to that in Table 8 or grain only. For Growth rate and feed consumption of White Chinese and Embden geese (sexes combined) (Source: Leeson and … TABLE 9. So I separated the whole grain from the pellets so that the geese could individually take what they wanted. Like all geese, medium geese mate for the duration, which may well be for life. may also be grown on a raised floor of wooden slates (Figure 18A), plastic slats Under extensive management conditions geese will generally Niacin supplements can be purchased at many drugstores, or brewer’s yeast can often be found at animal food stores. Dr Mark from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on September 05, 2012: Amber is the Research Specialist of the Open Sanctuary Project. In low income, food deficient countries it is necessary to test all local sources of grain for anti-nutritional factors before use. When formulating food for geese, primary attention should be paid to meeting the goose’s essential amino acid requirements. Protect your geese from predators. Canadian Subscribers - Click Here Geese are the cheapest and easiest of all poultry to raise. You will need a large container or a poultry transporting van if you purchase mature birds. The growing facility need not be sophisticated since fences and secure housing at night must be provided. Almonds and other nuts are usually too big for geese because they swallow their food whole. Oats make a good grain. FIGURE 32. The watering space recommended during the brooding period is a I keep a pair of scissors in the barn and chop the hay into 3 – 6 inch lengths to prevent them from getting impacted gizzards. Ideally, goslings should eat a waterfowl starter food. Food typically comes in pellet or granular form, which is preferable to mixed seed as it prevents geese from picking and choosing (and missing out on essential nutrients). The goose has the fastest initial growth rate of birds kept If caught early, it can be treated. Cover the bottom of a skillet with goose fat, add one finely chopped onion and three unpeeled apples. Berries – raspberry, blackberry, black raspberry, strawberries, and blueberries are, Oatmeal and other scratch grains like cracked corn in moderation, You should always consult with a veterinarian or avian expert when deciding how to treat. If it is a gosling, feed gosling or duck mash to it. After the first day or so, when they learn to manage their legs, put them out on the grass during the day — provided the weather is warm. provided so that all birds can eat at the same time. It is wise to let them have their box or shelter at night until they are well-feathered — at least three weeks old. similar nutrient density can be used. Kelp is a popular natural source of Vitamin D. Water I am in Kenya, and am willing to go into partnership with you. Without the supplemental niacin, goslings can develop serious leg and joint disorders, often decreasing their lifespan. Take goslings from nest as soon as they hatch. In addition to fresh drinking water, geese need water for swimming and bathing. Recommended dietary insects, snails, worms, etc. No adult layer food should ever be given to goslings, not even as an emergency food source. The only difference is that they will be ready for market at an of water. I have no idea what the nutrition value is like for them, but at least it provides fiber to go with their winter grain diet. Here is a great article I found on feeding eggshells to poultry for calcium. capitalise on the goose's natural capacity to consume and utilise large volumes Stocking densities for geese on pasture are around 150 geese per that the colder the ambient temperature of the room or building where the This is generally caused by an unbalanced diet high in protein and carbohydrates. It was one of the biggest thrills we have ever had — to see those little goslings hatch out. Raising geese is relatively easy as compared to keeping many other domestic poultry birds. The best guide to deciding when to reduce the temperature and It is toxically high in calcium to goslings and will cause serious health problems and even death. And this will keep them happy and they will grow well. Please consider giving us a positive or negative review at the base of this page along with a comment to let us know whether this resource was helpful! Angel Wing is a condition where flight feathers at the end of the bird’s wings twist upwards or outwards. As we have mentioned above ‘raising geese is actually very easy and simple’. The most This section describes the different management and feeding Thank you, Am joseph Natwati from Bungoma kenya,connect me to salomon,i willing to takeup the contract of raising and supplying geese. When automatic drinkers are not available, it is possible to use any I tried that for most of that first winter, but I didn’t portion it out well and found that I wasted a ton of it. level of restriction will be severe and the dependency on foraging and/or However, if you decide to do this, it's best to mate just a pair, even though it is common to have a trio of 1 gander and 2 geese. When you make up the nests, dust them thoroughly with insect powder. Advertise Your goose and gander should both be two years old to be fully matured and to produce fertile eggs. Do geese like to drink anything other than water? I offer this to my geese free-choice all year just to be on the safe side, but they definitely eat more of it in the winter. Insoluble Grit ", bread daily - I shall stop this and keep it as a weekly treat. The most common objection we hear is that goose is too greasy.

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