if you’re out of range of its regular attacks. Ki Pulse becomes even more important in areas with slow Ki recovery like in the Yokai Realm areas of the game. This weapon works in conjunction with the Hatchet Skills skill tree. On that same note, the Kusarigama scales with Dex, as does Ninjutsu, making it a good main weapon if you’d prefer to specialize in Ninjutsu. This option has two important functions. Using your dash button makes this process easier, allowing you to destroy objects with movement instead of using your weapon. Maximum Elixirs are especially important, especially as you head into a boss battle, and if you don’t have any in your reserves, this will be the best way to top them off to the max amount you’re allowed to carry (the alternative is tedious farming). Nioh 2 is not reinventing the wheel, but it is adding subtle changes that do more than polish a good experience: they make me excited to discover and learn things I had not known before. The other tactic that is mandatory for success in the game is the Burst Counter. So buff your secondary stats to meet the requirements of your equipment, while also dumping some points into constitution and courage to make sure that you’re not getting one-shotted by everything, or tired out from just a few swings of your weapon. Prefer something slow and heavy-hitting? The Shrines in Nioh 2 are very strategically placed and are often enough that there’s always one around the corner, so keep pressing forward. As you continue through the game, you can assign bonuses to well-timed recoveries like a boost in attack damage. Just keep in mind that Control Scheme 2 allows you to move your camera freely while still being able to attack as your right thumb always remains on your right stick, which makes it a bit more versatile. Try to forge something new to replace it. Are you someone who prefers fast attacks? Be sure to use Yokai abilities whenever you can, but you always want to try and make sure that you have enough in the tank for at least one emergency burst counter, because there’s nothing worse than seeing a red aura attack coming, preparing for it, and then having nothing come out when you try to use a burst counter. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Many human enemies will use them out of desperation when they’re low on life. This should go without saying, but your bows, rifles, and hand cannons are your best friends when it comes to thinning out the hordes of enemies that lie in wait in an area. Note that you won’t be able to soul match if the item you’re trying to feed into the other item is of a lesser rarity. If you press R1 at any point during this time, you’ll regain that amount of your lost Ki using a Ki Pulse. One of your options at the shrine is to make offerings. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Early on especially, make sure to try out the different weapon types to see which ones vibe with your play style. Between missions, do a deep dive and do everything that you need, including: Equip the strongest gear you have, lock down items that you don’t want to throw away because they have rare modifiers or are part of a rare set, and also lock down items that are high level, but aren’t items that you particularly want to use, like a weapon that’s of a type you aren’t using, or a piece of armor that makes you too heavy. Making sure to be thorough in your exploration will also help you not miss any of the various chests in the world, which are often hidden in corners of buildings away from sight. You need to play through all three DLCs; 3 - Journey Into The Abyss. Though if you’re coming from other action games, the bindings to Square and Triangle (PS4) may be something you’re accustomed to. You can put on pretty much any piece of armor in Nioh 2 and still get the defensive rating, but if you don’t meet the stat requirements of the armor, you’ll be missing out on powerful modifiers that can sometimes be even more important than its actual defense. Online modes for Nioh are covered on this page. Even if you decide to focus primarily on two or three stats, that doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect the others. Hachet weapons scale best with the Skill stat, but also scale from Courage and magic. You get so much loot in Nioh 2 that it can be absolutely overwhelming. You need to play Way of the Samurai,Way of the Strong, Way of the Demon and start at Way of the Wise. Keep an eye out on the stat requirements on the pieces of armor that you pick up. Read about the Ice Shaman Hatchets Build here. Why? Unleash your darkness! Where are my hatchet players?! Select the Kodoma Bazaar, and here you can exchange that precious Divine Rice for the maximum amount of Elixirs, Arrows, and other ammunition in addition to other items. Your IP: In addition to the below in-game modes listed, there is a Clans feature that allows players to give allegiance to one of the warring clans and improve your online ranking to earn points for the clan. Is there anything you have equipped that is at a substantially lower level than the rest of your gear? After that you can play up to Floor 21 in Abyss and can unlock the achievement. The easiest way to die in Nioh 2 is do get overwhelmed by multiple enemies, so make sure to always take it slow and look for headshots before you trigger the aggro of any enemies. If you’re coming from other From Software games, you’re probably more familiar with a different combat input than the standard one offered in Nioh 2. If you decide to main two weapons, it’d be best to try and pick two weapons that synergize well together. Or the wooden smithing text? If you ever find yourself out of Divine Rice, make sure you don’t have extra gear to offer up to the little green guys! Are you happy with the modifiers of your weapons and armor? Besides the Burst Counter, the more direct Yokai abilities are very strong and are especially great at dealing with groups of enemies, but you need to be careful because they use Anima, which is the same resource that your burst counters use. Doing so has many benefits,  oftentimes revealing secret paths, Kodomas, or picking up an item here and there or a much-needed Elixir. Some weaknesses are obvious, like of course a flaming wheel yokai would be weak to water, but others like, the Yoki’s weakness to paralysis, are a little more illuminating, and can definitely affect how you approach battle against them. If you’ve never played a Souls game before, there’s a basic mechanic that’s fundamental to success. For instance the Switchglaive, which scales with magic, can still work well with other builds, if its balanced out by using magic as a secondary weapon - otherwise you might be wasting valuable stats. Then either sell or dismantle the rest, depending on what you need more of: money or crafting parts. Nioh 2 never locks you into a weapon choice, and due to the random drop nature of its rewards system, you’ll constantly be getting new options. Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 3 added little in terms of mechanics to differentiate themselves from the original, and in the end you can always beat the game without leveling up once. The world of Nioh 2 is littered with boxes, crates, and other objects that can be destroyed. So many of the weapon links go to no where, Does anyone know how or with which attacks the "Prepared Throw" mystic arts works ? Blood and Gore, Suggestive Themes, Violence, Users Interact, In-Game Purchases, Adjust Your Control Scheme to Your Playstyle and Preference, Learn the Systems, Especially Ki Pulse and Burst Counter, Learn to Uuse Yokai Abilities Strategically, Explore Every Corner and Use Your Dash to Destroy Objects in the Environment, The Loot Game (And What the Heck to Do With It All), The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Unlike other Souls games with set armor pieces, loot can have any number of randomly generated stats and perks, and it can be hard to figure out which armor piece is right for you. You won’t get all of them at first, but the most important advice we can give you at the beginning is remembering to use the stamina recovery system known as Ki Pulse. Less than 5% of revenant graves are maining them... Feel like these coulda used some body/constitution scaling. Weapons in Nioh 2 are the main instrument of dealing damage, and are divided into several categories, plus ranged.

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