Things reach breaking point after his newborn daughter, Victoria Josie Kay, is diagnosed with a heart condition and he is unable to pay for the operation to fix it. This information on Hernando Alonso comes from the trial records of the Spanish Inquisition. As a senior officer with the LAPD, Cmdr. Nia Wells is LA's Deputy District Attorney and Hondo's new love interest introduced in season 2 until they later call off their relationship. Leroy Henderson, Hondo's childhood friend and father of Darryl Henderson, who is currently incarcerated. No attorney-client relationship is implied or created by the information found on this website. Martindale-Hubbell - "AV/Preeminent Attorney" Rating, Las Vegas Business Press - "Top 10 Lawyer in Gaming", 2012, Chambers USA - Top Gaming Practitioners in Reno - Gaming & Licensing, 2015-2017, Nevada Business Magazine - Legal Elite 2013-2015 "Northern Nevada Best", 2012 "Top 75" - Gaming and Government Relations, 2012-2016. Most were servant girls who journeyed to New Spain to find themselves a newly rich husband. With the discovery and settlement of the New World, they took solace in the hope of finding there a haven, or at least putting distance between themselves and the Holy Terror. Alonso Law Limited offers attorney services for gaming and liquor licensing, land use, legislation and lobbying. Cortez had no part in the arrest of Alonso. Hotline +49 6131 39-29999 The IMI Mini-Uzi is seen in "El Diablo" (S3E21) with some South LA gangsters recruited by El Diablo. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD for short) is currently the largest police force in the United States, with primary responsibilities in law enforcement and investigation within the five boroughs in Los Angeles. IMPORTANT NOTE: The content of this webpage is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice or as legal opinion on any matter. It was widely known that Marina Gutierrez Flores de la Caballeria was from an old Jewish family whose wealth has been compared to the Rothschilds'. Raised in Ferdinand’s court, Alonso inherited the title Duke of Aragon and sided with Charles V when he was contending for the Crown. The two were among only six Spanish women known to have accompanied the conquistadors during the fighting in Mexico. In "Patrol", Luca reveals that he is dyslexic and wasn't diagnosed as such until he was 14. Foundry Ideas. In "Invisible", Sgt. He is portrayed by Obba Babatundé. family about the incident. Lina Esco was born In Colombia, lived in Colombia and moved to Miami. Cortez’ captain wound up his days gathering pearls off the Venezuela coast, only to be poisoned by rivals in 1532. [8] He knows everyone in the neighborhood and treats them all with respect, and they usually give him information pertinent to his cases when he asks for it in return. Können Sie sich ohne Probleme einloggen, ist Ihr Uni-Account funktionsfähig. Officer III James "Jim" Street is the newest member of SWAT. He retired in "Invisible", leaving command of his team to Sgt. In "Patrol", Chris is offered a spot on Sergeant Mumford's team (which would come with a promotion), but she turned him down to remain on Hondo's team.[2]. She is a respected officer who has plans to improve the relationship between the LAPD and the citizens of Los Angeles, despite some resistance from the rank and file. He is portrayed by Jay Harrington.[21]. She is portrayed by Bre Blair. Sergeant II William "Buck" Spivey is a former LAPD SWAT Team Leader. One of his three children, Lila, is named after a school shooting victim back in 2013. He is portrayed by Kenny Johnson.[17]. Deacon is the only member of the team to be married and have children; he and his wife Annie (portrayed by Bre Blair) celebrated their 10-year anniversary in 2018. Despite being a challenge to the team’s normal strategies in the field and not being a S.W.A.T. Informationen hierzu finden Sie auf den Webseiten des Zentrums für Datenverarbeitung (ZDV). The LAPD has a wide-ranging array of particular services, including tactical operations, K-9, harbor patrol, air support, bomb disposal, counter-terrorism, intelligence, anti-gang, narcotics, public transportation, and public housing. They're outfitted with rails on the upper receiver. In "Kangaroo", Street found her using drugs again, thus Street reports to her parole officer, eventually sending her back to prison. He is portrayed by David Lim.