Sad. That setting is per-calendar, not all calendars in your Gmail account, and you can show only the times, instead of all details. I tried a public board and it worked for me. In the last several months, I have been experimenting a lot with  Roam Research and Obsidian. Airtable works in table view; Airtable will generate at the completed embed code: You can embed an Airtable base (or just a view from a base) into any web page that supports iframes. I don’t know about Todoist specifically, but for most apps, you can try by copying the web url into an iframe element. With both Roam and Obsidian, cross-linking is ridiculously easy. Some initial thoughts: So I would love to hear what users are doing right now. Not only do I expect these apps to push further ahead with these tools, but I also anticipate other apps to develop in the same direction. Was so happy to see that feature, my first thought was notion but you’re right it doesn’t work. One of the best parts of being enthusiastic about technology is when I witness something fundamentally change. The Archive has been using a similar linked text system for years. This, however, is not going unnoticed by the rest of the development community. I just saw this app today. The Coming Research App Revolution. I know other people on here have been on a big Roam kick, and I think Obsidian allows importing for Roam tags (or something, I haven't used Roam before.) The app should support being iframe’d and be useful in an Obsidian pane. Otherwise it opens a new vault window every time an Obsidian URL is used. Remember to add “html” at the end of the url of your board. In the case of Roam Research, this isn’t just true for note titles, but instead every word in your database. A fully spec‐compliant dark theme developed for the knowledge management app, the … Finally, in addition to the daily notes feature, NotePlan 2 also makes use of a separate notes area for non-daily notes. I just found that it’s impossible to embed a trello board or card using iframe if the borad is private. I’ve never embedded an iframe - would you mind explaining how to embed the Todoist “today” tasks? There is a lot to like about these apps and their crazy-powerful internal links. I’m replacing all my thing in notion to coda Wich support iframe. CODA support iframe but when I pasted their iframe code I only get a blank screen. Some initial thoughts: The app should fill in Obsidian feature gaps: project/task management, outliner, etc. Now that we have html