This angsty song takes a turn in the bridge, though, after the singer begs to be "more than this": "Rock and roll honey, don't you know baby / We're all alone now, give me something to sing about.". Returning to religion, on ‘Turn It Off’ Williams slows it down again to explore her complicated emotions and myriad of sins, lamenting the ways her pride and spite play against and with each other. Sometimes the best thing is to realize "we're headed for a cliff" and make peace with it, knowing that maybe a crash and burn is what we need to achieve whatever good is on the other side of it. In ways evocative of heavier, post hardcore-inspired emo, ‘Let the Flames Begin’ is another strong, vaguely threatening-sounding exploration of Williams’ faith. With a rousing singalong of “we were born for this”, references to fame and a small nod to their past with “tell me, tell me, can you feel the pressure?”, ‘Born for This’ is fun, if nothing else. But that's easier said than done. "We're not looking for violence, no / We're driving fast in my car / And we just want to have fun...". "Maybe it's been years since I genuinely smiled / Maybe it's been years since I wanted to be a part of anything / Well, lately I've been good, you know I've actually been great / Man, I even laughed a little today...". Graduation (Friends Forever) - Vitamin C. Grenade Jumper - Fall Out Boy. It’s open in a way that evokes the best female solo artists of the 90s. On ‘Proof’, Williams seems to be trying to take the well-meaning compliments of a lover to heart, believing in her own strength and value. The opening track on 2013’s self-titled offering set the tone for what was to follow. Paramore has no reservations in Last Hope, openly sharing about what it's like to have nothing left to give, yet a core, unbreakable hope still fights through the sadness. "It's really hard, I can't cry in your arms / Cause you're not here / It's not your fault and if it was I wouldn't care / My heart is bigger than the distance in-between us...". I'm not a Twilight fan, so I'm always hesitant to fangirl over this song... yet the more I listen to it, the more I'm convinced it's one of their best. "I can't find the words to tell you / I don't wanna be alone / But now I feel like I don't know you...". Somehow never a single, ‘For a Pessimist’ is a powerful track more than worthy of screaming in sticky venues. Still, the whole saga just cements the fact that she’s a self-aware legend, unafraid of growth. Click to manage your privacy settings. "It's just a spark / But it's enough / To keep me going / And when it's dark out / No one's around / But it keeps glowing...". With bouncy guitars and an optimistic pop punk clap-a-long breakdown, ‘Looking Up’ is a monument to Paramore’s perseverance and success, taking a grateful look at how far they’ve come and how many times they almost gave up. While ‘Never Let This Go’ is a pretty standard, if very good, third wave emo song, it’s a brilliant showcase of Williams’ powerful vocals as she builds to crooning, ‘I’ll never let this go’, giving every single other pop punk vocalist a run for their money. Ruminating on the pressures of adolescence and looming adulthood (‘I can feel the pressure / It’s getting closer now’), there’s an authentic urgency to Hayley’s desperate vocals and Josh Farro’s driving guitar-work that’s hardly been surpassed. Opening Opinion, 9.75/10 And not only is this a lyrical classic, Pressure was also Paramore's first music video - a video that fulfilled (and still fulfills, tbh) all our punk dreams. But when Hayley's amazing vocals begin, it gets even more mysterious. But, fret not; many artists from various decades will get their just due 'lists: Fleetwood Mac, Commodores, Billy Joel, Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince are all due for 'lists this year, so hang tight, and they are being drafted as we speak. There’s a feeling amongst many that the Hayley Williams we know nowadays is unrecognisable from the one who burst onto the scene a decade and a half ago. Good Friend And A Glass Of Wine - LeAnn Rimes. The inspired music video, featuring the band breaking a number of obscure records (most clocks smashed with guitars, most broken vinyl records, most feathers caught…), only emphasised the dreamily manic aesthetic. Between repetitions of the chorus which forms a plan to "bury the castle," the verses are made up of classic fairy tale imagery - from Cinderella, to Red Riding Hood. “Lil Pimp” and all the other musicians publicly backing Trump for re-election. For once, more was more. As foolish as the singer's actions may sound, sometimes the current is too strong and we "dive right back into" the same water we drowned in before. "What a shame we all became such fragile, broken things / A memory remains just a tiny spark / I give it all my oxygen / To let the flames begin...". Old habits die hard, especially when turned into something as fun to listen to as this. She begs the girl over and over to "Keep your feet on the ground , when your head's in the clouds." About fighting for a near-toxic love in the midst of the attacks of a carnivorous world, the lyrics of Monster are perfectly in-tune with the syncopated, stop-and-start beauty of the bridge: "Well you find your strength in solutions / But I liked the tension / And not always knowing the answers / But you're gonna lose it, you're gonna lose it... Clocking in at a whopping 52 seconds, this break-between-songs is perfection. As such, our top 20 consists of those moments in time that stand out most vividly, and those that have defined one of the biggest (and most unpredictable) rock bands of the 21st century…. ‘I scraped my knees while I was praying / And found a demon in my safest haven, seems like / It’s getting harder to believe in anything / Then just to get lost in all my selfish thoughts.’ Another spiritually explorative number, Turn It Off finds Hayley in deeply contemplative form, dispensing some of her finest lyrics as she muses on the tests, mixed messages and disappointments that have shaped her view of a higher power. A sucker-punch-ending to Brand New Eyes, this song is beautifully poetic, and the lyrics glow against the background of rising guitar as the singer grows more and more honest. Powered by Vocal © 2020 Jerrick Ventures LLC. Give us more of this kind of content, please! Hard times will always get us every now and then, but its what we make of that counts. READ MORE: The best emo songs of all time. We may never know, but sometimes mysterious is so much more fun than straight-forward. The maturity that earned it praise is evident from opening track ‘Careful’, a rumination on healing and pain that features the heavy guitar that would be eschewed for much of the record. "Yeah, we used to stick together / We wrote our names in wood / But I guess you can't accept that the change is good / It's good, it's good...". You can't lose with crushcrushcrush. Jumping on the mid-2000s trend for rogue exclamation points and contradictory titles, on ‘Riot!’ Paramore cemented their third-wave emo status. Telling the tale of a spurned high school bad girl who steals back her wayward lover just for the hell of it (‘Whoa, it was never my intention to brag / To steal it all away from you now / But God, does it feel so good / ‘Cause I got him where I want him now’) before callously labelling her love-rival a ‘whore’, it has understandably been dropped from setlists. A similar yet oh-so-unique sequel to Let the Flames Begin, the similar opening actually is what sets a very different tone for Part II than the tone of its predecessor from Riot!. It presents a complete picture of different phases of a relationship, and of the ending of a relationship: "I think I'm tired of getting over it / Just starting something new again / I'm getting sick of the beginnings / And always coming to your defenses / I guess it's good to get it off my chest / I guess I can't believe I haven't yet / You know I got my own convictions / And they're stronger than any addiction / But no one's winning...". Collaborating since 2019, their sound is inspired by many different artists and genres and could be best described as West Coast-inspired lo-fi hip-hop. The second single from ‘Brand New Eyes’, ‘Brick by Boring Brick’ is a twisted fairytale of a song, but also the most fun for its pop-punk singalong “ba-da-ba-ba-da-ba-ba-da” breakdown that leads into Williams singing over drums before it abruptly ends. Williams’! "I'm writing the future / I'm writing it out loud / We don't talk about the past / We don't talk about the past now...". It probably went hard live, though, which is maybe the idea. Some of Paramore’s most powerful tracks see Williams alone, exposed with her guitar and voice. writer // reader // dreamer // punk princess. Singing over an acoustic guitar, squeaks n’all, it’s an authentic exploration of the long lasting effect of early trauma and the risks we take when we let ourselves be known. That keyboard-tinkling, beach wave sound is deceptive: again, the lyrics deal directly with depression and climbing out of the other side. So, here's the official 'list for the new year and after several solo efforts, I'm pleased to report that my collaborator and best friend Calvin "Oates" Cherry gave me his two cents on this 'list. "Been through the ringer a couple times / I came out calloused and cruel / And my cell friends know this very well / Because they went through it to...", This song is just unbearably fun. A stunning, stripped-back ballad that grows from its solo acoustic intro to encompass backing vocals, piano and an organ, this is the sound of Hayley opening her arms to all the pressure and possibility of her position. The shrouded lyrics and incomparable instrumental bridge of this song from their Self Titled album leave listeners thinking through its meaning and subtly head-banging long after the 4 minutes and 41 seconds are up. The original version of ‘Hate to See Your Heart Break’ is still powerful, but for the deluxe version, Hayley Williams enlisted real-life friend Joy Williams for her first ever studio collaboration. back in 2009, “but it’s another thing when you never know where you’re standing in the real world. The band stress their need for a more tangible reality, hammering their point home with that iconic percussive ba-da-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba outro and the emphatic lyrical conclusion: ‘If it’s not real / You can’t hold it in your hand / You can’t feel it with your heart / And I won’t believe it / But if it’s true / You can see it with your eyes / Oh, even in the dark / And that’s where I want to be, yeah!’. My parents actually wouldn’t let me hear the whole thing. It’s a cliché, but it’s a good one. It connected incredibly with audiences, too, going triple-platinum stateside and winning the 2015 GRAMMY for Best Rock Song. Under repetitive lyrics and guitars, ‘Be Alone’ extols the virtues of being all by yourself, which feels more than a little fitting considering recent events. It adds so much to the narrative of the song, and the quick tempo makes this anthem of frustration so fun to listen to. You have entered an incorrect email address! We're glad to hear it, Hayley. ‘Low-key, no pressure, just hang with me and my weather’ Hayley continues After Laughter’s theme of grinning through clenched teeth. I always liked rock music, but never really listened to it because I wasn't sure where to start. With the tongue-in-cheek line “God knows the world doesn’t need another band”, Williams proves that she’s not only earned the “whoa-oas”, but that she’s already far surpassed her pop-punk contemporaries. I will always readily admit that my default position is a frequenter of the Top 40 list, but I remember being so exhilarated when my dad would play Kings of Leon or when I heard Jimmy Eat World at school. Their oeuvre is intimidatingly vast and diverse for their ages, but we’ve attempted to rank 15 years of it – or at least, the album tracks – here.

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