[19]. Fr, 9:00 – 13:00 Uhr, Logo der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Hilfe- und Informationsseiten zum Webportal JOGU-StINe, Zusätzliche Informationen zu dieser Seite, FAQs für Lehrende und Stellvertreter*innen, Ausnahme: Kleingruppen und Anmeldegruppen, Export und Import von Bewertungslisten zur Noteneingabe in Microsoft Excel, Online-Verifikation von Dokumenten an der JGU, JOGU-StINe Informationsbroschüre für Studierende, JOGU-StINe Einführungsveranstaltung für Erstsemester und Neueinschreiber*innen. In "Seizure", Annie suffers a seizure and is hospitalized in need of emergency surgery. [10] He later started a relationship with Nia Wells (Nikiva Dionne), a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney and recent divorcée. Mo – Do, 9:00 – 16:00 Uhr Michael has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of Renown Health Network and Renown Medical Center South Meadows. He later lives with Hondo, and in "Invisible", Hondo reveals that he will attempt to become Darryl's legal guardian. Like most conversos, Diego passed himself off an Old Christian, and went to his grave with his masquerade intact. The CAA RONI MCK is seen with CP gangster Tamika Brown (Dalia Phillips) in "The LBC" (S3E05) and with Varga's men in "Sea Legs" (S3E09). What appears to be a Steyr SSG 69 is seen in the SWAT armory. Rocker took over command of the retiring Sgt. The SIG-Sauer P228 is seen in "Track" (S3E07) with a heist crew. Officer Beni is a S.W.A.T officer who temporarily filled in for Street when Hondo's team was a man down. Please do not include any sensitive personal information. He lives in Kingston, Jamaica. Bitte informieren Sie sich in diesem Fall ebenso auf der Webseite des ZDV. He is portrayed by Michael O'Neill. The M1911A1 is seen with El Diablo (Luis Carazo) in "El Diablo" (S3E21). She is portrayed by April Parker Jones. Represent clients in the areas of public policy and political strategy and represent clients before state and local government agencies and the Nevada Legislature in connection with gaming, energy, planning, zoning and land use, healthcare, telecommunications and other matters. The Glock 19 is used by some characters in the season. The LAPD was the third police department established in the United States. International Masters of Gaming Law, Member, International Association of Gaming Advisors, Member, J.D., University of Southern California Gould School of Law, 1992, B.A., University of Southern California, 1989, U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada, U.S. Court of Appeals, for the Ninth Circuit. Alonso Law © 2020 | Privacy Policy | All Rights Reserved | Made with love by She is portrayed by Laura James. The same holds true of Beatriz and Diego Ordaz’s surviving sister. Darryl Henderson, the son of Hondo's best friend who spent time in juvenile detention. Geben Sie hier Ihren Benutzernamen und Ihr Passwort ein und überprüfen Sie so Ihren Account-Status. Hondo maintains contact with Harris after the incident. This is an overview of the regular, recurring, and other characters of the TV series S.W.A.T.. Read an excerpt from Ed Kritzler’s Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean, which reveals an unknown chapter in buccaneer lore—the saga of the Iberian Jews who escaped the Spanish Inquisition, set sail for treasure, and seized a New World colony. In "Crews", Chris is asked by Officer Erika Rogers, a SWAT candidate, to help her prepare for joining the teams; although she declines to help directly – believing that the only woman in SWAT helping the only current female SWAT candidate wouldn't do either of them any good – she does arrange for Street to help her on the course and Luca (who is a member of the SWAT selection board) to ensure Officer Rogers gets a fair shake from the members.[18]. They include the first Jew burned in the New World and others, men and women, who joined in the conquest of Mexico. Hondo ultimately broke up with her after they were caught by Commissioner Michael Plank (Peter Facinelli) in order to protect her career.

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